Visa to Sri Lanka, how to fill out the documents online

Visa to Sri Lanka online: step by step instructions and sample filling

Every tourist who is going to Sri Lanka must obtain a visa online (through the Internet) beforehand. With the help of this step by step instructions and sample form, you can easily and quickly get a visa to Sri Lanka online, even without knowledge of English.

Visa to Sri Lanka online: step by step instructions and sample filling | Travel with

What is a Sri Lanka visa

Sri Lanka tourist visa for Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians and citizens of Kazakhstan, however, as well as for almost all countries in the world must be processed in advance through the Internet (online).

Sri Lanka is open for tourists, but there are a number of requirements and required documents for all tourists. Read more in the article Sri Lanka Entry Regulations.

The Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) is an electronic travel authorization (simply put, a visa) issued at the official website of the Sri Lankan Immigration and Immigration Service –

This site has one important disadvantage – almost no Russian language. There is Russian on the first pages, but the translation is so messy that it is better not to read it at all. The ETA visa application and payment process is in English.

To help you fill it out correctly, this detailed step-by-step instruction is written.

The ETA is an electronic document and in theory it does not need to be printed, but experience has shown that almost all airlines ask for an ETA when checking in for a flight to Sri Lanka. So be sure to print out the ETA confirmation letter .

Before you start filling out your ETA application, I advise you to read the Sri Lanka Online Visa Regulations.

These Sri Lanka visa instructions include the following steps:

1 | Select a language on the main page of the ETA website

You will be prompted to choose a language on the main page of the official ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) website Your choice will not affect your visa application. It will be in English anyway – you will fill in all the fields in English only.

Homepage of ETA website | Sri Lanka visa online: step by step instructions and filling sample | Travel with AsiaPositive

The main page of the ETA website.

2 | Learn information about Sri Lanka visa guidelines (ETA)

On this page you can find information on types of visas, their cost and ways to get visa to Sri Lanka. The translation into Russian is not the same as in English, and in some points contradicts the original – you can see the obvious costs of unprofessional translation.

To apply for Sri Lanka visa electronically, please click “Apply” tab.

Visa rules | Sri Lanka visa online: step by step instructions and filling sample | Travel with AsiaPositive

Sri Lanka visa rules.

3 | Agree to the Sri Lanka eVisa (ETA) rules

This and all following pages on ETA website are in English. You can read the rules in Russian in the article – Sri Lanka Visa Regulations.

In order to proceed with Sri Lanka visa processing, you need to select “I Agree” at the bottom of the page.

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Consent to the rules | Sri Lanka visa online: step by step instructions and filling sample | Travel with

Select “I Agree” to continue with the Sri Lanka eVisa process.

4 | Selecting the Visa Type and Application Type

You can apply online for:

  • for a double-entry tourist visa for 30 days ,
  • For a double-entry business visa for 30 days,
  • for a free transit visa for 2 days (stay in the country for up to 96 hours).

You can apply for a visa for each traveler individually or for a group:

  • “Apply for an Individual” – fill out a form for each traveler and pay for each application separately.
  • If you are traveling to Sri Lanka as a family or a company (2 or more people) it is more convenient to apply for a group application “Apply for a Group” – as you can fill in some information for all and pay for all in one payment.

Remember that children with their own passports need to have the same ETA application as an adult.

Choosing the type of visa and application | Sri Lanka visa online: step by step instructions and sample filling | Travel with AsiaPositive

Choose the type of visa and the type of visa application.

5 | Instructions and sample of each Sri Lanka visa form:

There are four blocks of information you need to fill out on your visa application:

  • travel information – travel information (to be filled out once for a group);
  • contact details – contact information (one time for the group);
  • applicant information – information about the traveler;
  • declaration – answer yes or no questions about visa status of the traveler.

Fields marked with an asterisk are required. Next, we will detail how to properly fill out each form for one traveler – if you click “Apply for an Individual”. If you select “Apply for a Group , you’ll see the same blocks of information, but in a different order.

Have you decided how you will get from the airport to your hotel? Here is an article which you may find useful – How and where to book your Colombo airport transfer (cab).

5.1 | Applicant information – Traveller information

All information should match the traveler’s passport.

  1. Surname/Family name;
  2. Other/Given names – first name;
  3. Title – choose from list:
    • MR – male,
    • MRS – married woman or widow,
    • MISS – unmarried woman,
    • MS – a woman who does not want to use MISS or MRS,
    • DR – doctor who wants to mark her status.
  4. Date of Birth – date of birth is selected on the calendar that opens (start with year, then month, last select day);
  5. Gender – gender (select male or female from the list);
  6. Nationality – nationality (select from the list);
  7. Are you fully vaccinated for Covid-19? – Are you fully vaccinated for Covid-19?
    • Yes can be for travelers who have a certificate of complete vaccination against Covid-19 and it has been 14 days since the date of the last injection.
    • NO – Not vaccinated or not fully vaccinated.
  8. Country of Birth – Place of birth (country);
  9. Country of Address – Country of residence;
  10. Occupation – occupation (not required);
  11. Passport number – number of passport (without sign № for Russians, for example 519999999999);
  12. Passport Issued Date – date of issue of the passport (select from the calendar);
  13. Passport Expiry Date – date of expiry of the passport (select from the calendar).
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5.2. | Child information in parent’s passport – information about the child in the parent’s passport

If the child has his own passport, his contact information is entered in the form described above (the same as for an adult).

If the child is listed in the parents’ passport, he or she must be added to the application for an adult. To do this, check the box Enable in the line Child information in parent’s passport (indicated by the arrow in the picture below). Then enter the child’s information:

  1. Surname/Family name;
  2. Other/Given names – first name;
  3. Date of Birth – select the date of birth in the calendar that opens (start with the year, then the month, choose the day as the last one);
  4. Gender – gender (select male or female from the list);
  5. Relationship – relationship. Select child.

If you want to add another child, click the “Add child” button.

Add a child who is listed in a parent's passport | Travel Online visa to Sri Lanka: step-by-step instructions and sample application

Adding a child that is listed in the parent’s passport.

5.3. | Travel information – travel information

  1. Where you have been during last 14 days before this travel – what country you were in last 14 days.
    • As an answer you can choose only one country, although you and I understand that a tourist can visit several countries in the last 2 weeks. What should I choose? In the hint it says “choose the country of departure.
  2. Visa required days – for how many days a visa is requested (only one option is available – 30),
  3. Intended Arrival Date – estimated date of arrival to Sri Lanka (select with the help of the calendar that opens).
  4. Purpose of visit – the purpose of visit (select from the list). If you are going on vacation, select, as in the example below, Sightseeing or Holidaying.
  5. Port of departure – port of departure (not required). If you have a connecting flight you should enter the city of departure. For example, if you fly Moscow – Dubai – Colombo, the port of departure is Moscow.
  6. Airline/Vessel – airline or ship name (you may leave it blank).
  7. Flight/Vessel Number – flight or ship number (optional).

5.4. | Contact details – contact details

  1. Adress line 1 – address (number of house, street name, number of apartment) where you live;
  2. City – city you live in;
  3. State – state or province;
  4. Zip/Postal Code – zip code (not required);
  5. Country – country (chosen from the list);
  6. Address in Sri Lanka – address in Sri Lanka (hotel name and address, indicated on hotel booking confirmation);
  7. Email Address – enter your email address, where you want to get visa to Sri Lanka;
  8. TelePhone Number – contact phone number in international format with country and city code;
  9. Mobile Number – cell phone number (not required);
  10. Fax Number – fax number (optional).
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5.5. | Declaration – traveler’s visa status

Answer Yes or No to the three questions about tourist visa status (if you have never received a visa for Sri Lanka, all answers are No):

  1. Do you have a valid residence visa to Sri Lanka?
  2. Are you currently in Sri Lanka with a valid ETA or obteined an extension of visa – Are you currently in Sri Lanka with a valid ETA permit or with an extension of visa?
  3. Do you have a multiple entry visa to Sri Lanka? – Do you have a multiple entry visa to Sri Lanka?
  4. Check the box I would like to confirm the above information is correct.
  5. Carefully check all fields, make sure everything is correct, and click Next.

6 Check your information

It is time to remember about travel insurance and make it in a couple of minutes online at Cherehapa (for Russians) or Hotline (for Ukrainians).

After clicking Next you will be able to review the data once again and if you want to go back and make corrections or proceed to payment.

7 | Payment for electronic visa to Sri Lanka

If you have difficulty paying for your visa online, you have the option of applying for your visa upon arrival in Sri Lanka, but at the moment this option is only available for vaccinated tourists.

Choose which card you will pay for your visa: Visa or Master, or American Express, simply by clicking on the picture with the desired logo. In a few seconds the payment window will open.

  1. Card Number – card number;
  2. Expiry date – card expiry date (for example: 03 2022)
  3. CVV2/CVC2 Number – the last three digits of the card reverse side (where the cardholder’s signature is);
  4. Name on Card – the name of the cardholder (as written on the card);
  5. E-mail – it is not obligatory;
  6. Mobile Number – it is not obligatory to fill in a cell phone number;
  7. Word verification – in the field below, enter the numbers and letters from the “Word verification” line
  8. Check the data you entered and press the “Pay” button.

Note that when you pay for the ETA visa, there is an additional fee of about $1.5 for each tourist.

Payment of e-visa to Sri Lanka | Sri Lanka visa online: step-by-step instructions and sample completion | Travel

Payment of the eVisa to Sri Lanka.

8 | Confirm successful submission of Sri Lanka eVisa application

If payment was successful, you will receive a message that the eVisa application has been sent. The same text will be received in an email to the email address specified in the application.

The picture below is the monitor screen with the confirmation of successful sending of Sri Lanka eVisa application for 2 adult tourists and 1 child ($70 = $35 x 2).

Confirmation of receipt of Sri Lanka e-visa application | Sri Lanka visa online: step-by-step instructions and sample completion | Travel

Confirmation of successful submission of Sri Lanka eVisa application

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9 | Obtain Sri Lanka e-visa by email

Within 24 hours after payment you will receive e-mail with visa or reason for refusal. An unusual nuance – the visa comes in the body of the letter, not as an attached file. It is necessary to print the text of the letter.

You can see a sample letter and visa in the article Rules for electronic visa to Sri Lanka.

If you have not received an e-mail with a visa, then, first of all, you need to check the spam folder. If there is nothing there either, you can check the status of your application on the ETA website: and print the browser window as confirmation of your visa to Sri Lanka .

If you want to get from the airport to the hotel quickly, book a transfer. Read more in the article How much to drive from Colombo airport to the hotel.

Visa to Sri Lanka

A visa to Sri Lanka for Russians in 2022 is almost not required. But not to say that it is not needed at all. You can apply for it online in advance. In some cases it makes sense to obtain a visa to Sri Lanka at the consulate in Moscow. In other words, you need a visa to Sri Lanka for the Russians, but to get it – easy.

Since January 2012 foreign citizens must obtain electronic visa for Sri Lanka, which is called ETA – Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA – Electronic Travel Authorization). It is obtained online at the official website ETA is issued in three cases: tourism, business visits, and transit.

From August 1, 2019 to April 30, 2020 the visa fee for tourists from Russia, EU countries, China and India was temporarily canceled. However, the authorities did not extend the experiment and the visa to Sri Lanka for Russians became fee-based again.

Visa to Sri Lanka

Ways to get an ETA:

  • The easiest, fastest and inexpensive – on your own through the listed website ($35).
  • Through airlines, travel agencies, tour operators ($40).
  • Upon arrival at Colombo Airport at the Immigration Department desk on a first-come, first-served basis ($40).
  • In person or by proxy (applicant’s signature is required on documents) at the Consular Section of the Sri Lankan Embassy in Moscow ($31-64).
  • At the main office of the Department of Immigration and Emigration, Colombo, with the help of a third party.

A tourist visa prohibits you from engaging in commercial activities or working in the country.

The procedure for obtaining a visa to Sri Lanka for Russians in 2022:

Visa to Sri Lanka

Attention: the system may not accept Visa Electron and Maestro cards for payment. If due to errors in payment the money is returned to the card (after 3-5 days), you will have to get an ETA again. In addition, restrictions on card transactions can be set by the issuing bank, whose rules include Sri Lanka as a risky country. You should check whether such a restriction is set, and remove it with the help of the call center operator.

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Electronic tourist visa gives the right to stay in the country for up to 30 days.

What is required to show at entry:

Visa to Sri Lanka

Transit through Sri Lanka.

Transit travelers do not pay a visa fee. Travelers who will stay in the country for less than 48 hours are considered transients. The migration officer in this case should show the plane tickets to the next destination.

Sri Lanka Visa on Arrival

The country’s immigration regulations do not prohibit issuing a visa at the Colombo airport. It can be obtained at the Immigration Department counter (Visa on arrival) near the passport control area. The cost is $40 (children under 12 years are free). You will need a filled in English migration card, a receipt of payment and return tickets (hotel reservations and cash are not out of place). The process is on a first-come, first-served basis, so it’s better to get the ETA online so you don’t waste time.

Visa Registration at the Sri Lankan Embassy in Moscow

Visa to Sri Lanka

You may need to apply directly to the embassy in three cases. First, if the trip is expected to last more than 30 days. Secondly, if it is a business trip, work visit. Thirdly, if the term of the passport is expired (but not less than 3 months from the date of departure). This will require:

  • visa application form;
  • passport;
  • two color photos 30×40 mm;
  • Invitation (fax is acceptable) and a letter (original) from the receiving party (travel agency, company) stating the purpose of the trip, dates, personal data of the applicant, place of residence;
  • Return flight tickets;
  • confirmation of place of residence;
  • Certificate of financial solvency from the bank;
  • Consular fee $31-64.

Registration and issuance on the day of application.

Visa extension

You can extend your e-visa even while you are in Sri Lanka. To do this, you need to contact the Department of Immigration and Emigration. Going to apply, keep in mind that the tourist visa can be extended a maximum of two times (2 and 3 months), and the total period of stay may not exceed 6 months. The following documents will be required:

Visa to Sri Lanka

After all the formalities, the applicant is assigned a day when you can pick up your passport (courier delivery is possible).

The cost of a visa to Sri Lanka for Russians is thus from 30 to 60 dollars, depending on the method of obtaining.

On the official website of the Sri Lankan Embassy in Russia you can find lists of documents for different types of visas.

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