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6 reasons to go to Tobolsk and see the Tobolsk Kremlin!

The Tobolsk Kremlin is situated 250 km north from Tyumen. This is a city with the only white-stone Kremlin in Siberia. Because of the close connection to the history of the Russian Empire, Tobolsk claims to be a tourist center. And so that no one has any doubts, in September 2021 a new airport was opened there.


In this article we collected six reasons why you should go to Tobolsk. What is the famous town with a population of 98,000 people, lost somewhere in the Siberian snows. And what role it played in the fate of Tsarist Russia.

Excursions in Tobolsk

The most interesting tours are itineraries from locals on Tripster. You can start with a sightseeing tour of Tobolsk. Walk from the white-stone Kremlin to the governor’s house, get oriented in the city. Or go deeper into the study of the main symbol – “Tobolsk Kremlin: history and legends”.

Why to go to Tobolsk: top 6 reasons

1. remezov airport

Coordinates: 58.061786, 68.330103.

The new Tobolsk airport was commissioned in the fall of 2021. This is a unique case for modern Russia when a full-fledged hub was built for a city with a population of less than 500,000 people. Remezov regularly receives flights from Moscow (Pobeda), St. Petersburg (Aeroflot), Ekaterinburg (Red Wings) and Novosibirsk (S7). For the summer season of 2022 subsidized flights to the Crimea and Krasnodar region are promised. Flight time from Moscow is only 3 hours. However it may seem that Siberia is so far away that it will take half a day to get there.

2. the Tobolsk Kremlin

Coordinates: 58.199491, 68.251730.

The Tobolsk Kremlin, Tobolsk.

Panorama of the Kremlin in Tobolsk in winter Ann May |

The next reason to fly to Tobolsk is the Tobolsk Kremlin. The white-stone structure with seven towers 11 meters high has become a symbol of the city. Over its long history, Tobolsk has been both the capital of Siberia and the center of the largest Tobolsk province at the time. Naturally, Moscow encouraged stone construction in the city. This was how the snow-white Kremlin, a unique example of Siberian architecture, was built from 1683 to 1799. The structure is so large that it even stands on the square called “Red”.

Inside the walls of the Kremlin is a wonderful mini-hotel “Gostiny Dvor”. There is no better way to feel the atmosphere of old Tobolsk than under its vaulted ceilings. The rooms are beautiful and comfortable, and breakfasts are served in the refectory.

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Sights of the Tobolsk Kremlin:

  • St. Sophia Assumption Cathedral – the orthodox cathedral of Tobolsk;
  • Sobornaya bell tower – is separate from the Cathedral of St. Sophia. South-eastern part of the Sobornaya Square of the Kremlin.
  • Gostiny Dvor – the central entrance group of the Kremlin in Tobolsk. There is a center of Eurasian trade and the Museum of Siberian entrepreneurship;
  • Viceroy’s Palace in the Kremlin – exposition of the history of governance of Siberia. It was erected in 1782 at the place of Prikaznaya Palata;
  • Bishop’s House – exhibition about the history of Orthodoxy in Siberia.

The Museum-Reserve is open for visitors every day except Monday from 10:00 to 18:00. Information by tel. +7 (345) 622-37-13.

Vitaly, St. Petersburg: “It’s beautiful! Everything there is good: the cathedral, the many museums, and the tours. By the way, I would send the guides from Petrodvorets and Catherine the Great Palace in Pushkin here for training, they will have something to learn from their Tobolsk colleagues. Been repeatedly, and the only thing that does not suit me – the constant wind.

3 The last place of exile of the Romanov family

Coordinates: 58.193588, 68.243423

The third reason to visit Tobolsk is also one of the most challenging pages of our country’s history. The city became a place of exile for the family of Emperor Nicholas II. In Tobolsk the Romanovs spent the last months of their lives. They were accommodated in the then luxurious house of the merchant Kuklin (it had electricity, running water and even a sewerage system). They met a sad Christmas in 1918. Five months later they were transported to the place of execution in the direction of Yekaterinburg.

4. Abalaksky Znamensky Monastery

Coordinates: 58.129513, 68.590654.

Another Russian cultural heritage site, the orthodox male Abalaksky Znamensky Monastery, is situated 20 km away from Tobolsk. It is dated 1785, built by the will of the bishop of Tobolsk and Siberia Varlaam. Famous for the miraculous Abalak icon, which appeared in 1636 to the widow Mary. When the time of revolution came in the troubled times for the Orthodox Church, the icon was lost and the monastery was looted. Restoration began only in 1989, and the shrine was returned to the monastery as a copy of the miraculous Abalatsk icon.

5. Rasputin house-museum

Coordinates: 57.240409, 66.791396

Museum of Rasputin, village. Pokrovskoe, Tyumen region

Interior of the house-museum in the village Pokrovskoye Photo:

The village Pokrovskoye, 160 km from Tobolsk, became famous as the birthplace of Grigory Rasputin in 1869. An odious personality, a man, the secret of whose popularity is still impossible to unravel. And he was clearly not only that Rasputin was close friends with Nicholas II and his family. But even if so, then to get close to the emperor’s son, a peasant from Siberia – not an ordinary task. In general, the glory of the “royal friend”, “healer”, “soothsayer” dragged him throughout life. And went beyond Russia (according to statistics, he is still the most famous Russian abroad).

Kokkoyla village, Pryazhinsky district, Karelia

If you are interested in if not to unravel, then at least come close to the mystery of G. Rasputin, it is worth a considerable distance from Tobolsk to visit his home. In 1990 there was opened a private museum

Group tours are held on Saturdays and Sundays, beginning at 11:00. Tickets cost 500 rubles. Individual visit Rasputin House-Museum any day and at any convenient time (the tour costs 8 000 rubles). Pre-registration in both cases by tel. 8 (904) 494-03-14.

Roman, Moscow: “Friends! Believe me, I did not treat G. Rasputin well before the tour. And after I did not treat him better. But I thought about it! And I realized that the attitude to his memory should be reconsidered. At least reconsider. And this, thanks to the museum and personally its curator Marina Yurievna.”

6. Tobolsk museums

Coordinates: 58.213137, 68.286729.

If you refuse from the sightseeing tour, the easiest way to get to know Tobolsk is in the museums. It is possible to tell, “three whales”, on which the city is based.

  1. Museum “Viceroy’s Palace” is a museum complex of the Tobolsk Kremlin. It is the white stone symbol of the city itself. Address: Red Square, 1.
  2. Museum of the family of the Emperor Nicholas II – the mansion of the bankrupt merchant Kuklin. Has managed to be the governor’s residence and the last place of long exile of the imperial family. Address: 10 Mira Street.
  3. The Tobolsk factory of bone art products – Address: 58A, Znamenskogo str. It celebrated its 90th anniversary.

Tobolsk is also famous for being the first city in Siberia to receive the status of a city. And although it happened almost 450 years ago, the Siberians do not forget about it.

Where to stay in Tobolsk

1. “Gostiny Dvor.

Address: 2 Krasnaya Pl. 1

Gostiny Dvor Hotel, Tobolsk

We have already recommended above a mini-hotel in the walls of the Tobolsk Kremlin with a view of St. Sophia Cathedral. The main thing is to have enough time to book a free room, and you will definitely not regret neither your choice, nor your trip to Tobolsk. Of amenities, there is everything, including Wi-Fi in the rooms and free parking. Breakfast is continental.

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2. boutique “Seasons of the year”

Address: 9 Revolutsionnaya Street.

Hotel Four Seasons, Tobolsk

Modern boutique hotel in the center of Tobolsk, within walking distance from the Kremlin. The new building, a fresh repair and designer interiors. The rooms are warm and cozy. Quality furniture, especially – beds and orthopedic mattresses. Free bath and toiletries, bathrobes, slippers, Wi-Fi.

Question – answer

How many people are in Tobolsk?

According to the latest census, the population of Tobolsk is just under 100,000 people.

How do I get from the airport to the city centre/hotel in Tobolsk?

You can get to the city by bus #182 (goes to Zhukovsky Grove). At the airport the route stops between the arrival terminal and the parking lot. If you go by car, it will take you about half an hour to get to the center (approx. Kremlin).

Is there a parking at the airport?

Yes, there is a parking lot. It is situated in front of the terminal building, the landmark is a bus stop. You can find more info at the map of airport


Tobolsk is an ancient city in Russia, founded in the 16th century, the pearl of Siberia. The main attraction of the city is the Tobolsk Kremlin, a unique example of Siberian architecture.

Save on a trip to Tobolsk!


The Tobolsk Kremlin

Naturally, the crowning jewel of Tobolsk monuments is the Tobolsk Kremlin, located at the top of Trinity cape and including in its strict ensemble St. Sophia Assumption Cathedral with sacristy, belfry, Bishop’s House, tower and walls, Reentery, complex of the former governor’s palace, guest house, prison castle and foothill walls of Pryamsky Vzvoz.

The Saint Sophia Assumption Cathedral and the Pryamsky Vzvoz

The oldest stone construction in Siberia, St. Sophia Assumption Cathedral, built according to the type of cross-domed temples, fascinates. Unique in its grandiose architectural thought is St. Sophia or Pryamsky Drive, which imposingly divides Trinity cape into two parts. These 200 steps of the wooden stairs on the hillside, flowing into the cobblestone road between high retaining walls, were silent witnesses of the tremendous fateful events for Russia.


Tobolsk is truly a historical scene of our country’s troubled times, and the stunning variety of monuments proves it. Next in the tour overview is the Renteria, the repository of the state treasury, an impregnable stone building, in the walls of which money, furs and documents from the Tobolsk archives were kept in different years.

London's Carnaby Street
Viceroy’s Palace and other places in the Kremlin

Another curious specimen is the Viceroy’s Palace, which now houses a fine museum of Tobolsk history. Nearby stands a two-story building of the Gostiny Dvor, reminiscent of Bukhara caravanserais, combining elements of ancient Russian and Oriental culture in its facades and furnishings. F. Dostoevsky, N. Chernyshevsky, M. Petrashevsky, V. Korolenko, A. Solzhenitsyn and others have visited the walls of the prison castle. Now it is a museum object. In the building of the consistory is the men’s theological seminary.

Zavalnoe cemetery

You can visit the burial places of such prominent public figures as the writer P. P. Ershov, the poet D. Davydov, the wife of writer A. Radishchev – Elizabeth Rubanovskaya, the Decembrists V. Kuchelbecker, A. Muravyev, F. Wolf, F. Bashmakov, relatives of chemist D. Mendeleev on the ancient Zavalnoe cemetery.


Observation sites in Tobolsk are designed to inspire tourists with amazing views of the city. One of them is near the Kremlin wall, above the high precipice, and gives breathtaking views of the “Podolsk” part of the city (where Pryamsky Vzvoz leads) and the “gray” Irtysh. Another one is situated on the mountain of Sofia Yard, you can also go up to the neighboring Panin hill. The high hill, where the stone Ermak stands, is also a decent observation platform.

Other Tobolsk sights

It is worth devoting time to visit the Art Museum, and at the same time look at a beautiful old mansion, built by the architect P. Aplecheev. Tobolsk’s Sofiyskaya Square is crowned with a monument to Semyon Remezov, and on the Chukman cape there is a monument to the conqueror of Siberia – Ermak. Here begins a remarkable park Ermak.

One more historical “deliciousness” of Tobolsk is a Roman-Catholic (Polish) church, located on the crossing of Alyabyev and R. Luxemburg streets under the mountain on which the Kremlin stands.


Local travel agencies offer bus tours of St. Sophia Court, historic Tobolsk (with visits to memorial houses) and around the city. The cost of the tour – from 200 to 650 rubles per person. In temples and monasteries entrance free of charge. The excursion to the Theological seminary is by special arrangement with the school management.

Tobolsk museums

You will remember the Museum of the Book for a long time because of its halls full of great printing editions of the 18-20 centuries. Collections of unique paintings are on display in the Tobolsk Museum of Art. The key one is the collection of cheap popular prints, which were collected in the Tobolsk provinces at the end of the 19th century. The Tobolsk Drama Theatre, which is still attracting visitors under its roof today, is of equal historical importance.

Cusco, the ancient city of the Incas

You must pay to enter all the museums of Tobolsk but the prices do not bite – 20-40 rubles.

Hunting and fishing

For fans of active tourism, a visit to historical sites can be combined with a bike tour, rafting on the Irtysh River will help to plunge into the exciting adventure, each tourist will personally participate in the camping under the open sky and even jump with a parachute.

Another charm of Tobolsk, or rather its natural wealth is hunting and fishing tourism. The local taiga forests have the clearest lakes and picturesque rivers. Elks, bears, beavers, wolves, lynxes, squirrel hares, otters, wolverines, and foxes can be found in the bosom of rich Siberian nature. There are always hunters to shoot grouse, grouse, white grouse and hazel grouse, geese and ducks.

Fishermen show off their rich catches of pike, crucian carp, tench, pikeperch, bream, ide, roach, roach, trout and sterlet. A great number of tourist routes also mean renting special equipment for hunting and fishing.

A fascinating adventure will be a two-day hike to the base, located in a cedar grove between the lakes Bright and Black. The uniqueness of these places is in the natural combination of the lake with the crystal clear water, rich in fish and the Black Lake with the healing iodine-bromine water.

How to get there

If you travel by car, you need to get to Tyumen, and there to Tobolsk runs the highway R-404. By bus you can get from Tyumen, there are also flights from Yekaterinburg. Another comfortable way is by train to Surgut, Nizhnevartovsk, Purpe, Korotchaevo, Novy Urengoy – Tobolsk. By plane you can fly to Tyumen, and there you can choose any of the above methods. And of course river transport is not excluded.

From Moscow you can take trains to Novy Urengoy. Your traveling time is about 37 hours. From the railroad station to the Kremlin you can get by bus or cab.

You may take a trip on the Irtysh river by small tourist steamboats. The program includes drinks, snacks and Russian folk entertainments with balalaika players and accordionists.

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