Motorboat Rides TO & FRO Paradise Island

Samal Island in Davao City is one of the places I loved to go every time I want to feel the cool fresh breeze of air which every beaches and resorts could provide. Paradise Island, is one of those resorts and beaches in Samal Island where I could easily drop by. So when I went home two weeks back, my mom, I and the family went there.

But hey, I won’t post yet today all of our pictures. I am in a rush. LOL! I’ll first share our motorboat rides going to and back from Paradise Island.

Motorboat Ride to Paradise IslandMotorboat Ride going to Paradise Island

Motorboat Ride from Paradise Island, SAMAL, Davao CityMotorboat Ride from Paradise Island

I will sure to share more pictures on my next posts. I need to go this time. See yah!

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5 Responses
  1. imriz says:

    i always hear/read about the beauty of Samal island. Sure, you had a fun vacation.

  2. imriz@home says:

    dropping by for my OT hopping:)

  3. Yannie says:

    Dugay duagya na ko wa kaadto sa Paradise Island. I think mga 15 years na… hehe…

    Visit from Orange Tuesdays

  4. MC says:

    Never been to Samal… but my friends told me its so nice and all the money you’ll be spend will be worth it.

    Hopping from WW.
    StarStudio Magazine November Issue – Bea Alonzo on The Cover

  5. Bogie says:

    nice trip Gay. Never been to that place!

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