Walking Street Pattaya, prices for girls and boys

Walking Street

One of the most famous streets in the world, Walking Street is a center of Thai nightlife. Walking Street, which means “pedestrian street,” the interested tourist will find in partying Pattaya. “The center of sin”, “the street of debauchery”, “the capital of vice” – what epithets do not reward this peculiar landmark of Thailand. However, this is not far from the truth, because the tourists come here from all over the world for the satisfaction of their most secret erotic desires.

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What Wolkin Street is all about

During the daytime Volkov Street, as wittily named by Russian tourists, is a completely ordinary street of a typical Thai resort town. Numerous souvenir stores, massage parlors, bars and restaurants offer their products and services to passersby. Everything is decent. The abundance of entertainment venues can only be guessed by the many neon signs.

But when darkness falls, the street is magically transformed. From 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. the traffic is prohibited and the street is forbidden to the pedestrians.

Rhythmic music blares, and hundreds of bright lights and billboards brighten the night. The pedestrians on Wolkin Street are entertained by performers of all stripes – magicians amaze with their curious tricks, a brave Thai deftly controls a cobra, acrobats show wonders of dexterity. If you want you can test your martial skills in the ring for Thai boxing. Both couples and parents with children come here to relax and have fun. The local restaurants will serve you the freshest seafood, you can enjoy exotic cocktails in the bars, the souvenir shop you will not leave without a funny trinket. Of course, you will meet seductively dressed girls and ladyboys (transvestites), but nothing outright obscene on the street yet, everything is inside the establishments.

Entrance to Wolkin Street during the day.

The real sexual bustle starts around 8pm and this is a time to get the kids off Wolkin Street. Go-go bars, striptease shows, and erotic massage parlors are all open. Tourists are hunted by the many callers offering sex shows with coitus between the participants of these erotic performances.

Crowds of people at night.

Those who are particularly curious can go to a pussy show. During the show, the capabilities of the female genitals are demonstrated. Girls put in their intimate place and take out from there sharp objects, ping-pong balls, smoking vagina, pouring water into it, getting a coke on the output. The ladies can even compete with you in marksmanship by shooting darts with their vaginal muscles.

Prostitutes and transvestites in themed costumes, as well as young men of non-traditional orientation, offer entertainment for an affordable fee. No man will be left without attention here. But couples are treated correctly here, no one will seduce the gentleman and the lady, unless they themselves want to experience the joys of group sex.

Video: Girls on Walking Street.

History of Walking Street

The history of Wolkin Street is inextricably linked to Pattaya itself. Sixty years ago it was an unremarkable village whose residents made a living fishing and gathering coconuts. The surrounding area was famous for its beauty, and many wealthy Thais have built cottages here and spent their leisure time. For them the first restaurants were built in the place.

The turning point in the history of Pattaya is June 29, 1959. This is the date of the beginning of vacation of American soldiers who served at a base nearby. They went as far as Pattaya on vacation on the coast and, tempted by the local natural beauties, spent all their days of leave here. Upon their return, the soldiers shared their impressions with their fellow soldiers, and news of the crystal clear water (and at the time it was so) and comfortable beach instantly spread among the military, and soon hundreds of U.S. soldiers were vacationing there.

Girls lured to the Volkin Street Club Girls at the Happy A-GoGo Bar

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The practical Thais immediately assessed the possible benefits and Pattaya began to transform before their eyes. In 1960 the Nautical Inn welcomed its first guests and soon the first bar at the Nova Lodge Hotel opened here. By the way, both the hotel and the bar still serve visitors. Then, in the ’60s, the first affordable girls appeared here, asking only 50 cents for their services.

In the early 80’s fame of Pattaya, as the Heaven on Earth, has given the impetus to the fact that here for the rest had to come quite a few Americans and Thais who wanted to have a good rest and have fun. Enterprising businessmen did not waste time, and the resort was rapidly developing, built hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs. And all this entertainment infrastructure is concentrated in the area of Wolkin Street.

As for prostitution, it is officially illegal in Thailand. The authorities have tried several times to legalize the sale of the body, but so far it is only ended by the need to have a license for entertainment facilities.

The Thais have their own opinion on this sensitive issue. Prostitution gives a chance to survive not only to the women, but also to their big families, and the men do not find anything incriminating in this occupation and often marry former drag queens of love.

End of the Street Behind Closed Doors

In all, about 3 million Thais – women, men and minors – are involved in the sex industry. Boys become transvestites from childhood when their families sell them to sex businessmen. The boys have their ribs removed, their teeth whitened, they are given hormones to drink, and the result is an effeminate creature that is very popular with ladyboy entertainers. The colorful transvestite shows are invariably a big hit with tourists.


Go-go bars are the most happening place on Wolkin Street and there are more than 70 venues on the street itself and in the surrounding alleyways. Here, almost completely nude girls dance in front of the visitors on a podium located in the center of the hall. In addition to the Thais, there are also European and Slavic girls. If you want, you can dance on the client’s lap for an extra fee. Seductive waitresses carry drinks around the hall. From time to time the waitresses and dancers change places. You can stroke and touch any girl in any place, they are very happy to do this and provoke in every possible way.

Admission to such strip shows is free, the bar earns income from the sale of drinks, which visitors buy for themselves and the girls. Those wishing to visit the go-go bar should be prepared to pay more – the cost of drinks here is two or three times more expensive than usual. Also, the establishment receives a tangible profit from the rebates that the client pays if he wants to take a girl of his choice for a more intimate experience. All of the girls in the room are for sale. Bar commission ranges from 300-800 baht, the girl will go with the client for the amount of 500 to 1000 baht for a short time and for 2000 baht if the man wants to spend more time with her. The cost of female caresses depends on the age of the girl and her external data. As everywhere else in Asia, it is possible to bargain.

In the go-go bar Alcatraz

One of the most famous go-go bars on Wolkin Street is Alcatraz, stylized as a prison station. Go-go dancers are wearing handcuffs and clothes, reminiscent of the police uniform. The club attracts visitors with a good music program.

Baby Dolls bar is famous for its polite attitude toward customers – it is not customary here to extort money from visitors.

The biggest go-go bar on Walking Street is Pepermint Palace.

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Transvestites dance at Jenny Star Bar. You can also see impressive performances of ladyboys in Tiffany Show, you can come here even with children, there is no vulgarity in these performances, with the younger generation can simply not emphasize the fact that the “aunts” are not women at all.

For women with a non-traditional orientation is open go-go bar Club Boesche.

In the Beach Club bar many men can finally find out what is hidden under the panties of women, as they dance on the tables right in front of visitors and, apparently, because of the heat, consider it unnecessary to wear underwear.

The Airport Club bar will allow some men to make their dreams come true – to know the love of a stewardess – the local dancers are dressed in matching uniforms.

Angelwitch will surprise you with perfectly choreographed numbers.

Gay lovers will find plenty of action in the separate Boys Town neighborhood, but fans of queer love will also find plenty of action on Wolkin Street.

Beyond the go-go bars, there are also casual drinking spots where you can chill out or catch a sports game or play a game of pool. If you get hungry, there are excellent restaurants, but they are, of course, more expensive than other places in the resort.

There are a lot of nightclubs on Walking Street with good music programs. The most famous one is Tony`s Entertainment complex with a huge dance floor and buffet.

Outside you can see colorful staged shows imitating Thai boxing.

But of course you can’t escape the girls. Wherever you go, you will meet girls everywhere, ready to do anything for you.


Walking street is considered a safe street. At its very beginning is a police station, and the guards of the law themselves do not sleep, and from time to time patrol Wolkin Street and the surrounding alleyways. But as a sensible adult, any tourist should observe certain safety precautions:

  • Do not enter poorly lit places and establishments;
  • visit bars, restaurants, and clubs with a permanent sign so that in case of an unpleasant incident you can call the address of the place of the offense;
  • be wary of pickpockets – never show large sums of money to others, do not carry money in easily accessible places of clothing;
  • When paying for goods or services, try to give exactly the amount required;
  • do not buy drugs, even the usual “grass”, and if the stories of the guides about the death penalty or life imprisonment for drug use, not entirely true, then there will be a huge fine, the more the seller may be a police officer undercover;
  • To avoid conflicts with the service staff, be sure to order at least the cheapest drink in entertainment establishments, it is not recommended to sit in bars and clubs, not buying anything.

How to identify a transvestite

Many tourists who want to get to know a girl and spend a pleasant time with her are afraid of getting into trouble when they find themselves alone with a transvestite. Here are a few differences between a ladyboy and a real girl:

Walking Street

However, some have so many plastic surgeries that it is very difficult to distinguish them from a girl.

  • While Thai women have rounded faces, a transvestite’s face is defined by sharp, cheekbone-shaped features.
  • A protruding Adam’s apple will leave no doubt that this is not a woman. Though in the recent time the operations on reduction of the Adam’s apple are frequent.
  • The Thai girls are not tall, usually not more than 155 centimeters.
  • Ladyboys always have bright makeup, wear provocative clothes and high heels, and have an expressive, playful, and obtrusive demeanor. Girls, on the other hand, do not abuse makeup, prefer T-shirts, shorts, and low shoes.
  • Transvestites have large hands and knobby fingers, with broad shoulders and narrow hips. The size of the feet also gives the transvestite away. Feet of Thai girls are miniature, no more than size 33-36.
  • If you doubt the gender of the person, you can directly ask who he is, ladyboys usually honestly answer this question.
  • The Thai driver’s real sex is listed on the driver’s license.
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How to get to Wolkin Street

On tourist maps, the street is listed as Pattaya Soi 1. It starts from the south end of Beach Road and extends to Bali Hai Pier, where US ships were docked during the Vietnam War. There are arches at both ends of the street with colorful “Walking street” signs. If you come in a rental car, you can leave it in the parking lot near the pier.

Whatever your moral principles, if you’ll be in Pattaya, you should visit this peculiar place if only because Volkin Street is the funniest street in the world.

Volkin Street in Pattaya is the hottest street in Thailand.

Volkin Street (Pattaya) is on the must see list for all travelers who vacation in Thailand. It is impossible to get an idea of the country without being on the frank, colorful street. Volkin Street in Pattaya is a place of absolute debauchery and frank entertainment. To find the local attraction is very simple – you need to move along Pattaya Beach. Let’s understand – what is so remarkable street, how to find it and what to see.

Walking Street in Pattaya

Photo: Pattaya, Volking Street

Walking Street – a spicy highlight in Pattaya

Walking Street Pattaya is the epicenter of a fun, noisy, liberated life in Pattaya, and indeed in all of Thailand. The name means “walking street,” as from 18-00 – the street becomes pedestrian.

Walking Street

This is important! At 2 am all the entertainment and entertainment facilities are closed, so calculate your own time, so as not to be in the role of Cinderella.

Wolking Street in Pattaya is an extension of Beach Road, in Phuket there is its counterpart – Bangla Road. A special attraction in Pattaya is the incredible concentration of bars, restaurants, strip clubs. After 18-00 here reigns fun, loud music.

Of course, the appearance of the street is associated with the development of Pattaya. Six decades ago it was not even a city street, and a small village where they caught fish and gathered fruit. Gradually the neighborhood villages filled with houses of rich Thais, there were restaurants.

Interesting fact! History and life in Pattaya changed abruptly in the summer of 1959, when the village came to rest in the American soldiers. They shared their vivid impressions with their fellow soldiers, the beach quickly became popular.

At the strip bar on Walking Street in Pattaya

It was the Americans began the process of transformation of Pattaya, in 1960, opened the first hotel, a little later opened a bar, by the way, both the hotel and the bar operate to this day. Then in the mid-60’s their services began to offer the girls of easy virtue. Two decades later, Pattaya became a famous resort, which received thousands of tourists. Such popularity was enjoyed by businessmen – the number of hotels, bars, restaurants, bars increased at the resort. It so happened that the entertainment and entertainment infrastructure is concentrated on Volkin Street.

Prostitution is officially banned in Thailand.

Prostitution is officially forbidden in Thailand, but the local population has its own opinion on this delicate topic. For many Thai women it is the only way to survive and help their families. Moreover, the Thai men do not see anything wrong in such earnings. According to statistics, more than 3 million Thais are involved in the sex industry, among them there are transvestites and minors.

Bali Hai Pier, the departure point for the ferry to the island of Ko Lan

Bali Hai Pier.

During the day, the street in Pattaya, dubbed “a haven of debauchery,” looks like a normal city street. On the map of Pattaya Wolkin Street begins at Bali Hai Pier (the departure point for the ferry to the island of Ko Lan) and stretches to Roadsley Beach. It only takes about 7 minutes to walk leisurely, provided you do not have to stop somewhere.

Good to know! It is better to ask the locals about the location of the attraction in English. A tuk-tuk ride will only take 10 minutes.

On Wolkin Street in Pattaya, there is a huge selection of restaurants, however, the cost of food here is several times higher than in cafes and restaurants in other areas of the city. Experienced tourists recommend before walking through the attractions to eat, food can be purchased in grocery stores.

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Pattaya's huge selection of restaurants on Volking Street

Travelers are entertained by cobra charmer, magicians, acrobats, artists, circus gymnasts, and ice cream makers. If you are interested in a more thrilling experience, visit Thai boxing – there are regular theatrical fights. There are tattoo parlors, but whether you risk getting a tattoo here is up to you to decide.

Thai Boxing

Interesting fact! Despite the ban in Thailand, in Walking Street you can smoke hookah – this once again confirms the fact that the laws here are very different – fun, permissiveness.

Of course, on the street in Pattaya, trade in Thai souvenirs, national clothing, and for those who have come to Walking Street with a special purpose, are the girls of different nationalities. By the way, you can rent a girl here not only for intimate services, if the client wishes, she will shop and cook.

Entertainment on Wolkin Street

In fact, Volkin Street is a street for sex tourism and youth recreation. There are most prostitutes here, there are even Russians. However, in addition to the large number of intimate entertainment on Walking Street there are many other interesting places.

Only on Walking Street in Pattaya you can find such a concentration of Go-Go Bars. Establishments are located in small rooms in the center of the pole, near which the Thai women are dancing and seducing tourists. Some institutions in the back of the shower, where the girls do water, erotic show.

Go-Go Bars

In such bars you can watch a striptease for free, but you have to buy quite expensive cocktails. It is alcoholic beverages – the main source of income of such institutions. If during the dance the spectator likes some girl and he wants to leave with her, you will also have to pay a considerable sum. What attracts go-go bars? First of all, relaxed, free atmosphere and local Thais, who openly offer tourists intimate services. The cost of intimate services depends on the age and external characteristics of the dancer. Some of the go-go bars are themed – there are nurses, stewardesses, female prison staff.

An interesting fact! You can not see completely naked girls – nakedness is forbidden by Thai law.

The erotic shows on Wolkin Street in Pattaya cater to all tastes.

Erotic performances on Wolkin Street in Pattaya are held for all tastes, it is worth to be on the street, offers – to visit the show poured on the tourists, as if from a horn of plenty. Colorful shows of transvestites are very popular, but they behave quite cheeky and impudent.

Every day on Wolkin Street in Pattaya are held sex parties of various themes. Great interest of travelers cause Pussy show. The show is an uninhibited, frank dancing, during which the dancers demonstrate how to unconventionally use the genitals. Trust me, you won’t see this kind of dancing anywhere else in the world.

Pussy shows

Photo: Wolking Street in Pattaya

This type of massage – with the whole body – is very popular in Thailand. On Wolking Street there are several popular salons – Sabai Dee, Sabai Land, where you can enjoy relaxation and a pleasant conversation with a girl. You can choose a masseuse, order two or three. As you can see, the moral and ethical boundaries here are quite blurred. Masseuses, as a rule, dressed in uniform, first the client is invited into the bathroom, and then on a comfortable mattress. Girls are very familiar with the erogenous and biological points on the body, as well as using incense. The massage lasts for about an hour and a half.

Good to know! Officially such salons do not provide intimate services, but you can agree on this in private.

The peculiarity of such places is the absence of doors. The loneliness of every man is ready to be brightened up by pleasant girls, who are ready to offer intimacy. The revenue of the establishments is the proceeds from the tourists’ purchases of drinks for the local Thai women. Each tavern is equipped with large TV sets showing sports competitions.

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Liquor Bars

Good to know! Bars on Wolkin Street in Pattaya provide different services – somewhere quiet and relaxed, people come here just to drink a cocktail, and in some – behind the bar tourists are waiting for Thai women.

Here come the lovers of active, fun holidays, wishing to meet the local girls and have a good time. The cost of services here is cheaper than in bars and other establishments. Some girls are willing to accept payment not in money, but in treats.

The Club on Volkin Street in Pattaya

Most of the club-type establishments in Pattaya are focused on Russian-speaking travelers. Conventionally, all establishments are divided into three groups:

  1. attracting Europeans;
  2. Attracting Russian speaking tourists;
  3. oriented to the local population.

Good to know! Clubs, where the locals come, travelers are not recommended to visit.

These are entertainment venues designed for people with a non-traditional orientation, as well as for travelers who have come to Pattaya for new sexual experiments. Young boys as well as ladyboys (transvestites) work in such establishments.


Good to know! Such entertainment is also presented in Boyz Town.

Useful tips

First of all, you need to remember that all institutions, entertainment of an intimate nature, are closed, so any shooting – photo or video – is prohibited.

Sightseeing safe

Another important point while walking along Volkin Street in Pattaya is the issue of safety. On the whole, the landmark is safe – there are a lot of police officers and medics on duty, but you need to be careful.

  1. Avoid dark areas.
  2. Don’t show your money out in the open, especially large ones.
  3. Keep your wallet in hand.
  4. Choose for rest institutions, where there is a permanent sign, so that it is possible to specify the name in case of a conflict situation.
  5. When paying, try to give the exact amount.
  6. In no case do not buy drugs, if you get caught by the police, you will have to pay a heavy fine, and the distributor of drugs can be a police officer.
  7. In each institution, where you rest, be sure to order one drink.

Another important point is how to spot a transvestite. Many guys look and behave in a completely feminine way, so it is not always easy to determine the sex of the person at the first sight. Guided by these signs:

  • Thai men have high cheekbones;
  • The Adam’s apple is a clear indication that you are talking to a man;
  • Thai girls are not tall – usually up to 155 cm;
  • Ladyboys have overly bright makeup and overly revealing clothes;
  • Thai girls prefer conventional shorts, T-shirts, and comfortable shoes;
  • distinctive feature of ladyboys – large hands, knotted fingers, shoulders much wider than hips;
  • A person’s real sex is listed on the driver’s license.

Volking Street in Pattaya on the map is a surprisingly bright, extravagant and spicy place in Thailand. Tourists are unanimous in their opinion – to come to Pattaya and not to visit the attraction – an unforgivable mistake, especially if you like nightlife, fun, disco.

Getting here is very easy – it starts on Volkin Street next to Pattaya Beach, stretching to Road Beach. The length of the attraction is only 1 km.

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