Tunnel of Love and a steam locomotive as a dowry. Ukraine

Into the fairy tale on rails. Tunnel of Love in Ukraine

Looking at this tunnel, you think about the good taste of the landscape designer and how much effort it took to create such a beautiful place. But no, the man’s hand here is minimal. The designer was nature itself, once again proving that it is the best creator.

© D. Slavin/ marshruty.ru

© D. Slavin/ marshruty.ru

And the romantic name “tunnel of love” was given by the people, because according to local beliefs, lovers’ hearts are united here. And this place is practically next to us – Ukraine, Rivne region, the city of Klevan.

The way to the fairy tale/ © liveinternet.ru

The way to the fairy tale/ © liveinternet.ru

Once upon a time during the Soviet Union there were military warehouses near the small town Klevan. A 4 km long railroad line was built for their supplies. Apparently, there was stored something so secret and important for the defensive capacity of the country, that the entire length of the line was carefully planted with trees. Cloaking is of course not so good, especially in the winter time, but that is not the point.

The Soviet Union is long gone, the warehouses were dismantled and removed, and the planted trees kept growing, growing and intertwining their branches and crowns.

The tunnel is especially nice on a sunny day/ © pinterest.ru

The tunnel is especially nice on a sunny day/ © pinterest.ru

A wood processing plant was built on the site of the military unit, and the railroad track became in demand again. And it is precisely because of this that the tunnel has acquired such an almost perfect arched shape. Three times a day a small diesel locomotive with cars passes along these tracks. It plays the role of a gardener, breaking long branches and giving the tunnel an oval shape.

A steam locomotive completely fills the tunnel oval, breaking the branches/ © stolychno.news

The steam locomotive completely fills the tunnel oval, breaking the branches/ © stolychno.news

This place is beloved by lovers. According to the belief, if the lovers stand on the rails and touch each other’s hearts, their love will be strong and long-lasting. And if the newlyweds walk through the tunnel holding hands, the marriage will never fall apart.

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The tunnel of love is especially beautiful in the fall, when nature paints the leaves in a variety of hues, from emerald green to golden red.

It seems that this picture is not without photoshop. But still beautiful. © moemisto.ua

I think this picture was photoshopped. But still beautiful./ © moemisto.ua

Thanks to the blogs and Instagram about this tunnel learned in all corners of the world. And Japanese director Akiyoshii Imajeki filmed a feature-length drama “Tunnel of Love” here, which saw the light of day in 2015. True, this film is only in its original title on Kinopoisk, apparently not dubbed. But the plot, judging by the brief description, this film has a touch of mysticism. Just appropriate for such a mysterious place.

In late autumn the tunnel is not so beautiful / © do-slez.com

In late fall the tunnel is no longer as beautiful/ © do-slez.com

(This article uses information from: ru.wikipedia.org; vidviday.ua; travel.ru)

Tunnel of Love – one of the most romantic places in Ukraine

In many regions of our country there are areas of untouched nature, beckoning with their magical beauty. But one of the most popular and amazing places is the Tunnel of Love, near the town of Klevan in Rivne region. The 5-kilometer green corridor of trees forming an arch of a perfect round shape, complemented by rails, has become the hallmark of Volyn region, an object of constant pilgrimage of tourists and couples in love. You can take a trip to the tunnel at any time of the year, but it is better in summer or autumn, when nature paints leaves in all kinds of colorful colors and shades: from dark green and emerald to red and gold. Photographers and artists note the interesting play of light and shadow inside the tunnel, a peculiar visual effect, and love the place.

History of the Tunnel

The Tunnel of Love appeared on the tourist map about 10 years ago thanks to some hikers who wandered into the thicket on the outskirts of Klevanie and found themselves unexpectedly on the railroad tracks. The picture they took was posted on the social network Facebook and immediately got a lot of incredulous comments with hints of photoshop. But the first tourists, who went to see the beauty with their own eyes, dispelled all doubts: the tunnel is real!

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There are interesting legends connected with this place. According to one of them, the tunnel existed in the times of the Czartoryisky princes, and once it became a shelter for a pair of young people in love, the runaways from the Klevan castle. Another version looks no less interesting – that of a young Polish engineer, who created the shortest route from Orzhev, where he lived, to Klevan to his beloved. And he did it very simply – he built a branch railroad straight through the forest. Over time, their life paths diverged, but the locals say that these people carried their love through life. Incredible story!

The most prosaic version says that the railroad was built during the Soviet era, for military needs, and the trees were planted specifically to better camouflage the trains. Over time, the military left Klevan and gave nature a rest. It began to take full control over the tunnel and soon created a real miracle, a kind of arched structure. And when the freight train from the wood-processing plant in Orzhev started to pass along the rails every day and knocked down branches of trees and bushes, the shape of the structure became perfect.

A place for lovers

The green tunnel has not only an unrivaled view and color and romantic history, but also an unusual aura, the atmosphere of a place where dreams come true and hearts are joined. This aura is symbolized by the green arch, and the line of two rails is the path for two destinies. There are a number of beliefs about the tunnel and its features. Lovers believe that a kiss in the tunnel will cement their love for life, and if they stand on the rails and lean against each other with their hearts, they will never part. The tunnel is popular with newlyweds; they enjoy holding photo sessions in it and even planting flowers that symbolize tender and passionate feelings. Locals assure that a visit to the tunnel is a good omen for anyone and recommend coming to Klevan several times a year.

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Interesting facts about the Tunnel of Love

1. Views of the tunnel are often glimpsed in commercials of famous brands. In 2012, the Japanese company Fujifilm shot a 40-second commercial in which the characters accidentally get from a solid green wall to the tunnel and quickly capture various wonders with a brand new brand camera.

2. Several years ago, Japanese director Akioshi Imazaki filmed a feature film in a tunnel. The place for filming was found by chance, following a link on the Internet. It would seem – where is Japan and where is Ukraine, but Imazaki was so captivated by the beauty of the tunnel that he not only brought a film crew to Ukraine and shot an excellent lyrical drama, but also renamed the film “Klevan – Tunnel of Love”. The main role in the movie, dedicated to the love trials of a young couple, was played by a Japanese audience favorite, 17-year-old model and actress Mickey Honoka. The film premiered in November 2015 at the Hanoi International Film Festival, after which the beauty of Ukrainian nature became known to the world.

3. On May 20, 2017 in China, near the city of Hefei (Anhui Province), the opening ceremony of a romantic place called “Tunnel of Love” took place, in which representatives of Ukraine also took part. This tunnel is an analogue of the Ukrainian Tunnel of Love and is really similar to it, although much smaller in size.

The tunnel in Klevanie periodically appears in the top-lists of the most amazing railroads on the planet.

What to see in Klevani besides the Tunnel of Love?

Those who are fond of Ukrainian history will find it interesting to see the high and strong, but abandoned walls of the Klevan Castle (1475). The castle, which used to belong to the Czartoryski princely family, needs urgent restoration. The best preserved one is the four-span arched bridge on strong bases, thrown across the moat to the castle. Near the castle there is a beautiful Church of the Nativity (1777) and across the road – the Church of the Annunciation with a bell tower (1630). There is a big two-level bell tower near the church.

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If you want to experience true romance, out of space and time, it is time to visit the Tunnel of Love. You can do it as a part of tours Tarakanov, Dubno, and the Tunnel of Love , From Peresopnitsa to Ostroh + Tunnel of Love і Pearls of Volyn + Tunnel of Love

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