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Underwater Villa Muraka in hotel Conrad Maldives

Underwater Villa Muraca

The world’s first underwater villa opened at Conrad Maldives Hotel in November 2018. The innovation, called The Muraka, with which Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Hotel opens the 2018/2019 winter tourist season, was detailed by CNN (link). We were very curious to know more about this project and why this event is so important for one of the best 5-star hotels in the Maldives. We gathered all the information about the unique room for a blissful retreat under the water of the Lakkadiva Sea, found out what it is and what it looks like. In the article we will tell you whether to go to the Maldives in an underwater residence for a unique experience and how much will it cost to rest in an underwater villa.

An underwater restaurant in the Maldives

Unique vacation in the Maldives

A vacation in the Maldives should not just be memorable, but unique and unrepeatable. Each cool hotel in the Maldives comes up with its own “chip” to be unique, not just different from other expensive resorts. For example, the hotel Jumeirah Vittaveli recently built an ice rink in the Maldives, which was opened by figure skating star Evgeny Plushenko.

The most expensive hotels in Maldives tend to outdo each other, to surprise their customers and attract as much attention as possible. And every year they have something new and stunningly interesting.

  • Most recently, the hotel Conradd Maldives has announced the launch of the world’s first instagram butler service, which means that its guests can use a special assistant at any time to recommend the most picturesque places on the island and help to take outstanding photos in the Maldives during the vacation.
  • And now in the hotel Conrad , in addition to the world-famous underwater restaurant Ithaa, there are also underwater apartments Muraka, which can make this hotel even more cool and popular, and the rest in it truly unforgettable. Watch the video review:

underwater villa

Underwater Villa in the Maldives

In November 2018, the Conrad Maldives Hotel opened the world’s first underwater residence. It’s not just a room or a comfortable suite, but much more (after all, this is the luxurious Maldives!) – an entire two-story villa built 5 meters below the Indian Ocean level, able to accommodate up to 9 guests at a time.

Finally, everyone has the opportunity to spend the night at the bottom of the sea with the fish, and for this you no longer need to be a character in a Hollywood movie. It is enough just to book an underwater villa, which bears the unusual name of Muraca.

Important to know: Hotel Conrad is considered one of the best places for a romantic holiday in the Maldives.

The Muraka.

To begin with, let’s understand what, in fact, we are talking about. So, The Muraka is a two-level residence in the Maldives, where you can simultaneously live above water, as in the usual water villa, and directly at the bottom of the sea, and represents the triumph of modern design and technology.

Muraka was the first underwater villa of its kind to be built in steel, concrete and acrylic in the Maldives, based on an innovative design by architect Ahmed Salem prepared especially for the Conrad Hotel . The single seamless space was developed by the design firm Yuji Yamazaki Architecture from Tokyo. The underwater Muraka Villa costs a whopping $15 million.

The name “Muraka” means “coral” in Maldivian Dhivehi. It represents how the villa, like a coral reef, lives and thrives in the middle of an unspoiled natural landscape of the Indian Ocean. Here you can immerse yourself in a tropical paradise like no other.

Conrad Maldives underwater villa

This is a still from a CNN report.

Two floors of Villa Muraca are designed for a unique experience of secluded living at sea:

  • Above the water is a spacious water villa with panoramic windows, a spacious living room, dining area and bar, a bedroom, bathroom, exercise room, walk-in closet and butler’s quarters, and a space for relaxing and entertaining with a sun terrace, yoga classes and a landscape pool. There’s also its own private boat dock.
  • Underwater there is a specially designed underwater bedroom with a transparent ceiling and walls giving a good view of the underwater world and its many inhabitants, a living space and a bathroom with panoramic windows. You can get from the upper level to the lower level by elevator or by spiral staircase without touching the water.
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Villa Muraca in Maldives

The above-water portion of the most expensive Villa Muraca in the Maldives

Diagram of the underwater room in the hotel Conrad Maldives

Underwater Space Layout

landscape pool in maldives

Landscape pool with panoramic views of the beautiful sea

In the process of creating the Muraca underwater residence, special attention was paid to protecting the environment, and interference with nature was kept to a minimum.

  • The submerged metal hull with transparent inserts of armored acrylic is very strong, weighing about 600 tons and securely protected from water.
  • It was built on land in Singapore and then transported to the Maldives on a special cargo ship capable of docking near a coral reef without damaging it.
  • The waterproof module was then lowered by two cranes into the water, and experienced divers secured to the bottom with 10 concrete pylons that will prevent it from moving during the tides, tidal surges and rough seas.

The world's first underwater villa

Lowering the underwater residence from the ship into the sea

Watch a video of how the Muraca underwater villa was built:

An Exclusive Maldives Vacation

In addition to the already familiar elements of a Maldives villa, such as a cozy bedroom, terrace, shower and living room, Muraka will take your vacation to a higher level. You’ll have a private gym with fitness trainer, bar, infinity pool, personal butler, panoramic ocean view bathroom, and most importantly, a true underwater bedroom with unparalleled views of the mysterious underwater world.

Exclusive holiday in Maldives

underwater residence

Underwater Hotel Maldives

Residents of the underwater villa are guaranteed exclusive experiences, exciting activities, and stunningly delicious meals from a personal chef. An entire team of experienced staff is available around the clock, ready to fulfill all the wishes of dear guests. All this allows you to see the extraordinary underwater world of the Maldives from a whole new perspective.

Isn’t it incredibly cool!

Before you begin your vacation, you’ll be helped to create and implement a personalized vacation program as a construction set of four separate groups of elements, aimed at travelers with a variety of preferences.

  1. The Wanderers is suitable for nature lovers who come to the Maldives to explore the uninhabited tropical islands and the incredibly beautiful underwater world, as well as to explore the local culture and traditions. Incredibly comfortable vacation will be held in the style of the Discovery Channel’s programs about wildlife. Through the glass walls and ceiling of their underwater bedroom, guests can watch the ever-changing coral reef ecosystem as if they were a part of making their own movie.
  2. The Flavors – A great deal of emphasis is placed on the extraordinary dishes that can be prepared for you day and night by a personal chef trained by one of China’s top chefs, Jereme Leung. In addition, in the open kitchen of the restaurant Ufaa you can take part in special master classes and enjoy the incredible flavors.
  3. The Soul – an individual program of recovery and spiritual enrichment, which will be developed especially for each guest. It will allow in a short period of time to restore strength and mental balance through meditation, yoga classes, finding inner balance in harmony with nature and much more.
  4. The Thrill is well suited for lovers of outdoor activities and entertainment and adrenaline fans. You can take part in unique explorations on land and at sea, get a lot of impressions from sea walks, fishing or underwater diving to the incredibly beautiful reef.

Special attention will be given to children while designing the program for family vacations. Each child will be treated individually and provided with activities and entertainment according to their own preferences and interests. In addition, our Edu-tainment MURAKA activity program, designed specially for children, will help to captivate their imagination and provide them with a brand new experience.

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Conrad Hotels Maldives prices

Price of the question

Now let’s talk about the prices, which at first glance look just crazy, making the underwater villa the most expensive residence in the Maldives. Yes, for an exclusive stay in one of the best hotels for a romantic vacation will have to pay an incredible $50,000 a day! And in fact there will be those willing to pay $ 200,000 for a personal tour of the Maldives for 4 nights (the minimum duration for which you can book the world’s first luxury underwater villa).

  • Included in the package is a personal chef who will prepare all your meals individually.
  • Guests also have their own boat and crew available for boat rides and connections to the rest of the resort (including the Ithaa Underwater Restaurant).

Bonus: Those who book this insanely expensive vacation are automatically awarded Hilton Diamond status.

Maldives hotels Conrad

Not quite ready to vacation at the bottom of the sea or afraid of claustrophobia? Well, that’s no problem, as the Conrad Hotel also has some luxurious water villas if you just want to get your feet wet.

Keep in mind that the lowest price can be found on Booking.com . The room rates there can be even lower than on the hotel’s official website, and no prepayment is required when making a reservation.

Compare the prices at the Conrad Maldives Hotel with ready to fly tours to this resort:

Watch CNN’s report on Murak’s underwater suite at the Conrad Maldives Hotel:

Conrad Maldives hotel information

The Conrad Maldives Rangali Island resort hotel is managed by Conrad Hotels & Resorts and is part of the world-famous Hilton hotel group. Conrad is known as one of the best hotels in the Maldives for Russians. Located on two resort islands connected by a pedestrian bridge, the Conrad opened in 1997 as the Hilton Maldives Resort and Spa, and has undergone several renovations since then.

  • Check-in is from 3 p.m., check-out is before 12 p.m.
  • One child under the age of 2 is allowed free of charge.
  • Children ages 2 to 11 are allowed in the same room with their parents on extra beds. There is an additional charge of $100 per person per night. No more than 1 extra bed per room is allowed.
  • Children under 12 years of age are not accommodated in all water villas except the family villa.
  • The Conrad Hotel (as everywhere else in the Maldives) does not allow pets.
  • All extras are not included in the total cost of the reservation and must be paid separately.
  • Payment can be made by bank card (Visa / Mastercard / American Express), or cash American dollars.

Underwater bedroom in Maldives

Underwater Bedroom in the Maldives

Underwater Bedroom in Maldives

An interesting fact:

The main advantage of the Conrad Rangali Island hotel compared to other resorts in the Maldives is its specialization in wedding tours and in giving its guests the opportunity to disconnect from the outside world and maximize relaxation. Comfortable and well-developed infrastructure of the resort and a wide range of entertainment for holidaymakers complements the already beautiful holiday in the Maldives in a romantic setting.

Hotels with the best house reefs in the Maldives: top 15

The underwater world is one of the main attractions in the Maldives. And even if you were far from snorkeling and diving before, the Maldives will definitely change everything. The coral islands with crystal lagoons reveal all the richness and diversity of the Indian Ocean: parrot fish, clown fish, moray eels, turtles, rays and even gray reef sharks. Many tourists, going to the Maldives again, already pay attention to the presence and quality of the house reef.

Belle Co.

Belle Co.

What is a house reef?

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This is the name given to the outer side of the reef, which is close to shore and convenient for snorkeling. The reef goes sharply into the depths – this is where the so-called coral gardens with many colorful fish grow. Tourists choose hotels in the Maldives with a house reef, as they are attracted by the proximity to the place for snorkeling.

Reef islands come in several types:

  • Round or oval . In the center is an island, and on all sides it is bordered by a coral reef. This reef is very convenient for snorkeling, because it begins just off the coast. The only drawback is the lack of lagoons.
  • Reef in the form of a crescent. The inner part of the island resembles a natural basin, calm and clear. The reef protects such an “inner” lagoon, while the outer part of the island is exposed to strong currents.

What to look out for

  • The coast from the home reef can be separated by a large lagoon. In such a case, it is not possible to get to the snorkeling on your own. You will have to rent a boat, and often this requires additional costs.
  • When choosing a hotel for snorkeling, you can easily assess the reef of the island on a map or photo above.
  • Many resorts with a coastal house reef offer rooms over the water, with individual access to the water.

Hotels in the Maldives with a good house reef will not have to look long. There are plenty of them. With the best of the best we suggest you read below.



Lily Beach Resort & Spa

The long-established Lily Beach Resort & Spa reopened its doors after a renovation in 2009. Now it is a 5-star all inclusive hotel with a great system of special offers. The resort is very green and well maintained. And it is also surrounded by one of the most beautiful house reefs in the Maldives. The island has a long, narrow shape and offers 10 convenient snorkeling sites.

A huge plus of the resort is the overwater villas with direct access to the home reef. Only a few steps down, and you already observe the rich underwater world of the island: colorful corals, motley fish, turtles. Meet manta rays and reef sharks.

The proximity of the house reef in Lily Beach Resort & Spa allows you to enjoy scuba diving and snorkeling as much as you want. Masks and snorkels are provided for the entire stay.

Location: Houwakhendho Island, Ari Atoll.

Distance from Male: 80 km. Hydroplane transfer in 25 minutes.

Lily Beach Resort & Spa

Lily Beach Resort & Spa

Bandos Island Resort & Spa.

This resort has many virtues, and the house reef is also on that list.The 4-star Bandos Island Resort & Spa has one of the best reefs in such a popular North Male Atoll. There is a lot of underwater life. In places, the house reef opens up 30 meters off the coast. Snorkeling on the rich reef is accessible from a boat. There is a Dive Bandos snorkeling center on the island. Experienced instructors help master diving and snorkeling techniques. Bandos Island’s home reef is worth it.

Where is it located: North Male Atoll.

Distance from Male : 7 kilometers. Transfer by speedboat in 15 minutes.

Bandos Island Resort & Spa

Bandos Island Resort & Spa

Biyadhoo Island Resort

Snorkeling is the main attraction on Biyadhoo Island. Guests at the budget Biyadhoo Island Resort 3* note the presence of an excellent house reef. In particular, its nature and the island itself, which has preserved its pristine nature, are the main reasons for the resort’s popularity.

Divers and snorkelers here are about 2 thousand varieties of marine life: squid, octopus, lobster, turtles, flocks of colorful fish, stingrays and reef sharks.

The underwater world around Biyadhoo is rich and a variety of corals. The home reef has seven points of entry. Night snorkeling allows you to see all the beauty in a slightly different perspective.

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Where is it located: Biyadoo Island, South Male Atoll.

Distance from Male : 30 kilometers. Transfer by speedboat about 40 minutes.

Biyadhoo Island Resort

Biyadhoo Island Resort

Vilamendhoo Island Resort & Spa.

Home reef Vilamendhoo is one of the most attractive for divers and snorkelers in South Ari Atoll. The natural phenomenon of El Niño once caused the death of the local corals. But, as time passes, they are beginning to recover. You can see a lot of marine life in the lagoon again, which means the home reef of Vilamendhoo Island Resort & Spa is regaining its former popularity.

Location : South Ari Atoll.

Distance from Male : 88 kilometers. Hydroplane transfer in about 25 minutes.

Vilamendhoo Island Resort & Spa

Vilamendhoo Island Resort & Spa.

OBLU SELECT at Sangeli

The new and modern Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts OBLU SELECT at Sangeli has been open to guests since 2018. In addition to superb infrastructure, all-inclusive service and luxury villas, the resort offers a stunning reeflife viewing experience. If you choose the Water Villas category, it’s convenient to do so 24 hours a day. Snorkeling on Sangeli Island’s home reef is truly amazing. Stingrays, sharks, octopuses, starfish, and a variety of colorful fish can be encountered.

Where is it located: North Male Atoll.

Distance from Male : 53 kilometers. Transfer by speedboat 50 minutes.

OBLU SELECT at Sangeli

OBLU SELECT at Sangeli

Reethi Faru Resort

The name of the island speaks for itself. Filaidhoo means “beautiful reef” in Dhivehi. It is indeed beautiful. The bright and lively reef boasts ideal conditions for snorkeling and diving and stunning underwater scenery. The 5-star Reethi Faru Resort’s home reef starts almost at the beach and extends 30-80 meters.

Location : Filaidu Island, Raa Atoll.

Distance from Male : 160 kilometers. You can get there in 45 minutes by seaplane.

Reethi Faru Resort

Reethi Faru Resort

Ellaidhoo Maldives by Cinnamon

A lively home reef and close proximity to several dive sites elevate the ratings for Ellaidhoo Maldives by Cinnamon 4*, which is located on a small, private island in North Ari Atoll. The island is surrounded by a picturesque lagoon and a fairly lively coral reef. During a snorkeling trip here you can meet many small ocean creatures, as well as stingrays, reef sharks, and even whale sharks.

Where is it : Northern Ari Atoll.

Distance from Male : 65 kilometers. Transfer by seaplane 25 minutes, or by speedboat 1.5 hours.

Ellaidhoo Maldives by Cinnamon

Ellaidhoo Maldives by Cinnamon

Embudu Village

Snorkeling at Embudu Village 3* exceeds all expectations. After all, the hotel’s category may not depend on the nature of the island. By the way, guests at neighboring Taj Exotica resort often come to Embudu for snorkeling on its stunning house reef. The resort itself and its green island are outstandingly cozy, and welcome guests with a special welcome.

At the Diverland Embudu dive center, you can rent all the necessary diving and snorkeling equipment.

Location: South Male Atoll.

Distance from Male : 10 kilometers. Transfer by speedboat in 20 minutes.

Embudu Village

Embudu Village

Filitheyo Island Resort

The picturesque Filitheyo Island, covered with dense jungle, has one of the best reefs in the Maldives. The enjoyment of underwater nature is the main activity at Filitheyo Island Resort . The abundance of marine life and healthy corals bring back all the snorkeling enthusiasts who have been here before. In some places, the house reef is quite close to shore. Guests are also offered a fascinating snorkel-safari with observation of manta rays, turtles and reef sharks.

Location : Faafu Atoll.

Distance from Male : 118 kilometers. Transfer by seaplane 35 minutes and then by speedboat 15 minutes.

Filitheyo Island Resort

Filitheyo Island Resort

Hurawalhi Island Resort

The beautiful island of Hurawalhi Island Resort for adults is surrounded by an excellent reef for snorkeling. Its proximity to the shore makes the home reef of Hurawalhi even more appealing to experienced divers and beginners alike.

The most interesting and memorable will be the night snorkeling on the island’s sheltered reef. In darkness, the waters here, containing plankton, are exposed to the current and bioluminescence occurs. That is, the ocean shimmers with millions of star-like lights. Where there is plankton, there shouldn’t be manta rays far away. This is the main highlight of the reef.

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Where is it : Laviani atoll.

Distance from Male : 130 kilometers. Transfer by seaplane in 40 minutes.

Hurawalhi Island Resort

Hurawalhi Island Resort

Kandolhu Maldives Resort

Kandolhu Maldives Resort is a five star luxury resort located on the ideal island of North Ari Atoll by Maldivian standards. It is ideal because of the lively and very easy to explore home reef. Colorful corals and a rich variety of marine life are guaranteed. The resort also organizes boat trips to more than 30 dive sites and several marine reserves.

Where is it : Northern Ari Atoll.

Distance from Male : 70 kilometers. A seaplane transfer takes 25 minutes.

Kandolhu Maldives Resort

Kandolhu Maldives Resort

Anantara Kihavah Villas

One of the most exclusive hotels in the Maldives, Anantara Kihavah Villas is located in a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Needless to say, the beauty of this place defies description. Home reef of the private island is inhabited by representatives of marine fauna. Also on the resort is an active restoration of bleached corals. Engaged in the revival of corals marine biologists and happily demonstrate the process to holidaymakers.

Next to the resort’s beach, you can see the amazing creation of marine nature – the Golden Wall – corals with a golden hue. This is one of the most beautiful places for diving in the Maldives. A short boat ride from the resort and you can snorkel in Hanifaru Bay and watch manta rays feeding.

Where is it : Baa Atoll.

Distance from Male : 134 kilometers. Seaplane transfer in 30 minutes.

Anantara Kihavah Villas

Anantara Kihavah Villas

Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa

A true tropical paradise called Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa 5*, in addition to unmatched comfort, can provide an unforgettable experience of exploring the home reef. You don’t have to travel all over the Maldives to see the velvet corals and the inhabitants of the Indian Ocean. You can simply spend your vacation on an idyllic island 55 kilometers from the equator. Hadahaa Reef impresses even the most experienced divers with its diversity.

The resort’s watersports center provides snorkeling equipment and introductory instructions to all guests upon arrival. Afterwards, go in search of colorful fish, colorful corals, turtles, rays, and other exciting sea creatures.

Where is it located: Gaafu Alifu atoll.

Distance from Male : 405 kilometers. Transfer by domestic airline to Kuddu Island (1 hour), then about 30 minutes by speedboat.

Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa

Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa

Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru

The boutique hotel Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru is known as a stunning retreat for a luxurious romantic getaway. It’s a very small island surrounded by an excellent house reef with a crystal lagoon. There are more than enough sites for snorkeling, and there’s plenty to see underwater. Vabbinfaru Island’s home reef is teeming with colorful fish. You can also see reef sharks and turtles. Snorkeling equipment is available for free for the entire stay.

Where is it located: North Male Atoll.

Distance from Male : 18 kilometers. Transfer by speedboat in about 30 minutes.

Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru

Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru

Furaveri Island Resort 5*.

A comfortable resort in the midst of incredible tropical nature. The 5-star Furaveri Island Resort is located on a large Maldivian island, which covers an area of 23 hectares. The island itself is already a big part of what you should see here. But you don’t want to leave the seaside walks on the lush home reef for later, either. Snorkeling and diving off Furaveri Island can be very rewarding. If you are lucky, from the first swim you will meet stingrays, reef sharks and huge sea turtles.

Location: Raa Atoll.

Distance from Male: 150 km. Transfer by seaplane in 45 minutes.

Furaveri Island Resort

Furaveri Island Resort

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