Volochanka village on the map of Taimyr: in detail

Volochanka village in the Taimyr region

Volochanka village is beyond the Arctic Circle, and there are no tourist routes, but the harsh northern nature can attract fans of extreme holidays.

You can’t buy a trip to Volochanka because there is no place and it’s not a resort. There are several tour operators, who offer you to get acquainted tours around Taimyr, but Volochanka village is not included in their itinerary. It is quite understandable. The cost of the tour is up to 200 thousand rubles and to add another 17 thousand rubles to get to Volochanka is to frighten a potential tourist.

Nevertheless, people do go to Volochanka. Not for beauty and relaxation, because there is none. They go there to get to the parallel universe, to the world, which is strikingly different from the usual one.

How to get to Volochanka

It is not difficult to get to Volochanka, but the way is long, expensive and changeable. One must fly to Norilsk, then take a bus 100 kilometers to Dudinka along undulating road which takes up to two hours. From Dudinka to Volochanka is 200 kilometers, which can be overcome only by helicopter. The ticket costs up to 18 thousand rubles. Flights to Volochanka from Dudinka are made once a week by helicopter MI-8.

There is also an winter road from Norilsk, but you either have to drive a cross-country vehicle yourself or look for a hitchhiker. There are no roads on Taimyr. Neither railway, nor automobile roads. There are only small sections, providing communication between Norilsk and Dudinka. In Soviet times, they tried to build roads, but the miles of sleepers, rails and asphalt were lost in the permafrost, which was thawing in the summer.

There is also a tiny airport in Khatanga. But large airliners fly there only in case of force majeure.

It’s interesting! Once in Soviet times there was no flying weather for three days in Norilsk. Then the city was opened, and all airports started sending delayed flights to Norilsk. But the weather in Taimyr again failed, and a few hours later Norilsk was closed again, just when the delayed flights were arriving in a caravan. And they were redirected to Khatanga. The population of Khatanga didn’t exceed 1500 people at that time and at least 300 passengers came by the airplanes that landed. It was a local Khatanga cataclysm. Hungry passengers at once devastated the counters of Khatanga stores, ate all the supplies in the airport canteen, crowded every inch of the air terminal. They say that it took a long time for Khatanga to recover after this invasion.

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Climate and weather in Volochanka

Taimyr is not the famous “Discovery Channel” Alaska. It is much harsher and unique. And Volochanka village is the mirror image of all Taimyr uniqueness.

Short cool summer with polar day and cold snowy winter with polar night are the main indicators of Volochanka climate. A traveler should be prepared for the fact that from May to August the sun shines constantly in Volochanka, and from September to April the village plunges into darkness.

Frosts in winter can reach minus 60. With a severe blizzard it is really cold. In winter it is more or less bright from 12 to 15 o’clock, when the sun, absent from the sky, still sends faint rays from somewhere over the horizon. It is worth thinking hard whether to go to Volochanka in winter, because exploring the surrounding tundra in the dark is not the best way to get acquainted with nature.

In April, the sun appears. It’s a big holiday for people, animals, and flies. People arrange the Nenets national holiday “Heiro” with dances and songs, the animals become active and the flies come to life. It’s a double holiday for the Wolochan kids – looking at the sun and catching flies that haven’t quite come alive in glass flasks, competing to see who can collect the most.

Interesting! One of the most widespread Taimyr legends says that during World War II German submarines sailed up to Taimyr. Having studied the peninsula through binoculars, the Germans rendered the verdict “territory unfit for life”. It is not known whether such a fact took place, but if so, the Germans were greatly mistaken. In fact, life on Taimyr is boiling.

The Territory Nature

The village of Volochanka is a small island of civilization on the endless expanse of tundra. Tundra is not a forest. Tundra is, as famous foreman Prokopenko said, “sparse bushes, that is a collection of branches and leaves sticking out of one place”. The stingy tundra vegetation is explained by the very thin layer of soil on the permafrost. The root system simply has no opportunity to develop. At the same time, in summer there is an abundance of northern cloudberries and mushrooms in Volochanka. If you are lucky, you can also come across a northern apple tree. It is a kind of “Ranet”, but with small and sour-tart fruits. However, these mini apples are torn and happily eaten and canned.

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With the advent of summer, the Woloch’s Egyptian Execution, an unusually annoying gnat, also comes to life. During its swarming period, it is not advisable to expose large parts of the body without first smearing them with repellent. In a moment the exposed parts of the body become black from the gnats. During the history of exploration of Taimyr no one died from midges, but still it is unpleasant and unsafe. Reindeer especially suffer from biting flies. The insects lay their larvae under their skin, and the famous deer run is said to be connected with itching from the ripening larvae.

Population of the village

There are 530 permanent residents in Volochanka, including several ethnic Russians. The rest of the population are indigenous Nganasans and Nenets. However, beyond the 69th parallel, the nationality does not matter. With a population so small, everyone is your brother by blood. This unity has defined the culture of Volochanka and its cuisine. In any house you can taste Russian dumplings with reindeer meat.

Volochanka village

In winter, Volochanka is:

  1. Dark roofs of houses peeking out from under snow drifts.
  2. Chimneys of stove heating, where smoke from burning coal puffs out.
  3. Manholes dug through the snow.
  4. Snowmobiles.
  5. Red-cheeked babies, tumbling in the snow.
  6. Darkness and the streetlamps.
  7. The winter road to Norilsk, by which the Volochansk people transport reindeer meat to the big city. It is the main source of income. Zealous businessmen earn up to 3 million rubles during a season just from reindeer meat. They also sell reindeer horns, reindeer and Arctic fox skins.

In April, the village begins to come to life, the snow melts slowly, only to melt completely by July. The piles of rusty iron – trailers, barrels and other metal, stored for years by the whole village, are the first to show up from under the snow. I do not know why scrap metal must be stored, but in Volochanka any material is worth its weight in gold, so they store it just in case. Sometimes it comes in handy.

Then Wolochanka sidewalks are thawed. The narrow wooden planking keeps pedestrians from falling through the wet snow.

The sun, gradually appearing in the sky, dries out the squishy layer of polar soil, and the first grass and moss, berries and mushrooms appear. All little Taimyr fauna starts to get ready to mating. It is possible to see polar partridges, polar foxes and white reindeer more and more often.

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The Volochans are busy with urgent matters, because three warm months will feed them the whole cold year. We have to stuff freezers with meat, dry fish, patch roofs and stoves.

The ice drift starts the navigation season in Taimyr. Ships loaded with vegetables, fruit, clothes and household goods arrive in Dudinka. The people of Volochanka fill their cellars and stores with food, salt cabbage and cucumbers. Few tourists also come to Volochanka during this period.

Where to Stay

Travelers do not spoil their visits to Volochanka, so you can always find a place to stay in the real estate market. It is possible that you will be greeted by the head of administration and offered to stay in the local school, which is not working due to the vacations. If a tourist prefers a home-like atmosphere, then in any house he would be happy to rent a room, if not a room, then an isolated corner. The notion of comfort in Volochanskie is somewhat different from the commonplace.

What to do in the village

The program of stay in Volochanka depends on the preferences of the traveler. You can join the locals in fishing or hunting. An extra pair of hands will only be glad, and will not even claim your catch or prey. The tundra is rich in both. You can go mushrooming and berry picking. You may wander on the surrounding tundra with camera. These will be unique photos, which you can brag about at home, but not photos of tired tourist on the background of Eiffel Tower, which fill up the Internet.

There is also a museum of local history at the school in Volochanka. There are some exhibits in it, and the tourist will be interested to get acquainted with them. There are interesting items of folk crafts. If you like something, you can order a similar exhibit from local craftsmen. The handicrafts in Volochanka are unpretentious, but original. These are varnished reindeer antlers, toys, ounts made of reindeer skins and hats made of polar fox skins.

Food and nourishment

There is a lot of food in Volochanka. From the point of view of a metropolitan, it is unpretentious, but tasty and useful – like everything that nature provides. You can eat frozen fish. You just have to put frozen fish in your mouth and wait until it melts on its own, giving it a rich and unique taste. You can eat delicious venison very cheaply and without restrictions. When the winter road to Norilsk is closed, you can buy venison for next to nothing. As for game, tourists are offered the polar partridge, much appreciated by gourmets. Partridge meat is somewhat tough, but combined with the berry gravy is very tasty.

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In the village, each store has its own mini-bakery, so that the bread on the table will always be fresh and warm.

Prices are very northern. A loaf of bread – 60 rubles, potatoes – 90 rubles per kg, carrots and onions – 80. The price of citrus fruits is totally cosmic: 300 rubles per kilo. Apples are even more expensive.

Visitors come to Volochanka so seldom that every new face is a subject of deep interest. The traveler will have to visit a lot of houses and answer a lot of friendly questions.

And surely in every house you will be invited to stay in Wolochanka forever. Some people wonder. Salaries in Volochanka are fabulous. For example, a doctor receives 150 thousand rubles a month. Entrepreneurs are not poor either. If only they had hard-working hands.

So far, new inhabitants rarely come to Volochanka, but maybe one day some travelers will come, who will want to stay and fall in love with the uniqueness, solitude and harshness of the village at the very edge of the earth.

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Only plots that have been surveyed are shown on the map (i.e. the exact coordinates of the corners have been measured).

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  2. land survey was made long time ago (before 2006)
  3. surveying was made recently (1-2 months ago)
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