Thora’s Well in Oregon, photo and description

Thor’s Well


Around the world you can find a lot of natural attractions, which are considered portals to other dimensions. Thor’s Well, located on the Cape Perpetua Plateau in Oregon, is one of them. It is also known as the “gateway to the underworld,” the “gates of hell,” and the “drainpipe of the Pacific Ocean” among nearby residents.

Thor’s Well is a stone funnel formed on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. During high tides, low tides and storms, the hole turns into a bubbling fountain and looks especially spectacular. Bouncing out of the depths like a geyser, salt water jumps up to a height of 6-7 meters. The splashing water is 8 to 10 meters away.


Getting too close to the funnel during the “water show” is life threatening. The wind and waves can cause you to lose your balance and fall. For safety reasons, tourists are asked to stay within the specially equipped viewing platform.

Due to the strong undercurrent, the well has never been explored. Therefore, there is no reliable data on its size. It is only known that the diameter of the hole does not exceed 5 m. But it is impossible to mark the depth without diving. Some scientists have suggested that the crater does not have a bottom at all, as it is part of an underground cave system. This version is confirmed by the fact that no one has ever seen Thor’s Well in the United States filled with water to the top.

The sinkhole is insanely popular among professional photographers specializing in nature photography. Some of them are even willing to risk their lives for a good shot. Lucky is the one who managed to capture the well of Thor in the U.S. at close range against the background of the sunset. Oregon has long been nicknamed “the state of magnificent sunsets”. Combined with natural locations, the moment of sunset looks even more evocative. It is at the end of the day that the well resembles a mysterious gateway to another world.

The goal of all photographers is to capture the well at sunset.


Like most other such natural locations, Thor’s Well in Oregon is laden with many legends. The most popular one says that in ancient times two lovers met at the site of the sinkhole. The idyll in their relationship ended at the moment when the girl became jealous of her chosen one (what provoked this unpleasant feeling, history is silent). And no matter how many times the young man swore fidelity to her, she did not calm down. Eventually, jealousy got so deep in her heart that she killed her beloved. Witnessing the crime was the mighty Thor. Furious, the lord of thunder turned the boy’s blood into a red-hot lava, which immediately burned a deep hole in the stones and carried the body to the underworld. Many centuries have passed since then, but the well still exists today. Some say that it reminds people of the disastrous consequences of jealousy. And others consider the well a symbol of passionate love.

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One of the scientific justifications for the origin of the hole at Cape Perpetua also includes volcanic lava. Most scientists believe that the well was formed many thousands of years ago as a result of a powerful eruption of one of the volcanoes. For example, it could be the volcano St. Helens, located near the coast. Another possibility is that there was once a cave at the site of the sinkhole, the roof of which collapsed as a result of erosion.


How to get to Thor’s Well

Thor’s Well is located at Cape Perpetua on the west coast of Oregon. On the map, look for the landmark between the towns of Waldport and Florence.

The easiest way to get to the well is by car. You need to take Highway 101 (Pacific Coast Hwy), which runs along the Oregon Coast, and drive in the direction of the Cape.

You can park near the Cape Perpetua Visitor Center. Staff at the center will tell you how to find Thor’s Well and other local attractions, and be sure to emphasize safety precautions.

Some tourists also take cabs to get there. To hail a car from Waldport and Florence, you can use the Uber app.

It is fair to say that not only the area around the sinkhole, but also the cape itself has a reputation as a dangerous place. The rocky shore, rugged by waves, is uneven and quite slippery in places. To avoid unpleasant incidents, it is extremely important to wear waterproof shoes with a stable and non-slip sole.

Thor’s Well in the United States

Do you consider yourself a connoisseur of all things mysterious and mystical? And you can find a scientific explanation for any natural phenomenon? Then try to explain the mystery of the origin of Thor’s Well, which is located right among the cliffs of the Cape in Oregon. So, let’s take a trip to one of the biggest mysteries of our planet, which truly boggles the mind, allows you to ponder its origins.

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Where is it

Oregon is one of the most picturesque parts of our planet. Golden sand washes the waters of the Pacific Ocean, as if trying to reach the impenetrable forests that grow nearby. In their thickets you can stumble upon numerous lakes, which amaze with their crystal clear water, and the mountain peaks in the rays of the setting sun look just divine. Oregon is called the Sunset State for a reason.


Attractions are everywhere. You won’t see such a variety of natural colors and exotic scenery anywhere else. But special attention deserves a unique formation, which is called the Well of Thor.

Gates to the underworld

Above the mystery that conceals the Well of Thor, have broken and continue to break the heads of many scientists. So far, no one has been able to give an explanation as to why it is here, in the U.S. state of Oregon, in plain sight is one of the most fascinating phenomena, which can safely be attributed to the already known wonders of the world. Only in this case the creator was nature itself.

Thor Well

Because of its unusual appearance and a certain mysticism that shrouds the mystery of this place, the Well of Thor has been called the “Gates to Hell. Some would say that everything that cannot be explained by science is associated with mysticism. Perhaps, in part, this is correct. But it is worth once to see this phenomenon with your own eyes, as the most fantastic thoughts and conjectures begin to visit your head. To make the effect of what you see more vivid, it is only worth remembering that so far scientists have not been able to get even an inch closer to unraveling the mystery of this place. Despite the presence of modern technology, first-class equipment, the Well of Thor is still, perhaps, the only unexplored place on the planet to the end.

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Thor Well

Something similar has already been met, many will say. Indeed, the phenomenon called Jacob’s Well, which is very similar to the mysterious place in Oregon, has already been explored, but the daredevil, who would risk to look into the “other world” through the funnel of Thor, has not yet been found.

Jacob's Well

What is Thor’s Well?

In diameter, the Well, which is located right among the rocks of Cape Perpetua, as much as five meters. It is interesting to watch it at high tide. Tons of water rush deep into the sinkhole with a furious rattle. You get the impression that some underground pump begins to suck up the water with tremendous force. A few seconds pass and all this water mass rushes out with a roar, remaining the only guest of the underground world.

Thor Well

To witness the unusual show, you must arrive on shore about one hour before the tide begins. Fountain of splashing water, which is thrown out with great force, can reach a height of six meters. Just imagine! It is as if some unknown creature collects seawater in its mouth and spits it out with enormous pressure! And all this is accompanied by strange sounds, which, accompanied by an orchestra of winds, seem even more sinister …

Undoubtedly, everyone who was lucky enough to witness this epic show, if he had a brush and some talent, would immediately begin to draw more divine landscapes. In the meantime, tourists actively click the shutters of their cameras and pose with pleasure against the background of the bubbling Well of Thor. Each photo is unique and unrepeatable, and every minute spent on the ocean in this picturesque place will forever go with the mark “Best” in a huge gallery of human memories, where it will take pride of place in the heart of lucky people.

Thor Well

Dangerous Adventure

Every tourist, sometimes neglecting his or her own safety, strives to come closer than anyone else to the edge of the “Gateway to the Other World. And this despite the fact that at every second he runs the risk of being the first to visit the other side of the portal. The gusty wind also warns of the danger, making it easy to stumble on the slippery stones.

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Thor Well

In the winter months no one can escape the cold spray rising from the funnel, as it blows up to a record distance of ten meters. But this only adds scale to the nature show, a certain exoticism and anticipation of beautiful photo shots, for which hundreds of tourists and ordinary onlookers rush to the cape every day.

There is an opinion of a group of reputable scientists who link this place with a system of caves, which may be located underground. But this is just a guess.

Scuba divers are unwilling to risk their lives and dive into the churning water. If the well is really connected to the whole network of caves underground, there is apparently an underground current that would leave not even a slightest chance of escape. But tourists and visitors to Oregon can only benefit from it. They are magnetically drawn to the mysterious sinkhole, at the foot of which you can try to explain its origin.

Thor Well

In order to ensure the safety of all guests of the local attractions, the information center is located nearby, whose staff conducts explanatory work with tourists, warning them about the dangers that may await them during a visit to the pearl of Cape Perpetua. Here you can also enjoy gorgeous views of the Pacific coast and divine sunsets among the rocky ledges.

Should the legends be believed?

Like many such places, Thor’s Well has its own legend. If the legend is to be believed, the rocky ledges of the cape were beloved by dozens of couples in love. Among them, the beauty and the stately warrior, who never parted for a moment, attracted special attention. As often happens, they became an object of envy. The girl’s friends slandered her lover, saying that he was cheating on her, and she believed him. During another date, the girl pierced her lover’s heart without even listening.

The mighty Thor watched what happened, by whose power the young warrior’s blood turned to lava and a crater formed at the site of the murder. It is a kind of reminder of how insidious and vulnerable jealousy can be, what huge scars it can leave in the hearts of people.

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Thor Well

Indeed, a beautiful legend of an equally beautiful place.

How to get there

If you decide to add to your travel album fresh photos against the backdrop of Thor’s Well, you will find tips on how to get there helpful. The easiest way to get there is by car. Moving on the highway 101, you will have to pass such towns as Florence, Waldport. There is no direct bus service here, so it is better to give preference to travel in a private car. If necessary, you can always use the services of companies that provide cars for short-term rental.

If you are an incorrigible romanticist, thrill-seeker and a person who is ready to trade in a cozy house for a few days of travel in pursuit of impressions, then you have to visit this picturesque place! Vivid impressions of contemplating the bubbling water, which disappears into the bowels of the planet, and then bursts out with great force, will stay with you forever.

Thor Well

An unusual phenomenon in every respect, which does not obey the laws of physics and defies logical explanation. Direct proximity to this enchanting place will not leave anyone indifferent. Anyone who thinks that he has already seen everything and some funnel is not worth his attention, will change his mind. It is impossible not to fall in love with this place, located in the middle of Cape Perpetua, it fascinates at first sight, and it is impossible to take your eyes off what is happening.

The Well of Thor was simply created by nature itself to remind people of the value of life, how beautiful it is to just live and to be able to enjoy such wondrous phenomena with your own eyes. This place is worth visiting at least once in your life. You will never regret the time spent, because what you see will arouse sincere feelings of admiration and inexpressible emotions.

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