Travel to de-stress!

With the mentally stressful life in the medical field, I and my colleagues once have mentioned that we need to travel to de-stress. It is just our simplest way to get rid, for a day or two, of those toxic life inside and outside the hospital.

TravelTravel (image from

The nearest we can spend a day or two of hospital break is just within the vicinity of Luzon. Maybe we can try visiting Ilocos Norte, or we may opt to fly the southern Luzon, either Palawan or in Bicol region.  But the problem now is that, only 3 or 4 from us coincide our schedules. We still can fly, actually, but isn’t it too unfair for them not to go with us to steal a de-stressing time without them? And oh, hopefully, the airport mats are specialized like an anti fatigue floor mats so not to add more stresses for us if and only if we really can fly to where we wanted to de-stress.

Hopefully, the group can decide whether we will push thru with the de-stressing travel or not.

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