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What about Holidays in the UAE?

My colleague, a translator, lived in the UAE for several years, but she fled without getting used to the local customs. And my husband and I got a vacation in November, and this is the country we were advised by the travel agency. For a long time we.

Fighting for the title of the most.

Service. Livability. Futuristic architecture. Safety. Infrastructure. Sunny.Clean beaches, sea, sand.

In February I very much wanted to go to Beskolgothia. The Arab Emirates was the most accessible for a holiday at this time of year. Temperature averaged +23 +25. The sea is cool +17, but we were swimming with children. Jumping from minus temperatures to.

Futuristic. Combining natural beauty with scientific and technological progress!))

Greetings to all readers of Otzovik! Today we are going to the United Arab Emirates! If you have not been to this amazing and colorful country, I strongly recommend you to visit it. The United Arab Emirates is a fairytale country. Here, among the endless sandy.

Give yourself the gift of summer!

A variety of nature, sunshine almost 360 days a year, landscaped beaches, a large number of restaurants.

Yes. To write about a holiday in any country – an occupation difficult enough, because even in one country holidays can be completely different: it depends on the resort, the season when you plan to stay there, from the hobbies.

Not every rider is a rider, but not every rider is a knight.

I got to the United Arab Emirates, not so much by accident, but not by plan. The story began back in November, my friend works in a consulting company, not to say that the very large, but pretty solid (asked not.

I would love to be here more than once!

Hi All! A few years ago we were lucky enough to go to the United Arab Emirates, I even left a review of the hotel Al Bustan Centre & Residence 4* (UAE, Dubai) where we stayed. For me personally, where would I.

The country of Aruba

Inexpensive beach vacation in the winter during the “closure” of Egypt. It is also possible to expensive chic vacation. Who wants what.

Hot all year round, you can inexpensive vacation, safe country, there are many interesting things for tourists. Persian Gulf with clear blue water.

Few greenery, strict laws in terms of clothing and alcohol, do not grow their own fruits and vegetables, and imported – not tasty. Native Arabs are a “rare species”, 70% of the people are guest workers.

We went to the Emirates for two on a last minute ticket from Coral Travel in November 2017. Hotel 4* in Ras Al Khaimah, breakfast, 7 days, 6 nights for 37000 rubles. We chose this country for three reasons.

It’s a country that bewitches and fascinates, impresses and delights. But the main thing is that you want to go back there!

It has everything: interesting attractions, warm and clear sea, wonderful beaches. It is safe here.

I welcome all friends and readers Otzovik on my page! How does it feel good to go back, at least mentally, a little bit, look through old photos and remember your travels, which were interesting, and therefore remembered for many years. Today.

Interesting country and culture!

I was in the UAE for the first time, saw and learned a lot, got acquainted with the unusual culture of the people. 1. I recommend visiting the largest mosque in the UAE Sheikh Zayed, it is also one of the largest mosques in the world, which can.

The magical East attracts again and again!

United Arab Emirates – the Arabian Tale of Modernity, in which the Arabian luxury is closely intertwined with the modernity of architecture, combined with the magic of the sun and sea … Composed of seven mini-emirates – small “states within a state” with absolute monarchy, the state.

The jewel of the Arab world.

The month of November is inexorably approaching. In Siberia it is snow, slush and other weather disasters, but in the United Arab Emirates, in my opinion, the weather is perfect for a comfortable stay. We vacationed in this country is not.

Vanuatu - Republic of Vanuatu Pacific State in Melanesia

My first vacation in the UAE was a success! So what attracts this desert?

Have you ever been to the United Arab Emirates? This year an unknown force took me there. This force dissuaded me from going to Egypt, I meekly agreed, laid out a monthly salary for 7 days of vacation, packed a bag.

Calm, beautiful.

Went on vacation to the UAE, Dubai in February, as they have at this time is hot, but not baking. On the plane, we threw off our winter clothes. Arrived, took us to the hotels, when booking we chose 4.

A little advice and useful information about rest in the Arab Emirates.

This review will contain information for newcomers, travelers who have never been to the UAE, and want to learn more specific useful information. By Resort: From Dubai to Ras Al Khaimah it takes about 1.5-2 hours.

Two Emirates in one day. All at once.Abu Dhabi and Dubai .

The story of one day in two Emirates. Who has not dreamed of seeing everything at once? Departure from Ras Al Khaimah. Two Emirates in one day? Isn’t it a fairy tale? We left at 11 am from Al Hamra. The weather.

That’s something, I enjoyed it.

Let’s start with what you need for a trip to the UAE, I want to point out at once that my trip included a visit to the glorious cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. So, we need to:1) book a hotel; 2) buy a flight (round trip); 3).

Large-scale projects, unrealistic constructions and technologies of the future.

Is it worth to go to the Emirates and spend your vacation in the country, which not so long ago appeared on the map, interested the whole world, and thanks to the black gold is among the richest states? Of course you should go. Especially if.

Outside the tour is all expensive, the most beautiful sea I have seen

I am writing this review because a lot has changed in the face of the pandemic. And I searched for information myself before I flew and had long doubts. We flew with a child of 5 years with anex, we chose only the first beach line and.

All the interesting, beautiful, and largest cities in the world

Delighted in the Land of Incredible Possibilities!

Beautiful everything! Unforgettable impression of the Aquopark! Incredible number of excursions to the most beautiful places in the world! The garden of flowers is Magic! The feeling that in this country they live on the principle of the impossible –

The opportunity to immerse yourself in an oriental fairy tale for little money.

This was my first trip abroad. After studying the sites of tour operators, I settled on the United Arab Emirates. Rest was not planned long (in my vacation let me go on a maximum of 3 days, unfortunately.), Therefore, considered a trip to the UAE.

Tours in the UAE




  • Time: Asia/Dubai.
  • Official language: Arabic.
  • Local currency: UAE dirham (AED).
  • Visa for Russians: required (national).

A fairy tale of a thousand and one nights with a modern twist – that’s what a vacation in the United Arab Emirates. If you dream of a real exotic oriental, but are not ready to give up the modern comfort, feel free to choose a tour to the UAE. This country is quite strongly asserted itself and proved to the world that any fairy tale can become a reality. Scorching desert has not prevented the country to become a thriving resort. Moreover, it even has its own ski complex “Ski Dubai” with slopes for children, beginners and advanced skiers.

Despite the general mood of luxury and affluence, a trip to this country can be quite affordable. Along with seven-star hotels, famous throughout the world, for the guests provided and more budget, but no less comfortable accommodation.

beach with sun beds

Beach vacation

Go to this country is worthwhile not only for the oriental fairy tale, but also for a completely civilized beach holiday. Luxurious beaches with pure white sand is quite an accessible reality. It is best to splash in the azure waters from September to May, when the air temperature is up to + 20, + 30 ° C. In summer the air heats up to + 45 ° C with high humidity, and the water temperature reaches + 35 ° C.


Among the most popular resorts are:

    ; ; ;
  • Ajman; ; .

At sunny beaches splash the waters of the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. Near the coast, the sea is not always calm, there are undercurrents and sinkholes, but they are always marked with special signs. All beaches have excellent infrastructure. From hotels to the beach usually runs a free shuttle bus. When choosing a resort, you should note that not every public beach you can not appear in a bathing suit

night city


Monuments and monuments on the territory of the country are not so much, but a huge number of masterpieces of urban culture. This is primarily the tallest building in the world Burj Khalifa, a magnificent musical fountain, a monumental aquarium and zoo in Dubai. From the historical monuments it is worth seeing the Jumeirah Mosque in Dubai, Al Juan Palace in Abu Dhabi. Resort Sharjah boasts many museums, which all at once just can’t be bypassed.

Huge shopping malls are also a local attraction. Many people buy a tour to the UAE not least because of the shopping. On the one hand you can walk through the colorful oriental markets, which fully reflect the Arabian flavor, or prefer a modern shopping center. At Dubai Airport there is the world’s largest duty-free store, where you can buy branded goods almost twice cheaper than in Moscow.



Numerous restaurants and cafes offer a taste of every cuisine in the world. The restaurants in the largest hotels are Michelin-starred and have everything you need for a meal in the atmosphere of luxury. If you are looking for authenticity you can eat in the many restaurants and cafes along the street.

Arabian cuisine offers a great variety of meat dishes which are cooked over an open fire. Most often these are dishes of lamb and chicken served with tortillas and sauce. Pork is not cooked here because of religious beliefs.

Macedonia - the Republic of Macedonia, the capital Skopje

Tourists should certainly try the shashlik, mutton cutlets with fragrant herbs, lamb kebab or shish kebab, steamed chicken with honey. Before the main meal is served up to fifty appetizers, which should prepare the guest for the main course. By the way, not every institution offers alcohol, and during Ramadan restaurants and cafes are open only at night.

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