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10 best routes for travelling in Ukraine

Traveling in Ukraine by car is a great way to diversify your leisure time and get new impressions. There are a lot of natural sights and unique architectural ensembles worth seeing in our country. You don’t have to travel too far for this, because each region is famous for something different. If you don’t know how to build a route yourself so that it’s interesting and has beautiful views, take a look at the ten most popular routes.

Kherson – Oleshkovski sands – Askania Nova

This road trip across Ukraine will take one day, you need to drive only 167 km. The route begins from the city of Kherson, where there are the remains of the Kherson fortress (Ochakovsky and Northern gates, earth ramparts, etc.). On the territory of the former fortification there is a unique building – St. Catherine’s Cathedral. Not far from it there is a park named after Taras Shevchenko and the Park of Glory.

Potemkin's Nadgrogrobok.

Tombstone in the St. Catherine Cathedral

Then the route goes through Oleshkivian sands – “Ukrainian Sahara”. It takes about 40 minutes to get there from the regional center. Oleshkovski sands have been out of reach of ordinary tourists for a long time because of the military exercises. In 2010 the Oleshkivske sands national park was opened. Since then, tourist centers and companies began to offer guided tours along the safe route.

Guests in the Kherson Desert Information board Oleshki Sands Tour The desert in Oleshki Mother and child in the desert Rolling down from a dune

Oleshki sands photo Hike deep into the desert Walk in the desert Ukrainian Sahara Oleshkovski sands photo Group photo, Oleshkovski sands

Guests in the Kherson Desert Information board Oleshki Sands Tour

The desert in Oleshki Mother and child in the desert Rolling down from a dune

Oleshki sands photo Hike deep into the desert Walk in the desert

Ukrainian Sahara Oleshkovski sands photo Group photo, Oleshkovski sands

Explore the desert while watching this vivid promotional video:

After the desert, you should drive about two hours to Askania Nova Biosphere Reserve. Here you can see wild animals (lynx, buffalo, zebra, llama, etc.) both in their natural habitat by booking a safari and in the zoo.

Zebra in Askania

And you can also feed these beautiful animals.

If you want, you can join tours of the mentioned places from local tour companies.

Kherson you do not know

The best 2-hour city tour with a charismatic guide!

Uzhgorod – Nevitskoe – Mukachevo – Chinadievo – the Carpathians

The length of the route is approximately 80 km. In Uzhgorod there is a fortress, which was built back in the XI century. It belonged to the magnates Drugetes, and now Uzhgorod Museum of Local Lore is located there. They say that the daughter of Count Drugett was immured inside the walls of the fortification.

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It takes about 20-25 minutes to get to Nevitskoe village from Uzhgorod castle. Between the villages Nevitskoye and Kamenitsa there are ruins of the castle of Anna of the Drugeth family. She was nicknamed the Bad Maiden because of her cruelty. Legends say that she disliked young girls and even sacrificed them. Of the castle have survived some parts of the fortifications and towers.

Castle in Nevitsky

The Castle of Anne of the Droogetes

The next route is Palanok castle, which is located in Mukachevo; you’ll need about an hour to get there. It is located on a mountain of volcanic origin, so you have to leave your car at the foot of the road. The castle has been reconstructed, and its appearance is excellent.

Architecture of the Castle Castle in Mukachevo Castle in Zakarpattya Parking at the Castle Castle on a hill Castle from above

Architecture of the Castle Castle in Mukachevo Castle in Zakarpattya

Parking at the Castle Castle on a hill Castle from above

After Mukachevo Castle, you should go to Chinadievo (12 km) to the romantic fortress “Saint-Miklos”. The two-story stone building with two towers on the sides and red tiles has changed many owners during its existence. The route continues along the Latoritsa River to the Carpathian Mountains (15 minutes drive). Here you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of mountains and forests, a break from the bustling cities and be alone with nature.

St. Miklos

Saint Miklos Castle in Chinadievo

Baturin – Trostyanets – Sokirintsi – Kachanovka

This route across Ukraine is 143 km long and includes the most famous mansions in the Chernigov region. Baturin was the hetman’s capital of the Left Bank Ukraine. Here are located the palace of Razumovsky, the wooden Resurrection Church, the national historical and cultural park “Hetman’s capital”, and the citadel of the Baturin fortress. Most of the architectural constructions are in excellent condition thanks to the reconstruction.

Razumovsky Palace

Baturin complex

The historical complex “Hetman’s Capital” was built from scratch, as the fortress was destroyed by the northern neighbors

Hetmanshchyna capital

In the Ichnya district there is a village Trostyanets, where an arboretum with over 60 thousand trees is located. The arboretum was founded in 1833 by Ivan Skoropadsky. Srebnyansky district is the village Sokirintsy that attracts tourists with a palace of Cossack family Galagan. This family estate was built in the empire style. There are 60 rooms in the building, and a beautiful park with a Gothic bridge is situated nearby.

Country Bangladesh


Galaganov estate

People come to Kachanivka to see the palace and park ensemble, which once belonged to Peter Rumyantsev, the Tarnovsky family and Pavel Kharitonenko. It is interesting that here gathered great artists: Makovsky, Repin, Serov, Chenstohovsky and others.

Beauty Palace Kachanovka Reserve Palace on the river Outhouses of Kachanivka Manor from above Palace

Beauty Palace Kachanovka Reserve Palace on the river

Outhouses of Kachanivka Manor from above Palace

Vinnitsa – Tulchin – Busha

During the trip of 90 km you can see the historical sites and an amazing rock temple. In the warm season in Vinnitsa you can admire the singing fountains, the performance takes place every evening from May to September. There is also a museum of the famous scientist and doctor Nikolai Pirogov, a museum of retro technology, an old water tower and a lot of beautiful parks.


Vinnitsa is considered one of the most comfortable cities in Ukraine

The main attraction of Tulchin is a huge palace, which is astonishing in its size. This is not surprising, since the estate belonged to the richest man in Podolia – Stanislaw Pototsky. The house has two floors, and there are wings on both sides. Today there is not much left of the former majesty.

Potocki Palace

Stanislaw Potocki knew a lot about palaces.

The ancient rock temple of pagans in the village Busha is one of the most mysterious places of Ukraine. Earlier here people performed various rituals and worshipped their gods. On the walls are preserved inscriptions and drawings.

The first people who had lived there appeared 15-40 thousand years ago.

Urych – Rozgirche – Bubnishche

If you are looking for tourist routes of Ukraine with majestic cliffs and mountains, this route is ideal for you. The distance between the villages is 100 kilometers. The journey starts from the village Urych, which is close to the ancient fort of Tustan. In the times of the Kievan Rus these rocks served as a checkpoint on the border of the Galicia-Volyn principality.

Fortress of Tustan Photo in Tustan Tustan Tourists in Tustan Couple in Tustan A girl in Tustan

Fortress of Tustan Photo in Tustan Tustan

Tourists in Tustan Couple in Tustan A girl in Tustan

Travelers who want to see the dwelling of Cro-Magnons can do so in the village of Rozgirche. Here there are ancient caves that originated before Christ. Later, there was a pagan monastery located in the rock dwellings. Not far from the village Bubnishche there are Dovbusha rocks. They appeared on the site of the break of tectonic plates, so it is believed that the stones here have a special energy.

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Reviews about rest in Ukraine

To Kiev in those years it was nice to come from Moscow by the train of the Moldavian formation – № 47. It just arrived about 8 in the morning. For ticket prices it was the cheapest, and as a souvenir – a package from the bed with the CFM emblem. Attractions in the city.

The largest city in Dnieper in a day on a trip from Moscow to, for example, Odessa or Uzhgorod is hard to get around. I had hardly seen the outskirts of Kiev and even the subway was rarely used, although in those years it was cheap. I got the walking route from the Mother Monument.

Kiev is the second largest East Slavic capital in terms of population and one of the largest cities in Eastern Europe. The population is second only to St. Petersburg and Moscow and it is unlikely that it will ever catch up, but in the XII century Kiev was more respectable than Moscow.

Berezhany is an old city in the Ternopil region, founded in 1375. It was an interesting year – Dmitry Donskoy made a campaign to Tver, an earthquake destroyed the lighthouse in Alexandria, and ushkuyniki reached Astrakhan on the Volga. And there was also the creation of the Catalan atlas.

In Odessa you can think of different routes to walk. I had time to see only the historic center of the city between the railway station and the port. The second part of the route was as follows: Passage-12th chair-House with the Atlanteans-Theater of Opera and Ballet-Literary courtyard-port-railway.

Odessa is one of the most interesting cities of the Russian Empire, USSR and CIS. Architecture, museums, seaside location, and a motley national composition. What else does one need to be happy? I arrived there by an overnight train from Ternopil. It’s convenient when the country has short distances.

The world's top 100 resort cities

I myself wonder how many archeological museums there are in the Black Sea cities. I remember visiting one in Istanbul. I assume that there are in other cities in Turkey, Bulgaria and Romania. I saw an archeological museum in Batumi and in .

Kharkov is one of those cities outside Russia, where I was lucky enough to celebrate my birthday. There was not enough time to see it, in a smart way I need to go there again sometime. In the center of Kharkov there are a lot of monuments to different figures, about which, you .

It is a small, but very colorful regional center of Ukraine. Once upon a time, in my distant childhood years, I was looking at maps of the former Soviet Union and for some reason I most wanted to go to all the western corners like Vyborg, Grodno, Uzhgorod and Batumi. Uzhgorod is interesting because.

Mukachevo seemed interesting enough for me to stop there from Uzhgorod, see the second castle of the day and leave by night train to Ternopil. The date of its foundation is believed to be 896 or 1138. At the time of Bogdan Khmelnitsky it was ruled by the Hungarians.

If you move westward from Kiev, Ternopil is the first regional center, which was once part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which is reflected in its appearance. I arrived there by an overnight train from Kiev. I also had time to see the city and make a trip to Pochaev.

In Chernigiv, as in most cities of pre-Mongolian era, there is a citadel. So 1000 years ago the fortified part of the city was called. It is located on the high bank of the Desna and Strizhen rivers. Fortifications had appeared here even before the famous.

In Transcarpathia, despite its small size, there are many interesting objects. One of them is castles. If you move quickly, it is realistic to visit 3 castles in one day. For example, my second visit to Uzhgorod turned out to be a short one.

Christmas Island

On the city of Mukachevo I had little time, so I had time for a little, but most importantly, that the castle visited. I walked along the street like this. The city is nice and green. In my opinion, one of the best small towns.

In a small town Zbarazh there is a castle erected in 1626-1631, that is at the end of Sigismund III, under the project of Flemish architect van Peena, which was inspired by one of Scamozzi’s fortification projects.

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