U.S. Hostels: the pros and cons of living in the U.S.

What to know about Hostels in America

Many people these days plan their own trips, but not many people know how to do it right – all the pros and cons of staying in hostels in the United States.

There are many types of hotels and hostels in today’s society, and they are sorted by service. In five-star hotels usually everything is already included in the price, while in the three-star hotels you have to rely only on breakfast and some services. Meals depends only on the hotel administration.

Speaking of hotels, we can not forget the small hotels and apartments, which, at times, and do not have stars. But for a cheap trip they are ideal. Apartments rent most of their owners, and you can haggle, there is a spacious and often a little, but a kitchen. Hoteliers without stars may have facilities on the floor and a common kitchen. But that’s not what this article is about. We are talking about hostels.

What are hostels in America

Hostels are relatively new, but they have already gained widespread love and acceptance. In hostels, as a rule, live from four to twelve people in a room. Sometimes the price of the hostel includes breakfast. Rooms in hostels are usually called dormitories or, in English, dormitories. A person who has booked a bed in a dormitory can expect common facilities in the room or on the floor. For the provision of a bed and sometimes a pleasant, warm and cheerful company.

Pros and cons of hostels

Hostels have their pros and cons. Their main advantage over all other types of housing is the price. It is very low, and even students can afford to rent a bed. The second advantage of hostels is very often a convenient location. The fourth advantage of hostels is quick registration and easy booking. Speaking of minuses, these are the facilities on the floor, which can occasionally be occupied by the same company. And another minus is that the company can often change and, having got used to some guests from, say, Spain, suddenly the guys from Mexico will come and you will have to get used to new neighbors all over again.

Hostels in the U.S.

People tend to rent hostels in countries where housing or hotels are very expensive. In countries such as Croatia, France or the United States. Today we will talk about the last country. In the U.S., the first hostels started to appear. Once they were just places in a room with mattresses, later came beds, and with increasing demand came two or more beds, which placed more people in the same place. The most expensive thing in traveling to the U.S., as you know, airfare and accommodation, so that, having bought a bed in a hostel, you can safely take the tickets so that they do not pull away much from your pocket.

Savings in hostels

Many American hostels have breakfasts. As a rule, regular hotels offer a lot of things for breakfast and have what is called a buffet, where you can choose your own bun, vegetables, eggs, and hot meals. In hostels it’s usually different, because they save on almost everything. And for breakfast they give only one set of food, and if no one wants to eat it, then no one eats. Also in American hostels there are often snack machines that are always happy to sell chips, real American cola and something else delicious. At these machines hostel can make a decent profit.

Also in hostels often save on laundry, laundry either at the hotel laundromat for a fee, or the guest himself goes to other laundromats. Only a machine is usually provided for laundry, but there is also an automatic machine in the hall with them, only this time with powders, stain removers, and other useful laundry items. Also usually at the entrance to the hostel, at the reception desk you can always get booklets about all sorts of excursions. For example, to the water park or museum. Often there is a map of the city, and sometimes even a guidebook on it.

Why is the hostel so cheap?

Hostel is so cheap because they have a lot of beds and a few rooms, due to this reduced wages maids and cleaners. Keep a hostel clean and tidy can even one person. Secondly, for such a low price, they go to a lot of people, and they get a lot of money. Third, they have a lot of services for an additional fee, such as a restaurant at the hotel, gym, swimming pool, breakfast and more. On each item out of these you can save a lot of money and make a lot of money, which, in fact, and does hostels.

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Just hostels are very good to save on staff and rent. Since the area is small, to clean it easy and cheap to rent.

Another way to save and make money on hostels in the U.S. is to make it themed, because some people are even willing to pay extra to live in a real bunker, which is essentially a ring of cast iron with a lid, but get from it twice and sometimes three times more money than just a hostel. Also, the hostel saves a lot of money on security, because it is simply not needed. More hostel saves on filling out paperwork without intermediaries.

What you need to know booking a hostel

To book a bed in a hostel in the U.S., enough to leave a form on the website, make an advance payment and that’s all, a bed is booked. Due to such tricks and tricks hostel saves a lot of money. And due to the small price attracts a lot of people who are chasing the benefits or just do not want to bother with hotel reservations.

Choosing a hostel in the U.S., and in any other country must first of all start by reading the reviews, because it’s responsible process that will help to avoid unpleasant surprises when checking into a hostel. It is also possible to ask people who have already been there or write them online on the portal reviews. American hostels are very popular, they lived a lot of people and at least some of them can answer your questions.

Another little nuance that the hostel is sometimes better to rent to the agency or accommodation selection, because the hostel pays the search engine commission, through which lowers the cost of the hostel on the search engine site, and they attract a lot of people, with a certain percentage, which allows to continue to attract people.

Hostel is the only type of accommodation available to the budget tourist during the holidays or major sporting events. Because at this time, a large number of people from all over the world come together, regular hotels are packed, because they have only one person in the room, and in the hostels there is always room.

Interesting cases and ideas in hostels

There were times when people slept on a mattress and on the floor, and there were times when there was almost no room and people stayed at the receptionists’ houses. Hosts, despite its low price, try very hard to give the guest as much as possible, they are willing to please their guests.

Many hostels have a very friendly and warm atmosphere that accompanies communication between the guests. Many hostels have a wall on which to attach different papers and stickers with feedback, emoticons or wishes of the guests, sometimes the role of this wall played by plastic boards, which write with markers. If you look closely, then this wall is usually possible to discern the whole history of the hostel, learn the names of administrators and their former adventures.

Hostel is comparable to a children’s camp: they first live a lot of strangers and strangers to each other, then they unite, sometimes walking together and many of the guests find true friends by correspondence or in person for life. Communication on the Internet can go on for a very long time, and sometimes after a holiday, these people are planning the next one. No one knows where and when it will be, but it is clear with whom.

To the hostel with friends and animals.

Also, hostels are interesting in that you can fully buy a dormitory for a time, coming to the country with friends and strangers will not be there. Friends are usually a lot, and they can also come with family, so it is very easy to take a minimum six-bed dormitory.

Also, hosts of many hostels make discounts for a group of people. They benefit from such cooperation, because they are sure to buy a small part of the hostel for a while. Even for a fee in the U.S. began to appear in the hostels also hotels for guests’ pets. Now, people with their pets can also afford to stay in the hostel.

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Hostel payment options

Speaking about the convenience of taking off the hostel, it is impossible not to mention the convenience of paying by card through electronic converters or wallets. With the advent of the noughties, the first Internet wallets appeared on the Internet. With them, the payment has become fast and convenient. Also, there is a variant of payment for the hostel already on arrival at the place in cash to the administrator. This is a very convenient option, especially for tourists traveling to the U.S. for the first time or are afraid to entrust their precious prepayment in the hands of administrators.

Also, every hostel has a machine that accepts cards from different banks, which is a very convenient system if your bank allows you to pay by card abroad. It is also better to ask the receptionist for directions to their hostel and the number of a local cab, it is cheaper than giving the address to the cab driver at the airport and much safer.


In conclusion, we must conclude that hostels in the U.S. is now one of the most popular and cheapest types of housing, rightfully won its segment of the tourism market and continues to develop rapidly.

On the money saved tourists can afford to buy souvenirs, food and things. And do not forget the banal rules of tourism. When buying a bed in the hostel is worth paying attention to the reviews and the type of payment, subject to these two points, you can hope for a good, fun and interesting vacation in this country.

The U.S. is a country of economy, here you can not only work and buy things, but also live very cheaply. This is clear after reading this article. Anyone with basic computer skills has the ability to book a bed in a hostel on the other side of the planet in the United States.

Hostels in the USA – how to travel cheaply in the States in America

Hostels in the USA

How to travel cheaply in the U.S.? This is a question I often asked myself before one of my first trips to the United States. How to travel inexpensively to the States, and so that desires coincide with possibilities. And it turned out that a budget trip to America is real! In this article I will share my experience on how to save money on accommodation in different cities and states in the U.S. – from New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Honolulu. I’ll tell you about the hostels and motels I’ve stayed in and how living in a hostel is different from staying in a hotel. What’s the advantage of staying in a cheap hostel, and what disadvantages can you expect. And of course, I’ll describe my own impressions of the U.S. and give some tips to prepare for an independent travel.

Hostels in the U.S.

Hostels in the U.S. are where budget travelers like to stay during their independent travel through the States. Like the rest of the world, they usually offer a homelike atmosphere and friendly company. Sooner or later, independent travelers in the U.S. are bound to come across inexpensive and affordable housing, which hostels are.

Of course, almost everything here is more expensive than in many Asian countries, but after all, and the standard of living is higher here. But hostels in America are cheaper than in Europe. Americans and Europeans themselves travel a lot and inexpensive while young, and do not hesitate to live in hostels to save the budget. I, too, decided to take my big trip around U.S. cities and live in hostels, and now I’ll share my experiences with you.

New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, San Diego, Honolulu – these cities attract a large number of travelers from all over the world. Let me tell you right away that you can travel inexpensively to the U.S. and still see many of the wonderful attractions that the most important cities in the States offer.

Traveling to the U.S., is it expensive to stay?

The first item of expenditure for the budget traveler is always lodging. Where to stay, how to find an inexpensive hotel or inn – that’s the most important question for any traveler.

Hostels can easily solve this problem. Of course, you have to put up with some inconveniences and difficulties (first of all, the lack of personal space). But if you are a communicative person, why not suffer for a while to get an unforgettable experience? At the same time and new acquaintances will be made. And troubles will be forgotten, and your journey you will later remember many times!

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The main advantage of staying in hostels is their proximity to attractions

While traveling in the U.S., decide how to reach the most interesting places. Do not settle on the outskirts of the city (in motels), unless of course your friends are willing to share a place with you.

Inexpensive Hotels in New York City

Even in the heart of Manhattan in New York City you can stay inexpensively, although it may be the most expensive hostel in the United States during the entire trip. For example, I paid as much as $45 for the Gershwin Hotel (a very high price for a hostel), but I lived practically on Fifth Avenue. And it was equally convenient for me to walk to Downtown or to Central Park and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The convenient location allowed me to pay attention to almost all the sights of New York that I had set aside for myself. And of course it is impossible to walk around the city and immerse yourself in its atmosphere if you don’t walk through the streets on your own feet.

Here are some inexpensive hostels and hotels in New York City:

    – Hostelling International on the Upper West Side. – This hostel, too, is on the Upper West Side near Central Park. It also has inexpensive private rooms. – and this small hotel with the cheapest accommodations in downtown New York City is praised for its cleanliness and comfort, as well as its walking distance to Times Square.

On my next visit to New York City, I discovered a decent budget hotel just 2 subway stations away from 5th Avenue. It’s a great place in Queens with very good hot breakfasts where we stayed for 4 days and which we now recommend to everyone – the Howard Johnson . Read more about why we chose it here.

U.S. Hostels - Hostelling International Chicago

Hostel in Chicago

Cheap Hotels & Hostels in Chicago

There are entire hostel chains in the U.S. for budget travelers (like Hostelling International), where you get discounts if you stay with them in each city. I didn’t take advantage of this option, as I only stayed with them once, in Chicago. But they have representatives in almost every state and in Europe. So if you like it, you can become a regular guest and accumulate discounts.

Hostelling International Chicago is close to Millennium Park, which is very convenient for exploring the city. Like many other hostels in the United States, you can get a free breakfast here. It is usually a buffet where you can treat yourself to sandwiches, fruit, and tea.

I recommend good hostels and inexpensive hotels in Chicago:

    – A youth hostel in the Bucktown neighborhood. It is close to the subway. – Another hostel in the Lincoln neighborhood. – Cheap hotel in the city center. – This is a great way to get a cheap hotel in the heart of Chicago.

It is useful to know: one of the main advantages of a hostel is that it assumes a friendly environment, which travelers create with the help of responsive hostel staff.

Best Hostel in the U.S. and other Affordable Hotels in Indianapolis

Personally, I liked the friendly atmosphere and attitude on the part of hostel managers in the United States. Of course, the champion in this is my favorite Indy hostel in Indianapolis. In my opinion, it is the best hostel in the US – comfortable and inexpensive, with much more personal space than other similar hostels.

Indy Hostel is the only hostel in Indianapolis. I wrote more about it here. Nevertheless, inexpensive Indianapolis accommodations are available in the historic part of town. Small hotels here have sprung up in old mansions that surprise guests with their sophisticated furnishings. Of course, they are most popular with tourists during the famous Indanapolis 500 Mile auto race. Savvy travelers advise staying in Indianapolis at one of these inexpensive hotels:

Where to stay in Philadelphia

I would also like to highlight the Apple Hostels in Philadelphia. I arrived there before check-in time. However, the friendly girl at the front desk immediately suggested that I clean up after my trip, take a shower, and then go explore the city. My belongings she hid in a special vault. Do you agree, nice? It’s not unreasonable to know that the hostel is located in a historic part of Philadelphia, and breakfast is included in the price.

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U.S. hostels - Apple Hostel Philadelphia

Beautiful shared kitchen at Apple hostel (Philadelphia)

I recommend inexpensive hotels and hostels in Philadelphia:

    – Is another hostel in the historic part of the city. – Inexpensive self-catering apartments in historic Philadelphia.

Features of Hostel Living

Don’t hesitate to ask the staff at hostels in the U.S., always find out what you can enjoy and enjoy in the hostel, whether they have free breakfast. Read all of the promotional brochures that are provided for your perusal. Many hostels have free books advertising other hostels. It was in Philadelphia that I learned that there are even hostels in Hawaii, and my trip around the US became even more exciting!

US hostels like Waikiki beach hostel, Honolulu

Hostel in Honolulu, Hawaii

Hostels in Hawaii and inexpensive hotels

For example, here are the hostels in Hawaii, where you can stay inexpensively on the island of Oahu in Honolulu:

    – This hostel is located in Honolulu, two minutes from the famous Waikiki Beach. Nearby are the Honolulu Zoo and Diamond Head Volcano. – Another hostel near Waikiki. – Hostelling International near the University of Honolulu.

And here is an example of an inexpensive hotel in Hawaii near Waikiki Beach:

  • Small and cozy apartments with a kitchen – Kuhio Banyan
  • Another good representative of a hotel chain in the center of Honolulu beach life is Aqua Waikiki Pearl

You can even find good hostels on the island of Maui:

    – A hostel in the town of Lahaina. – Hostel in the city of Wailuku near the airport.

An example of a cheap hotel on Maui is Maui Beach, in the town of Kahului, very close to the airport. The hotel has small but cozy rooms overlooking the garden or ocean.

Having been to Hawaii has really broadened my horizons and knowledge of the United States. Hawaii, of course, is one of the wonders of the world and a must-visit, especially for those who are into surfing.

Hostels in San Diego

Cheap hostels in the U.S. are in every major city, including San Diego. For the most part, they are centrally located and close to major attractions. All hostel owners know that backpackers will not spend money to rent a car, so they try to start a business near public transportation routes. This solves the issue of transportation and makes traveling around the U.S. a more fulfilling experience. You just need to arrive from the airport and all the sights are already nearby.

USA Hostels Ocean Beach in San Diego especially impressed me in that it even refunds the money you spent on the trip to their place, whether it was a bus ticket or a cab. And it’s located right next to Ocean Beach, the mecca of surfers.

Other good hostels in San Diego:

    – A convenient hostel on Point Loma near the San Diego airport. Suitable for travelers who are planning to fly in or out here. – And this hostel is located in the heart of San Diego, on Market Street. It has the advantage of not having to spend a lot of time on transportation. – It is close to the San Diego Zoo and offers discounts on many activities and attractions.

Hostels in Los Angeles

And many hostels provide exclusive services to their guests. Located just off Melrose Avenue in Hollywood, the Banana Bungalow West Hollywood hostel offers a pass to many clubs in Los Angeles. A single ticket usually costs $25. A car picks you up in the evening and takes you around the clubs. So you can check out three or four at a time and dance at your pleasure. When the program ends, the car will bring you back to the hostel. It’s up to you to decide if you want a taste of Hollywood for a small amount of money and obey the schedule.

US hostel base - Banana Bungalow West Hollywood hostel

Hollywood Hostel Foyer

Many hostels in America have tours, concerts and shows, and free dinners on certain days of the week. Transfer to and from the airport can be much cheaper if you contact hostel managers in advance.

Also, hostels in the U.S. often offer discounts for attending various events.

But sometimes the best thing a hostel can give you is a location near the ocean. For example, the Venice Beach Hostel in Los Angeles is right on Venice Beach, close to a creative hangout and the Pacific Ocean. And another hostel nearby is Samesun Venice Beach .

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Tip . By the way, don’t forget about taxes! They may not be included in the price, so read carefully on the website of the hostel or the agent with whom you book a place. In New York there is a separate tax that is added to the state tax.

Get to know other guests, you can save money and have a good time here, too. In San Diego, I made friends with two Norwegian women and we started cooking our own dinners together. It was fun to share recipes and treat new friends to their favorite dishes. Cooking on your own is one of the top budget items when traveling in the United States. So be sure to go to the local supermarkets and shop there if the hostel provides a kitchen at your service.

Our Waikiki beach hostel, Homolulu

Hostel Room Kitchen in Honolulu, Hawaii

Our Ocean beach hostel, San Diego

My friends and I nibble on a cooked dinner at a San Diego hostel

Discounts in the U.S.

People in the U.S. love discounts! There are discounts at hostels if you stay more than five days or a week. So your $30 (that’s the average price for a hostel place in the U.S.) might be $25 if you’re here for the long haul.

There are discounts at every turn, you just have to look for them! One time in Indianapolis, they literally shoved a second bag of chips in my face! There was a promotion at the grocery store: two for the price of one. But I only took one. First my neighbor in line reminded me of the promotion, and then the cashier. With incomprehensible eyes she assured me I could have two bags of chips for a dollar! And then she asked me to bring a forgotten jewel. The option not to take advantage of the discount in the U.S. does not exist! So whether I wanted to or not, I ended up with a double bag of chips, and my friends were lucky because I shared with them!

And that’s why you shouldn’t think that traveling in the US is an expensive endeavor. The US is only as expensive as you let it be. And living in hostels in the U.S. does not at all mean you are a pauper. You choose exactly what is right for you at the moment. And there’s always a choice.

  • Priceline is an aggregator of the cheapest hotels : http://paikea.ru/travel-tips-4-best-booking-with-priceline/
  • Low-cost hotels in Los Angeles : http://paikea.ru/hotels-and-apartments-in-los-angeles/
  • Good cheap hotels in Las Vegas : http://paikea.ru/horoshie-nedorogie-oteli-v-las-vegase-i-tseny/
  • Which New York City hotel to book : http://paikea.ru/new-york-hotels/

About the disadvantages of hostels in the U.S.

Hostels in the U.S. bribe with their inexpensive prices and help save many young travelers who want to travel cheaply. But is it all so serene?

Let me start by saying that I once personally showed my best friend that hostels in America can be nice and homely. He used to naively think that a hostel was some scary and dirty place. After picking me up at Indy Hostel, however, he realized he was wrong. The homelike atmosphere and caring staff at the mini-hotel won him over and he decided that someday in his travels he too would be able to stay in one of the hostels.

Sometimes, however, American hostels really are terrifying. For example, when I lived in Hollywood, I was very surprised by the slovenliness of my roommates. They were in such a hurry to catch the bus that takes them to the clubs that they left a mess in the bathroom after them. That would have been eerily unpleasant, what can I say! In general though, people are always trying to keep things clean and the staff really value their reputation and keep their mark. You just have to be guided by reviews when booking hostels.

To summarize, I would say that when you are young, living in hostels is always fun, and you should not miss the opportunity to find new friends and have fun. At a more mature age, though, you want more privacy.

What else you need to know about how to travel cheaply in the U.S.

Having traveled inexpensively in America, I’ve written some helpful articles on how to travel cheaply in the U.S. They may be helpful to those travelers who are just discovering the world.

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