Attending the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers in Australia my dreams! Smiley

This month in Tuesday Travels, we are featuring festivals or festivities of any form around the world. We are done with the “Wet n Wild September”, you can find some of the entrants here,  and so, we are on our OctoberFest this month.

Here I go!

One of the festivals that I wanted to attend to is the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers in Queensland, Australia.

Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers, as its name implies, showcases annually the beauty of flowers in Queensland. Most of the activities in this festival are floral. This event is usually commemorated on the third week of September.

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14 Responses
  1. Vernz@ The Virtual Wanderer says:

    Wow, this sounds fun Gagay… sige gusto ko kuyog nimu… :) was here for TT >)

  2. Mona says:

    Next time will join this meme ..I have new travel blog kasi hope you can follow me And by the way xlink tayo sa travel blog k =)

  3. clavs says:

    what a beautiful float of flowers! hope you can visit my entry sis!

  4. MarieClara says:

    Wow naman! :) Bonggacious yung float na purple! :)

  5. Pinx says:

    Gay, kuyog pud ko, para kitang tulo ni mommy vernz. hahaha! was here for TT!

  6. Mai @ MaiThreeBoyz says:

    Sounds fun! anything that has flowers on it is exciting to me!

  7. January says:

    ako sad kuyog ko hehehe..:)

    Visiting from OT. Here’s mine Postcard Like Sunset ,New Convertible and Demitasse Cups. Have a Nice Day!

  8. emzkie says:

    thats a beautiful float!

    mine is up here a Sahm Reviews .Net and
    My Photo Meme Blog

  9. KM says:

    kita tayo sa Aussie … in our dreams :)

    visiting you for TT. hope you can visit me back: Toronto International Film Festival

  10. Rcel says:

    Kung flowers flowers lang nga parade, mura ra pud sya ug Kadayawan oi. Daghan floats ing-ani sa Kadayawan! Lol. But beause it’s Australia, it sure is worth going! Yay! Paubana intawon si ako! Lol.

    Visiting for TT! I’ve been to a HOT AIR BALLOON FEST for the first time and I’m sharing the photos I got! :) You are welcome to visit mine!

  11. Rcel says:

    I am back for WW. Hope you can check out my shares, too, if you got a chance na! :)

    OAV Experience
    October Ice


  12. raya says:

    wow! i’d love to go there too! late WW visit gay.. ;)

  13. Shengkay says:

    cge sabay tayo gay..hehehe..
    parang sa bagyo din diba..may flower festival din tayo..
    thanks for joining gay!
    see yah 2moro..again..

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