Trampoline Center Nevesost’ in Moscow

Trampoline center “Nevesost” (Russia, Moscow) – reviews

The trampoline center “Weightlessness” has several addresses in Moscow, we were in the one near Severnoe Butovo, in the shopping center “China-town”. I was planning to go there for a long time but I could go only now as it is such a summer in Moscow.

Another version of a kid’s birthday party in Butovo district

Yesterday my daughter and I were invited to another children’s birthday party, the boy was 6 years old. More recently, our company kids have been to the children’s entertainment center Kids City in “Columbus. And this time.

Great! We really enjoyed it.

Hey, everybody. I have some news from the fields! Namely from the trampoline center “weightlessness” in Moscow! We planned to go there for a long time, but it was too hard for us. And now we are going to go, yes.

I flew today. on a trampoline)))))

Today with my husband and niece visited the trampoline center “Nevesost'”. It is located in the shopping center “Lawn”, you can get there from the metro station “Dmitriy Donskoy Boulevard”, we went by car. On arrival at the trampoline center you get a sheet with the rules, in.

Daughter 10 years old got hurt.

Daughter 10 years old was injured during an individual training session with trainer Alexei. Subluxation of the neck vertebrae and severe contusion. The coach was standing nearby, after the complaint the child was sent to drink some water. Then I myself drove her to the emergency room, ambulance, hospitalization.

You can learn to fly:)

A couple of times we were in this trampoline center in the mall “China Town”. I can say that it is very uncomfortable to get to, minibuses go at long intervals, and the walk is about 20 minutes, if you go right. It’s a good thing to be in a shopping mall.

Sports is in every

Great trampoline center) Before jumping there was a warm up and stretching with the trainer, a real workout! While the kid was jumping and twirling somersaults, my friend and I snuggled up on the second floor and drank tea and chatted, one eye on the other.

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Trampoline center “Weightlessness” in TC “Luzhniki” (Chinatown) we noticed last year, when we visited the same entertainment center Playport, about which I described in detail in the review Playport Entertainment Center. We were given then.

Stolen shoes.

Celebrated my daughter’s birthday, overall everything is festive, bright, fun, coach for an hour. There is a cafe on the second floor with pizza, fries, morsels, juices, water, etc. The kids kept running in to drink water, so.


Large area with lots of trampolines. No one is in the way, lots of space! Highly wanted management thought through the option of installing coolers with water I think it’s a big minus, the child constantly went and asked to bring him a cup of water.

Trampolines super, cafe disgusting!

I will say right away – trampolines super! Negative caused the cafe. In the first service disgusting – you have to do everything yourself. Secondly, the cook oooh very long – it comes to the fact that a simple pizza must wait an hour. It is horrible. Chocolate.


Good day everyone! I want to appeal to the management of the trampoline center, finally break out to buy special bracelets for the keys to the lockers. Recommendations to leave the keys in the shoes (children. ) clearly do not contribute to the safety of things. Yesterday 16.03.18 from the locker.

Trampoline Center.

The trampoline center “Weightlessness” is located in Chinatown. You can get to the metro anino, from the metro to walk, about 15-20 minutes. Better to visit on weekdays, as on weekdays you pay 500 and jump all day (12.

We had the most unforgettable Graduation at this center!

Kindergarten graduation is of course not yet a certificate of secondary or higher education, but also undoubtedly a very important event in the life of a child and his parents. Not long thinking how to combine business with pleasure, a.

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Reaching for the stars.

While I am full of fresh emotions and new impressions, I want to tell you about a very interesting place where my son (2.3 y) and I managed to visit today! And all thanks to our friends who invited us to the children’s birthday party (3!

Expectations have not been met!

The trampoline complex “Nevesmost” is located in the Park of Trade and Entertainment “Lawn. The complex is quite large, I have never seen so many trampolines. The complex is very decently equipped. The trampolines are fenced with mesh, there are toilets, locker rooms, showers and a cafe.

I liked it all – if you want to trampolines – come here!

We first came to this center on Sunday, expecting a huge crowd of people, but was pleasantly mistaken! There was more than enough room on the trampolines for everyone, no one was in the way. Now about everything in order. At the entrance there is a checkroom (this.

Feel like an acrobat.

This year we decided to celebrate the birthday of our eldest son not at home. And after numerous searches for a suitable place for children 5-6 years old would be fun and easy, and I with a year and a half baby did not have to.

We will come here again.

Recently, the whole family visited the trampoline center “Nevesost’, which is located in the mall Luzhayka. It costs 500 rubles per person, kids under 3 years old are free, on weekdays the time is unlimited, on weekends only 1 hour.

Very cool.

My husband and I often travel to cities in Russia (the work, then just so), and always take children. Not so long ago we came for a couple of weeks in the capital of our country, and after visiting many attractions have decided.

Sports and entertainment trampoline center “Nevesost”, Moscow – reviews

We celebrated my son’s birthday in the center “Nevesmostnost”. Eight boys of eleven years old! Of course, a quest or a sports activity. The quest was for graduation, we chose the trampoline center. Everyone was happy!

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The Park of Trade and Entertainment “Lawn”, where this trampoline center is located, I remembered its emptiness – for some reason it is not popular with the vendors, respectively, and visitors are few.

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Were in the “Weightlessness” two weeks ago, I do not know how before, but now at the weekend there is stuffed, the air is cramped, the ceilings are low, it creates a feeling of a small space.

The other day, visited with children, trampoline center Weightlessness. It was situated not far from Savelovsky station or Belorusskaya metro station. We came by car, there were no problems with parking. I went up to the cafe and the kids ran to jump. The kids were instructed and the instructor watched.

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There was a good trampoline center for the whole family. We were immediately interested in the fact that you can spend time together with the kids. Dostochno large trampoline center of the place was enough room for all) Also there is a scaladrome, 64 trampolines, foam pit, recreation area and a cafe!

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The cost per person 500 rubles per hour, as with a child and an adult.

Two weeks ago with my husband and small child I visited the trampoline park Nevesost’, which is located in the shopping center Olympus in Verkhnyie Pechera. It was a weekend, it was very cold outside, and we had to think of entertainment for the family indoors.

Good evening everyone. Today I want to share with you my experiences from visiting the trampoline center “Weightlessness” in Voronezh. So, on his next birthday there was a question of where to go, so that everyone had fun.

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During the children’s vacation my son went to the trampoline center. The kids were happy. Parents also jumped on a trampoline. It turned out not to be scary at all. The trainer helped me overcome my sense of fear of falling on my back and my son taught me to do somersaults.

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We’ve never had anything like that in the city. All the people from Norilsk are raking in the money, they live here in peace, they don’t know where to spend the money. And somehow no one ever thought of a big marketplace where they’d be happy to relieve us of our overflowing pockets (with bank cards and money).

Good afternoon! Today was in the club at 32 Slavy Ave. with a child who is 1.2. The room for small children is disgusting, does not correspond to the picture in the group. The room is a mess, all dumped into the pile, half of the equipment is not, as stated in the group, the pool does not even have the balls. And for this you take 400 rubles?

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Hello! Sometimes I want active entertainment, and the opportunity to go out of town is not. Then my family and I go to the Trampoline Center. Today I want to tell you about trampoline center “Atmosphere” in Tyumen. Atmosphere is a federal chain of entertainment centers.

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Trampoline center “Sky” on Sokol and Babushkinskaya. A huge arena, a lot of different activities and fun for children of all ages.

If you, like me, in the eternal search for “Where to go with a child in Moscow”, then I share my observations – a child can stay in raptures from visiting the trampoline center “Sky”. Basic information Official site NEBO There are 4 parks in Moscow now: Fili, Babushkinskaya, Krymskaya and Sokol.

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