Underwater Waterfall of Mauritius. 3D effect of nature. Photo description

Underwater Waterfall in Mauritius – a unique phenomenon

The Underwater Waterfall, Mauritius is a rare geological formation formed off the coast of Le Morne Brabant Peninsula. One of the most amazing natural wonders, it was inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 2008. Today, it is the most famous symbol of the resort, which a huge number of tourists fly in every year to see. Those who do not yet have this opportunity can use the service Google Maps.

View from the air

Features of the site

“The underwater waterfall” of the island of Mauritius is located 40 km from the capital Port Louis (southwest). Despite the name, it has nothing to do with the conventional notion. Meanwhile, it would be simply impossible to talk about it in any other way.

Looking at photos of the “underwater waterfall” in Mauritius, it is hard to believe that it is nothing more than an optical illusion. According to numerous studies of geologists, the main reason for its appearance is a peculiar topography formed by coral reefs, deposits of sand and silt deposits. In addition, strong currents are observed in this area. They constantly move the mass on the ocean floor and create intricate whirlpools, jets and cascades from it.

View of the phenomenon from above

The effect is heightened by the presence of the trough. While near the shore of Le Morne-Brabane the depth does not exceed 30-40 meters, here it rises sharply to 150 meters. This results in a contrasting transition from light shallow water to darker depths and gives the impression that the streams literally fall to the bottom of the Indian Ocean.

The water, shimmering in shades of green, white and blue, is no less delightful. Curiously, their play depends on the time of day. In the wee hours of the morning, the waterfall is tinged with turquoise and green malachite. During the day, when the ocean surface is flooded with the rays of the sun, ultramarine is the main color.

How to see the legendary landmark?

“The underwater waterfall in Mauritius in the Indian Ocean is only viewable from high altitude. There are two ways to see it.

To get to the peninsula, take Highway 89, which runs along the coastline. You can rent a car at the airport terminal. The height of the mountain is 556 m, and the length of the trail at the top is 3.5 km. It will take at least 2 hours to cover this distance at a quiet pace. You will need comfortable shoes and clothes, as well as drinking water for the ascent. There are no stores along the route, but you can see a lot of monuments and ancient buildings.

View from the ground

There are signs at the foot of the mountain, from which a hiking trail begins. It stretches for 3 km and consists of 2 parts. The first one is fairly simple, and then the path becomes more difficult. We do not recommend climbing to the top with children – such a road will be too tedious for them.

The advantage of the way – affordable cost, minus – from the top of Le Morne Brabant you can see only a part of the phenomenon and only at one angle.

To get a good look at this unique phenomenon, it is worth ordering an individual excursion on a hydrocopter. The cost of such a tour ranges from 100 to 1,700 €. Tourists have a choice of 2 types of tours – 15, 25, 45 and 60 minutes.

Funafuti is the capital atoll. Tuvalu

 Airplane on the background of the mountain and underwater waterfall

In some cases you can see only the main attraction of the island, in others you can see the rest of the natural sites (the extinct volcano Tru-aux-Serfs, the Land of the Seven Flowers, the student town of Rose Hill, Tamarin Cascade, Grand Bassin Lake, etc.).

Helicopter tour

Helicopters take off from special sites set up on nearby beaches and near hotels. Les Pavillons, Indian Resort & Spa, Merville Beach, Dinarobin Hotel Golf & Spa, Trou aux Biches, Royal Palm Beachcombe are in close proximity. Their accommodation prices are quite affordable, and each has a tour desk where vacationers can book a sightseeing tour by air.

There are also flights from the airport.

Most companies, engaged in the organization of air excursions, allowed to fly pregnant women (after consultation with the doctor) and small children (2 years or older, or no restrictions with written consent of parents). The role of a guide is performed by a pilot. He will show you all the sights and answer questions.

The maximum passenger capacity of the hydro vertolet is 6 people. When filling out the application form you must provide passport data and specify the exact weight of each participant. There is also a DUO service where 2 people fly side by side in two vessels communicating with each other via radio.

Passengers on flights to this and neighboring resorts (e.g., Réunion) will also be able to see the waterfall in Mauritius. The main thing is to plan the arrival during daylight hours and clear weather.

Interesting Facts

“Underwater Falls” in Mauritius at Le Morne Brabant holds many more mysteries, but most of them have not yet been solved. Finally, here are some interesting facts:

  1. Astronauts claim that the eighth wonder of the world can be seen even from space;
  2. Despite the fact that this formation is several thousand years old, it was discovered only after the appearance of air transport. This is the reason why sailors, who have been sailing near the island for centuries, have never noticed it;
  3. The phenomenon near the Le Morne-Braban Peninsula is the only one of its kind. Scientists have not been able to find other such objects.

“Underwater Waterfall, Mauritius is an amazing place. Even if it’s just a game of nature and our imagination, it certainly won’t leave you indifferent.

Video: view of the “waterfall” and the island of Mauritius from the sea and from the air. A must-see!

Author: Olga Musienko

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Mauritius, Underwater Waterfall – Illusion of Deception

The waters of the Indian Ocean near the island go 10 to 30 meters deep, and in the zone of this natural anomaly, the depth of the water changes to 150 meters.

The result is a contrasting transition from the bright turquoise waters to the oceanic depths of dark blue. The current in this trough is stronger, which allows you to wash away the light sand from the shore and carry it over the edge into the abyss of the ocean.

This gives the impression of a waterfall.

Unfortunately this illusion can only be admired from a bird’s eye view. The view is truly breathtaking!

To see with my own eyes this incredible beauty, the island organizes excursions by helicopter, it lasts more or less – 15 minutes, but the cost of pleasure beats money.

What to see in Mauritius

In addition, in Mauritius, you can admire not only the “underwater waterfall”.

There is not a bad infrastructure, there are wonderful beaches, where many tourists want to get.

Also advise to visit the beautiful parks and museums, well, and of course enjoy the cascades of Tamarind Waterfall and the colored sands of Chamarel.

Did you know about this phenomenal waterfall?

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Mauritius underwater waterfall - the illusion of deception

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