Things To Know when Traveling with a Boyfriend

As far as I could remember, I and M only traveled together less than 5 times because of the nature of his work and the fact that I am still studying. But if you could see us together in a certain place, it’s either he or I has been there already and one has just followed. Hence, this post is not actually based on a personal experience but rather a reflection of what Cosmopolitan Philippines April 2012 issue has brought to me.

Men are also adventurous when it comes to exploring new places with his girl. They are getting excited for everything to experience and savor in that said travel and place.

Compared to us, women, men are light packers, naturally. We used to include every ‘extra pieces’ we could in our luggage. Unlike men, a shirt or two are just enough for them for as long as undies are spared.

One thing that most women do not know about men is that they are also shopaholics in their own way but just too shy to open stuff about shopping when traveling.

Men are irritated when they are reminded over and over again of things to bring, to do and what not. But of course, reminding them of few important things are not bad at all.

Last but not the least to consider is men are easily gotten tired and bored when traveling. So the best thing to do is to feed them up with really mouth-watering foods. Some are even giving their man a capsule or two of progene, to help maintain the vigor and stamina when of their men. But taking this pill should be in moderation, here’s important side effect information about progene.

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