Trail Biking to Batangas

An adventurous friend of mine invited me to have a trail biking to Batangas. She is a member of one of the bikers club here in Metro Manila, so she probably could be called a certified biker. She has been, according to her, biking a place to another and one morning, while walking in the village with her, she invited me to join with them —  to go trail biking to Batangas.

Trail BikingTrail Biking (image from

I haven not tried myself biking far places nor I don’t have any biking gadgets. I don’t even know how far that place that we’re going to trail or so. But since she really wanted to me try and experience the fun and excitement, she said that I could go with them, just for an experience even once, and during that time she’ll just ask one of the club member to bring with them private car with a softride bike racks so that if I’d feel tired and need to stop biking, I can ride on the car instead.

Hmf! That would be a great idea but since I still have no vacation scheduled from school, that stuff — the trail biking to Batangas would yet still remain a plan for now. Hopefully, I could really experience such great fun.

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