Use a freight forwarder to get the cheapest possible air, road and sea freight quotes

When you’re looking for a freight quote at a low price, you should ask yourself some questions before you say yes to anything. First of all, have you actually tried asking for a discount? Secondly, do you know when the cheapest times to deliver cargo are and do you know if a delivery is about to go out with unused cargo space? Thirdly, how many companies do you know of and do you know which ones provide the best service?

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If you can’t answer yes to all of these questions, then it would be worth your while to look for a freight forwarder to find a quote for you. Freight forwarders have connections with lots of different companies and can get discounts and advantages for you that you wouldn’t be able to get on your own. Their first step in getting you a significant discount will be to simply ask for it. Most companies would rather have the extra custom and the chance of beating their competition than the extra money, and a freight forwarder has the power to persuade them. Just tell the freight forwarder what sort of price you are looking for and they will get you the lowest they can.

Whether you’re looking for an air, road or sea freight quote, no company wants to leave cargo space unsold. A freight forwarder will be able to get you discounts on last minute bookings, especially if your load is small, because the companies would rather make a small amount of money from the leftover space than none at all. You can make sure your cargo isn’t going to take up too much space by ensuring any irregular shapes are packed into boxes so that everything fits together nicely without leaving space in between, and all goods are packed tightly with no loose parts.

Freight forwarders have a good knowledge of all the companies they work with so they’ll know when the best times to deliver goods are and what days it is cheapest on. They’ll also know which companies offer the best service to suit your needs. Freight forwarders are a much better choice than price comparison websites because they can negotiate lower prices than what you would originally have been charged whilst matching you up with the best service for you. A price comparison site will only provide you with the lowest official prices, so the service you receive might not be as good as it could be and you won’t necessarily get any discounts out of it.

Use a freight forwarder next time you need a freight quote, whether it’s an air freight, sea freight, or road freight quote, and you’ll find that the cost will be much lower than it would have been beforehand because you’ll have opened yourself up to all sorts of advantages that you would not have been able to get otherwise. There’s no reason why you should pay more than you need to, and a freight forwarder will all the tricks and tips that they know to ensure you do not.

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