CamSur WaterSports Complex: Lago Del Rey

I want to share here my FREE Travel and Tour in Camarines Sur with my mom, aunt and cousin. It was my aunt who invited us there, meaning, she took all the expenses even the gasoline. LOL!

Actually, getting there in Camarines Sur was our third stop, if I’m not mistaken, after Legazpi and Naga Cities.

Shown in the image above are some colorful inflatables which we enjoyed most and also me and my mom. We’re supposed to try the water sports – water boarding, in Camarines Sur, unfortunately, exactly the day we arrived there was the same day the cables were out of order. So we just decided to feel our moments at CWC: Lago del Rey, just in front of the water boarding area.

That’s me above, so silly me. I fell to the lake and that so-dark-colored lad there helped me got back to the, I don’t know how to call that, something something. LOL! Just so, I got wet.

This is my entry for:

Pardon me guys if I can’t drop at your blog this week, I still am sick today, and hoping to get well very soon. I will drop at your entries next week. Have a great week ahead!

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11 Responses to CamSur WaterSports Complex: Lago Del Rey

  1. Tsang says:

    Travel is always the bes and fun-tastic if it’s free di ba, nice place asa ni dapita mn. bigot pa jd basta bata pa sa,pila imung idad gagay?

  2. Rcel says:

    Ah.. kanindot ba kaayo anang byahia kay libre man! Mosugot ko bisan asang planetaha basta libre! Hahaha. Lingaw!

    Salamat sa bisita Gay! Mwah!

  3. Postcard Lover by Shengkay says:

    wow! gay! dumadami na din ang blog natin..
    hay updates na sa mgab log ko.. :(
    super busy..
    visiting from Colorful Weekend..

  4. enzo says:

    nice kaau buh…murag na engganyo kaau ko sa mgA inflatables…
    thanks for dropping by my TT entry…

  5. sir rob says:

    CamSur is one of the destinations that I wanted to visit but I that I need to go to Camiguin first when time permits it.

  6. Mirage says:

    Looks fun! Camsur is one to put on the list of places to visit! Haha nakasmile din yung naghelp so yo sa photo o! pose! :D

  7. Vernz@ The Virtual Wanderer says:

    ay kasayang wala mu ka try.. hahah… diri nalang sa atong bukid sa Davao naa man pud ta water boarding lol… late visit from TT :)

  8. Jessica says:

    BB Gagay,
    that looks so fun, what a great bonding with your Mom too. Visiting back from TT.

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  10. raya says:

    wow! very nice view, Gay!;)
    thanks for the visit… returning the Love… sorry, a bit late though!

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