CamSur WaterSports Complex: The Cabana

As I have said in my previous post about the CamSur WaterSports Complex: Lago Del Rey that the cable wires of waterboarding were not functioning real good, we, my mom, aunt, cousin and I, just made the best of our stay in Camarines Sur.

The Lago del Rey is actually a man-made lake. I am not certain how it measures, but what I am sure is that it’s really a huge lake and a deep one. The lake was divided into half, the anterior part, as you can see in my CamSur WaterSports Complex: Lago Del Rey post shows an orange platform of a solid hard orange plastic used to be a water-game area or so. Aside from such, there are also a number of inflatables in the lake. One of them which really caught my attention was this cabana.

I first went to the cabana for me to have a pose in there. But when my mom saw me, she hurriedly followed at me.

Look! See how my mom tried to ride on the cabana. Smiley

Mom’s first try. Smiley

Try harder mom. Smiley

Try! Once more! C’mon mom! Smiley

Oh yeah! There we go! Smiley

Finally, mom was able to climb up the cabana. Hehe! More of our CamSur WaterSports Complex free travel and tour stories will be coming up soon.

Have a great Tuesday guys!

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14 Responses to CamSur WaterSports Complex: The Cabana

  1. imriz says:

    ang cute niong magmommy:) pagkaganda nman ng artificial lake nayan parang natural na ang dating.

  2. Yannie says:

    hehe.. sobrang nag-enjoy ako sa pic.

  3. raya says:

    hahaha! nice shots! good job, mommy! visiting early via TT gay! hope you could drop by my entry at
    and i would also appreciate it if you could follow me via GFC! tia!

  4. Rcel says:

    Bad daughter! Gikataw-an ug ayo si Mommy sa pagpaningka(mot)! LOL. Cute kaayo mo duha Gay, vibes jud kaayo mo. :) Nindot nang dapita diha da.

    Visiting for TT. This week, I am virtually journeying Doha, Qatar with their Giant Pearl Fountain. Hope to see you landing at my site! :) Thanks!

  5. Pretty Kat says:

    Hahahahahaha…Amen!! kalooy ni Mommy, na imagine jud nako gi-unsa nya pagkatkat kaya ron maka pose lang jud..hahaha

  6. Vernz@ The Virtual Wanderer says:

    ahahahah… unsa ba diay na lalum bana.. o mabaw lang.. sus super enjoy man jud si Mother oi.. regards sa mama nimu Gay…

    labay ko for TT :)

  7. Bogie says:

    lol! looks so funny! Everything was captured and it was nice. :)

  8. Mel Cole-Orange Tuesdays says:

    Fascinating ang cabana. parang salbabida but with matching roof. nice.

  9. Jessica says:

    awwww I am envy with shots of you and your Mom BB Gagay, lucky you because your Mom is beside you, treasure every memories you have with her and by the way, loved all the pictures, the description are hilarious, visiting from TT, hope you can visit me back

  10. cherry of Lowfat Diaries says:

    judging from the pictures, you seemed to enjoy your visit there. this is one place in luzon i would love to visit. perhaps next summer, I might.

    visiting via TT=)

  11. Shydub says:

    Ka bff nimu ug imu mama gagay, ka lingaw sd sa imung mama

  12. cheerful says:

    makes me miss my mom more…you look like having so much fun! thanks for sharing about this lovely place, i hope we can visit the place someday! :) visiting late from OT, hope you can visit me back. thanks and have a great week. :)

  13. Shengkay says:

    so much fun I am sure..
    nice bonding gay..
    thanks for joining!

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