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Traveling in Uzbekistan – reviews

Review of Travelling in Uzbekistan

I hope it will be useful for those who come to Uzbekistan for the first time. Choosing a hotel, pay attention, whether it is included.

Interesting country, once a former Soviet republic.

So my life has turned out that I have traveled to other countries, but these countries were mostly former Soviet republics. In Ukraine, by the way, was not, but if invited, without thinking I will agree. This is a hint, if anything. On my own.

Self-trip to Uzbekistan for $300 B

Guide to Uzbekistan. Self-guided trip to Uzbekistan for $300 In late October I visited Tashkent when I was just a little girl. For a very long time I dreamed of going back to the eastern fairy tale, to the homeland of the great men, Tamerlane and.

One of the most fascinating trips

Uzbekistan has been enticing me for many years, but I still did not dare to go there! From time to time I looked at photographs and read articles about Uzbekistan, but could not find a traveling companion, and was afraid to go alone. Before the wedding, I proposed to my future husband.

Uzbekistan is the most hospitable and affable (even more so than the Caucasus).

Hospitable and friendly Uzbeks, pilaf, culture, traditions, Silk Road cities, mosaics, nature, mountains, food

Good day to you all! Exactly one year ago I made a trip to the wonderful Uzbekistan! For most of our compatriots Uzbekistan is associated with pilaf, inexpensive labor (handymen in many localities of our country) and the former Soviet Union.

The warmest country in every respect!

eafternoon! In this review I will tell you in general about what you need to know when traveling to Uzbekistan, as well as about its capital – the city of Tashkent. Upon arrival at Tashkent airport, you need to fill in.

It will be different for everyone – Uzbekistan, but it won’t leave you indifferent.

Architectural and cultural heritage is the richest in Central Asia, delicious and inexpensive food and shopping, you do not need a visa.

My greetings to all. So, my tour in Uzbekistan is over and it is possible to make some conclusions. Planning a trip here, it was important for me to visit the cities of Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva. It just so happened that Tashkent was not captured.

“In the East, in the East, in a warm, fabulous country, unusual and distant I wanted to visit.”

I have finished the series of reviews of my trip to the Republic of Uzbekistan, but there is a feeling of incompleteness and incompleteness. The main purpose of my review in this thread is to tell you about the things that have not been touched in previous reviews.

Greenland is the island of Greenland in northeastern North America

Informative, beautiful and very welcoming!

Samarkand-Bukhara-Khiva. November 2-9, 2017 “Why Uzbekistan?” – Asked us in amazement. And we ourselves do not remember why. It so happened that recently, my friend Olya and I have been hearing from various sources.

In Uzbekistan YOU are surrounded by HISTORY, HEAVENESS and SOUTH.

To organize a trip on the route Tashkent-Khiva-Bukhara-Samarkand-Tashkent we applied to the local travel agency “Turan Travel Service” and we were not mistaken: from the moment we left the airport to boarding back we were surrounded by cordial attention and care. For each city were allocated.

eastern fairy tale

Today I want to start a series of reviews about Uzbekistan. It is an amazing country, with an amazing history. It so happened that for several years for work I had to be in this country. During that time we visited different places.

Practical Uzbekistan through the eyes of a “wild” tourist.

Beauty of architecture, unaccustomed to Europeans, generally friendly people, the highest degree of safety.

As everywhere else – cab drivers, always eager to get rich off tourists, and money-changers, counting on the ignorance of newcomers.

I had planned to visit Uzbekistan for a long time, as I really wanted to admire the architecture, but somehow I could not make it. And then last fall I planned a trip. In April 2016 the trip took place. About the beauties can write a lot, though.

I want to go again.

The country shocked me with its color, food, culture. We didn’t book a hotel, we stayed at my grandmother’s house in Bukhara. The neighbors, having heard about the guests, brought in baskets of grapes, pomegranates, and quinces. The markets also had an abundance of fruits and vegetables. Every day.

Very interesting and beautiful.

I went to Uzbekistan once, of course every country has its own beauty, a lot of beautiful and historical cities, museums, and mountains with their fresh air, words can’t express how tasty the pilaf is.

Contrary to all the myths, it is clean, cheap, stunning ancient cities.

Cheap, clean, you do not need a visa or knowledge of languages, there are so many sights that you can not see them all in a lifetime.

I will write the most useful points: 1. You don’t need a visa for a traveler (if you are going for a couple of weeks). You only need a passport. 2. How to get there? I avoid planes, if possible. I got by train from Samara. You have to buy tickets in advance, you have to have them.

Hungary country

Great country with wonderful people.

Rest time: March 2018 Good day to all. I am writing for the first time, so please do not be too harsh. So. My wife and I have been meaning to visit this country for a long time. First of all, my wife is originally from this country.

My homeland.

Good day all. I want to tell you about my homeland Uzbekistan. It is a very beautiful country, with a temperate climate, to put it simply with all the seasons. Every season is like a fairy tale. Uzbekistan is a place to go for a vacation with the family.

Wonderful .

Khiva, Bukhara, Samarkand. 21.10-28.10.2019 Arrived in Urgench at 16.55. Cab drivers to Khiva charged 25 bucks, walked away from the crowd left for 10. Was guided by 3 bucks, as bloggers advised, but in fact different. By the way the transfer.

Excellent. Only good words.

Sergey and Natalia S. My wife and I are over 60. I wanted to visit Western Uzbekistan for a long time. And now it has come true. The kids gave me plane tickets (March 21, 2019 arrival – March 31 departure). And the rest is for.

It’s worth it – Tashkent!

I would like to write about the capital of Uzbekistan – Tashkent. I couldn’t visit other cities, but I’ve been to Tashkent more than once. Uzbekistan is famous for its ancient history, lots of places of interest and extraordinary culture. However, I would like to say that I have never been to Tashkent.

How much does it cost to travel to Uzbekistan for a week?

Natalia 1 501 0 Uzbekistan History, Routes, Weather Article posted: Last Updated:


It’s March outside. Moscow is greeted by wind and drizzling rain. I want to sleep and it seems like this day will never end. The only thing I can think about is getting my luggage as soon as possible and trying to catch the last aero express. My flight was postponed three times, it was almost midnight. There are just a few sleepy employees and over a hundred Uzbek workers in “Domodedovo” who came with you on the same plane.

Customs control. The inspector sluggishly takes my passport and asks: “Where are you coming from?” I answer: “From Uzbekistan. “Purpose of visit?” “Tourism.”

After which her face visibly perked up, she looked at me in surprise and asked in bewilderment: “Tourism? In Uzbekistan? Come on!”

Zimbabwe country

And a lot of people said: “What brings you to this neck of the woods? Can’t you choose a more worthy country for a vacation?”

And as in the case of Dagestan I wanted to check on myself: is the “devil” so terrible as it paints? Is it possible to organize an unforgettable vacation in Uzbekistan? And how much will this very exotic for the Russian tourist trip will cost?

Today I would like to begin a series of posts about an unforgettable week in Uzbekistan, to dispel many myths and prejudices about the country and share my own impressions of the trip. Ready? Then let’s go!

Why travel to Uzbekistan?

The idea to visit Uzbekistan was born spontaneously, when I happened to see an article saying that there are 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in this small piece of land, sandwiched between mountains, vast deserts and several much bigger mountains. The great cities of the Silk Road – Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, the unique landscapes, as if descended from the pages of fairy tales about Aladdin, made our choice even stronger. Frankly speaking, we have never regretted our choice.

Uzbekistan’s largest cities are recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Uzbekistan is not only the greatness of history, the birthplace of many sciences and the great empire of Tamerlane, it is also wonderful hospitable people, a nature full of life and death, the bright sun, the tastiest pilaf and endless liters of tea.

Many people underestimate this country. They naively believe in the old horror stories about horrible service, ubiquitous mud and nine circles of hell at the customs.

I would like to say that in recent times, all these stories are nothing more than a myth. The country is growing, developing, getting better. Historical monuments are being restored, entry procedures are being simplified. No customs declarations or visas. No one will ask you for 500 registration forms and the same number of receipts to confirm your travels.

Just take your passport, plane ticket and forget about problems.

Everyone here understands Russian, smiles at you, tries to offer you something to eat, reminiscing about stories about their connection to Russia.

Uzbekistan – the birthplace of the great Tamerlane.

Finally, another big plus in favor of a vacation in Uzbekistan – the minimum budget trip.

A side note! The approximate price is based on 1 person in a group of three adults for March 2019. If you take an organized tour, you can noticeably overpay, so the holiday in Uzbekistan is better organized independently.

For some 35-40 thousand rubles here you can live a week “like a king”: travel between cities by cab and high-speed trains, eat at the most expensive restaurants and experience maximum impressions and emotions. And about half of that money is spent on the flight to this paradise of eternal sun and delicious fruits.

The world's 100 most famous ruins of temples and churches

When is the best time to travel to Uzbekistan?

Almost all travel guides say that the best time to travel to Uzbekistan is in mid-spring and the first half of fall. In spring everything is in bloom, and in autumn the sweet fruits ripen. However, you should realize that April, May, September and October are considered the peak tourist season. Flight and accommodation prices go up many times, and the sights are crowded with tourists.

In the springtime Uzbekistan is full of lush colors. It is warm and everything is in bloom, full of life.

It is much more pleasant to organize your trip in the last week of March, as we did. During this time the air is already warming up to 20-24 degrees, peaches, apricots and apples are in full bloom, there is still snow in the mountains, and the desert doesn’t look like a desert at all. There are not yet crowds of tourists, and the plane ticket price has not had time to fly up to the space heights, as in the high season.

At the end of March, Nowruz is celebrated in the country.

In late March, Uzbekistan, like most other Asian Muslim countries, celebrates broadly Navruz, the day of the arrival of spring. This day is celebrated on a very large scale, with national songs and dances. And only in Nowruz you can try a traditional holiday dish sumalak. It is as well known and widespread as the pancakes on the Russian Shrovetide.

Uzbekistan Excursions

Is it difficult to organize a holiday in Uzbekistan by yourself?

Of course, like any self-organized travel, a trip to Uzbekistan may cause some difficulties. You need to think through all the details, study tons of information, make approximate routes, buy tickets, choose accommodations.

Uzbekistan is so beautiful, that it is definitely worth visiting.

It seems much easier to book a ready-made tour and think about nothing, especially considering that tourism in Uzbekistan is gaining momentum and offers in the market for ready-made tours are increasing. This is a smart decision if you are planning to travel alone, afraid of getting lost or simply do not have enough time to prepare.

Greece country

In addition, guided tours are often very rich and allow you to see more than you can manage on your own. If you are an avid tour guide, there are plenty of places online to choose from.

The country has no language barrier. It is easy to visit Uzbekistan on your own.

If you are still adventurous and want to blend in with the crowd of local people and learn the culture and life of this mysterious country from the inside, then follow our example and organize a trip to Uzbekistan by yourself.

It’s really not that hard. The transport network between the cities is so organized, that it may well give a head start to some European countries. The Internet has a lot of information about the cities and attractions of Uzbekistan. And the total absence of the language barrier will make this trip as comfortable as possible. Do not be afraid! Even in case of force majeure you will definitely find someone who will help you.

And to make your vacation in Uzbekistan as comfortable as possible, we advise you to study all our articles on the blog. You can take them as a basis for your own trip to Uzbekistan.

Week in Uzbekistan. Approximate route

We spent 8 days in Uzbekistan, from March 23 to 30. The itinerary was as follows:

  • Day 1. Evening arrival in Tashkent from Moscow and night walk in the city.
  • Day 2. Independent studying of Tashkent sights.
  • Day 3. Transfer from Tashkent to the Western Tien-Shan mountains. In the evening we return to Tashkent and take a night train to Bukhara.
  • Day 4. Walking all day in Bukhara.
  • Day 5. One day from Bukhara to Samarkand.
  • Day 6. Day 6: Driving around Bukhara, moving to Khiva in the afternoon.
  • Day 7 is fully devoted to sightseeing in Khiva.
  • Day 8 – explore ancient Khorezm fortresses in the outskirts of Khiva, and take an evening flight from Urgench to Moscow.

In total we have 2 nights in Tashkent, 2 in Bukhara and 2 in Khiva. I also had to spend 1 night in a train compartment.

Read the next post about why we did not take the more logical route Tashkent – Samarkand – Bukhara – Khiva, and the peculiarities of travelling inside Uzbekistan. Don’t forget to be added to our groups to keep track of updates. See you soon!

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