Travel Light

I have been trying to travel light as much as I could. However, I really can’t because I thought that everything — every little stuff I have are all important enough that I can’t go elsewhere without them. In fact, I have experience one time when I had a vacation and I only had some few stuff, I really need to check on by any nearest laundry shop to have my clothes done. There was an available washing machine that time in the place where we stayed but unfortunately, it was busted. The place’ owner apologized with us and said they still waiting for the repair man, someone like that of the maytag washer repair center to work with their machine. It was really a great hassle and I even told myself not to experience that again.

Travel LightTravel Light (image from

Even how many loads I could bring in a vacation and any travels, I still will have them all rather than ending a more eye brow-crossing situation then.

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