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Uganda at most in a week in the era of the crown.

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Uganda at most in a week in the era of the crown.

Evitta ” 24 Jul 2021, 19:15

Our trip took place thanks to the insistence of Tony Tozita . I’m cool with all kinds of monkeys, I’d like more colorful and unusual birds. And big cats. Or interesting tribes. And then the thing is, until July 1 in Uganda were discounts on visits to parks with gorillas, instead of 700 dollars you could see them for $ 400. Why not? Honestly, I’m not ready to shell out a large sum for monkeys, even humanoid monkeys.

But my brain was hard cringing that I hadn’t been to Africa in over a year. So it’s decided! Let’s go. When I accidentally voiced my proposed route to our friends Maya Palma and Lesha, I pretty quickly got two more people on our little team. So, gorillas, chimpanzees, possibly tree climbing lions, pygmies, my favorite birds, and of course lots of other wildlife were waiting for us! I wanted to see a pangolin or trumpettooth as a separate attraction, but it was a 0.05% chance.

The itinerary was made taking into account these very wishes. Fortunately, all my fellow travelers from the category of “hitchhiker” no problem. And when they heard that in June in Uganda, the mango and avocado season, they just silently began to pack their bags. The circular itinerary didn’t shine with novelty; I had long conversations with friends who had been to Uganda about certain places. And new locations were added to the itinerary as my communication and ticket changes progressed: Entebbe – NP Mburo – Lake Bunyoni – NP Bwindi – Lake Nkuruba – NP Chibale – NP Murchinson Falls – Entebbe.

Originally we were supposed to fly for a week, but while we were deciding on the tickets, they went up in price and we had to choose other dates. So we ended up with 9 full days plus 2 days for flights. In general, buying airline tickets at a covidning time is the same attraction. Tonia and I bought our first tickets at the beginning of April, with Turkish Airlines. In the middle of April something happened: all flights to Turkey were canceled. And the tickets had to be cancelled, there was a plausible excuse: change of the day of the flight. So I bought tickets for Ethiopian Airlines a month before the trip. They had many good reviews from friends, and it was safe to fly. Pardon my French, but Ethiopians screwed up a little: they moved the return flight from Uganda 4 hours earlier than planned, thus depriving us of precious time at the end of the trip to Lake Victoria and increasing the connection time in Ethiopia by 4 hours.

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The question with the guide was solved very quickly. I contacted Richard, who used to work for Roma Kashigin. Richard had already established himself as a knowledgeable guide-driver with a normal price. This time we decided to rely on the guide in the choice of hotels, lodges and campsites on the way, and we were not disappointed. It was a good idea to get an electronic visa for $51 dollars so that we would not have to spend time at the airport when we arrived. I applied at the beginning of June first (the trip was supposed to take place on June, 24), and I got the letter with the reference for the visa 4 days later. And I, like my friends before, put the first available hotel in the application for the proposed route. But my visa was approved, and everyone else was asked to send the hotel reservation with the phone number. We contacted our guide and he sent us the reservation, which was added to the application form. In the end, by the beginning of the trip all three of us had visas, only Lesha was unlucky, he did not get any response. We decided that if anything, we would deal with the visa when we arrived.

A separate item of expenditure was the cost of PCR tests. For our trip we were supposed to make 4 of them: 1 for entry from Russia (120 hours after the test), 1 for exit from Uganda and 2 on arrival to Russia in accordance with current requirements of Rospotrebnadzor. The most normal price for PCR for departure was in the SKLIF laboratory: 1500 rubles, waiting list and readiness in one day. Everything is fast and clear. Upon arrival to Russia after one day the requirements had already changed and we only needed one PCR. In Uganda in general a great idea, I suspect, you just need to know the right people: take the test on arrival, we get at the end of the trip on the right date of departure. That is, the time at the end of the trip for PCR is not lost, because usually you have to wait at least a day for PCR results.

During our trip in Uganda, there was a semi-lockdown: movements between provinces were closed. But this did not apply to tourist transport with tourists, there were just more police cordons on the roads, but they almost never stopped us. And among other things, Russian tourists were not in the category of countries that needed PRC and waiting for 1-2 days in the observatory on arrival. This is definitely a plus. We passed the observatory as we were leaving the airport.

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The journey begins. The story uses photos from the cameras and smart phones of everyone on the trip.

Day 1. Test under a palm tree.

So, the overnight flight by Ethiopian Airlines went well, the large, half-empty plane allowed 3 seats and slept through most of the pancake flight to Africa. The only downside was the one hour landing in Athens, here they woke me up an hour before boarding and had to sit for another hour on boarding, no lying down was allowed. At the airport in Addis Ababa we bought Ethiopian coffee out of greed (and rightly so, I stuffed it all in the suitcase on the way back).

At two o’clock in the afternoon we were already at the airport in Entebbe. The first thing they did before the passport control was to check the PCR and the certificate of yellow fever vaccination. At passport control, according to the reference, they quickly paste a funny visa with a gorilla hologram. By the way, the matter with Lesha’s visa was resolved very quickly: the very person who approves these visa applications came out to him, immediately approved his application and they glued his visa in just as quickly.

We got our luggage and met our guide Richards in the parking lot around 3:00. There was an Impala waiting for us in the parking lot. Not an Antelope, of course, but a Toyota Impala, a small pickup truck with an opening roof, very convenient for safaris. We had a pretty good night’s sleep on the plane, so we hit the road almost immediately.

I’m not the driver, it’s just the traffic here is right-handed.

The first order of business was buying wine, food and medical supplies. For that we stopped at the “Victoria Mall” in Entebbe. Despite the semi-downtime, the store was working. We bought coartem and tests, and in the supermarket we stocked up on what we wanted: wine, juices, bread for sandwiches. On the trip we decided not to waste time on lunches and brought some sausage and cheese from Moscow to make sandwiches for lunch. This turned out to be a strategic move, and we had lunch sandwiches and avocado salad plus a sweet of fruit the entire trip.

The second item was to donate biomaterial for PCR so that we would get the result of the PCR test on the date of departure. To do this, somewhere at a crossroads in Entebbe, a “specially trained person” from the clinic came to us and right in the car under a palm tree, copied our passports and took the test. Of course it looked ridiculous.

Guinea-Bissau is a state in West Africa, the capital Bissau

Then we left hospitable Entebbe and set off on our planned route to the national park of Lake Mburo NP. On the way we couldn’t help stopping at the Equator sign. At the same time we bought some fruit and looked at souvenirs.

One foot in the South, the other in the Northern Hemisphere.

Buying Avocados and Mangos.

Cassava, or manioc.

By evening we made it to Mburo and our Eagles Nest Camp with its lovely tents. The camp really looked like an Eagles Nest – it had this serious steep climb up the very top of the hill. It was the first time I had ever slept in a tent like that.

And before I went to bed they fed me soup and chicken.

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Country Population 33 398 682 Uganda Territory 236 040 sq km Situated on the continent Africa Capital city Uganda Kampala Money in Uganda Shilling (UGX) Domain area .ug Country phone code 256

Uganda sights

The capital city of Uganda, Kampala, is decorated with ancient architecture and Art Nouveau buildings. In the city there are old Hindu temples, mosques, and temples of Christians. Interesting to visit the Rubaga Cathedral of the XIX century, built of bark, reeds and cloth.

On the UNESCO list is a royal tomb, which was severely damaged in a fire in 2010.

Formed 10,000 years ago in the craters of volcanoes Forte Portala lakes attract many tourists.

Uganda is rich in natural attractions. National Parks: Mount Ruwenzori, Murchison Falls, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, and Semuliki Park create an unforgettable experience for tourists, impressing them with the richness of nature and the number of exotic animals.

Climate of Uganda:: Tropical. Generally rainy with two dry seasons (December to February, June to August). Semi-arid in the northeast.


Near the town of Jinja is located the old town of Bugembe. There holidaymakers can go on an unforgettable journey by canoe, looping through the channels of Lake Victoria. The climate of the area is recognized as the healthiest in Uganda.

The 84 islands of Sese, located on the shores of Lake Victoria, attract vacationers with pristine nature and exotic animals. The pristine water is ideal for water sports and swimming. A favorable climate contributes to pleasant walks on foot and the opportunity to relax on the beach.

Country Bulgaria

The therapeutic resorts of Semulik Park offer not only recreation, but also a health program on the healing hot springs. Mud treatment in the country is no less popular among holidaymakers. Sanatoriums providing such treatment have all the necessary medical facilities. Professional doctors work in the health resorts.

Terrain of Uganda:: mostly plateau, with the edge of the mountain.


The hotel industry in Uganda consists mainly of lodges and campsites. They are located mainly in the country’s parks. The hotel category depends on the cost of accommodation in the room.

The level of service in the lodges varies. Some of them are equipped with first-class suites. There are restaurants, bars and swimming pools.

Camping includes accommodation in small houses or tents. In tents, customers will find only a bed and a table. There are eco-hotels in Uganda. Most are wooden cottages decorated with environmentally friendly materials. The cost of rooms in such a hotel will be overpriced.

The best hotel in the capital is a five-star Kampala Serena Hotel. There is a sauna and Russian bath, massage, beauty treatments, conference rooms and a restaurant.

Uganda has resources like: : Copper, cobalt, hydropower, limestone, salt, arable land, gold.


Uganda’s capital city is full of entertainment venues. Kampala has nightclubs, casinos and unusual restaurants. For shopping, there are large shopping centers and markets.

Uganda offers many ways for outdoor activities like rafting, trekking in rushing Bujagali Falls, mountain climbing in Ruwenzori Mountains, exciting tours to protected areas of the country where you can see the local fauna and flora. Exciting fishing awaits guests at Lake Albert.

For recreation with children in Uganda, organized a lot of places and institutions. Zoos, aquariums, parks – all will bring parents and children a lot of vivid impressions.

Uganda’s Money: Uganda introduced its national currency, the Ugandan Shilling, in 1966. Until then the East African shilling was in circulation in the country. In 1987 the State introduced a new shilling equal to a hundred cents, which is now the official tender in the African state.


One of the most notable museums of Uganda is the Kampala City Museum. It has a rich collection of ethnography, archaeology, science and art objects. Everyone who wants is allowed to try to play one of the folk musical instruments. In the north of the country, in Kitgum, a new museum has opened called the War Memorial museum. The exhibit is dedicated to the recent tragic events in the country that led to the many casualties of the Joseph Kony Gang terrorist attacks. The exhibit consists of photographs and documentary footage depicting that time.

Mauritius - the Republic of Mauritius island state in Africa

There is a museum dedicated to the fight against terrorists at the Entebbe airport. The museum tells the visitors the details of the military operation in 1976 by Israeli commandos to eliminate the bandits and release hundreds of hostages.


The main roads in Uganda are in decent condition. But the rest of the roads are either of poor quality or none at all. In the larger cities, public transportation is the Boda Boda, which is a motorcycle with a body on the back. This body is where the passenger seats are located. The capacity of this transport is about 10 people.

The route cab “Matatas” is one of the most inexpensive and fastest modes of transport. Tourists can also take a cab if necessary. Buses ply in the country. They are divided into three types: buses, regular buses and expresses. The latter are characterized by comfort and availability of air conditioning.

There is only one airport in the country, Entebbe, located near the capital. Dozens of other airports have a local destination.

Standard of living

Uganda is the fastest developing country on the African continent, while still being very poor country in the world. The annual income averages about $280. 35% of the population is below the poverty line. This low level has also affected the life expectancy of the population. According to statistics, the average number of years, in general, reaches 43 to 52 years. People live longer in the cities than in the villages. Child mortality is quite high, which is contributed by the very poor quality of health care in the country. Most of Uganda’s population is engaged in agriculture. In recent decades, the tourism industry has actively begun to improve.

Uganda Towns

The densely populated capital of Uganda, Kampala, is a modern, thriving city. Kampala is located near Lake Victoria. The center of the capital, called Nakasero, is home to offices, banks, and the country’s Parliament. The city’s population exceeds one million people.

The second most populous city in the country is Gulu. The number of inhabitants is 216,248. The city is situated in the north of Uganda.

Jinja is a town located to the northeast of the capital. The number of inhabitants is more than 90,000. The city is the center of industry in the country. Aries Falls Dam is home to a hydroelectric power plant supplying electricity to Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania. A steel mill and copper smelter are in operation. There is an important Ugandan port in the town.

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