What is America’s largest lake and where is it located

Top 7 largest U.S. lakes and resorts on them

Most tourists think that resort holidays in the United States are actively developed only in Hawaii. Of course, these islands provide all the conditions for a comfortable trip, but few people realize that this is not the only place where you can have a great vacation. On the territory of the country there are also numerous reservoirs with no less developed infrastructure, among which deserve special attention the 7 largest lakes.

Upper .

This is the largest lake in the northern part of the country, a length of about 560 km and a maximum depth of 405 m. Thousands of tourists visit Lake Superior every year: hikers set up camping trips, set up tents on the shoreline, fish and enjoy the local beauty.

To the lake come not only in summer but also in winter, because even in the cold season tourists find activities to their liking. Many are attracted here by the incredible ice caves, mild climate, and scenic views of the lake, covered with blueish ice.

Lake Superior

It is a part of the North American Great Lakes and is located on the border between the United States and Canada. Its area is more than 3.5 thousand square kilometers and its maximum depth reaches 230 m.

Once Guron was used solely for transportation and communication purposes, but now on the territory of the lake a national park, so during the trip vacationers can not only swim and sunbathe, but also enjoy the beautiful scenery and the amazing local flora. In addition, there are interesting sites on the lake:

  • rocks growing out of the water;
  • sunken ships;
  • beautiful islands.

One of the most famous beaches on the lake from the Canadian side is Grand Bend. The beach is sandy, and the sand is white and clean. You can arrange a full vacation, as hotels, apartments and even hostels on the coast a lot and for every purse. Developed infrastructure (including showers and sun loungers with umbrellas on the beach, as well as playgrounds), will please absolutely all categories of tourists.

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Lake Guron

Michigan is ideal for a relaxing vacation, because local beaches pleasantly surprise with their incredible cleanliness, landscaping and fine sand. In addition, the shorelines here are very different from other bodies of water, as there is no coral.

Lake Michigan

Erie ports, yacht clubs and comfortable beaches are situated here. Around the lake are restaurants, hotels and campsites.

One of the best places to vacation on Erie in Ohio is Port Clinton Town Beach, just 45 minutes from Toledo. The beach is almost 700 meters long and offers great views, pleasant walks along the shore, and the opportunity to rent a boat or sailboat.

Another great place to relax 40 minutes from Cleveland is Hedlands Beach State Park, which covers 35 acres of sandy lakeshore! To the north of the beach is a nature preserve.

Lake Erie

Ontario is encouraged to stay in the city of Syracuse, as it’s open beach and fishing season from June through August.

Not far from Toronto, about 2 hours away, is a small resort with a sandy beach – Cobourg Beach. Well-developed infrastructure, white soft sand, gentle entrance, the shoreline is wide and there are trees everywhere with good shade: the perfect place to relax with the whole family!

Lake Ontario

The surface area of the Great Salt Lake changes constantly depending on the rainfall, averaging 4,800 square kilometers.

Swimming in the whole body of water is not recommended, because the salinity level here often exceeds 250 ‰.

In some years the salinity has reached 300 ‰, a figure that varies depending on the area of the lake. Tourists mostly come here for health purposes, as well as to enjoy the incredible local scenery.

Although the lake is number 7 in the ranking, it has an area of at least 4000 square kilometers.

There are beaches on the shoreline of the reservoir, which are filled with tourists every year. Vacationers at Lake Lesnoe are attracted to the local flora and fauna, developed infrastructure, beautiful panoramic views of the mountains, and, of course, fishing with a guaranteed catch.

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Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan is the largest freshwater lake located entirely within the United States, and the third largest in the list of Great American Lakes. The gigantic body of water covers 57,750 km², and Lake Michigan’s shoreline area belongs to four states at once.

The Lake Michigan coastline is a must-see for all beach lovers, as well as avid fishermen. Climbing to the top of one of the many dunes, watching the waves crashing into each other at dawn, and catching giant trout are a short list of things that every traveler starting to explore Lake Michigan and its surrounding area should try. Fans of sightseeing will also be able to find an activity to their liking here. The historic lighthouses, National Wildlife Refuge and traditional museums will leave a lot of pleasant memories, which is enough for more than one photo album.

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Geographic Location

Lake Michigan is located just south of Lake Superior. This enormous body of water, formed by the collision of tectonic plates and a melting glacier, is connected to Lake Guron by a channel and forms a single hydrosystem. Michigan is also connected to the great American river Mississippi. It does this through the artificial Chicago-Lockport Canal.

Lake Michigan has had its sonorous name since pre-Columbian times. The literal translation of the word from the language of the Ojibwe Indian tribe sounds like “big water”. Lake Michigan is not one of the warmest lakes. Four months of the year it is covered by a layer of ice, while the water body can be up to 281 meters deep. Because of this natural feature, navigation on the lake is seasonal.

Lake Michigan is the water border for four states: Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, and Indiana. You don’t have to take a special trip to enjoy the views of one of the greatest lakes in North America. The trip can be combined with visits to places like Evanston, Chicago, Highland Park, Milwaukee, and Hammond, all on the Michigan coast.

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Where to vacation and what to see

The activities available to visitors to Lake Michigan are directly related to the time of year. For example, the summer season is the best period for beach activities. Michigan’s two and a half thousand miles of shoreline offer plenty of room not only for locals, but also for the many tourists who come to splash in the clean, clear waters of the great lake.


The main advantages of the local beaches are the coarse white sand and the lack of coastal corals, which are so rich in the sea coast. Lake Michigan has a total of 30 recreational areas.

Travelers who prefer popular and crowded spots are better off renting a sun lounger at Chicago’s main beach, Oak Street Beach, or Ohio Street Beach, which is sprawling next to the Navy Pier. Both locations are well-developed and ready to offer visitors a wide range of activities, from traditional volleyball to water scooter rides.

Montrose Beach is particularly popular with owners of four-legged pets. It’s about the only beach in Chicago that’s dog-friendly. But you need a special permit to use it. Parking is free on the beach.

Tired of the bustle of the city and families with children should go to the beach Fullerton. Here, of course, you will have to sacrifice a little personal comfort because, unlike Oak Street Beach, there are no additional amenities on the beach. But there is plenty of silence and coarse white sand. Visitors to Milwaukee, on the other hand, who want to watch the sun set over Lake Michigan, should do so at Badfort Beach.

Fishing .

Thanks to legislation passed in time to protect the lake from chemical and industrial pollution, Michigan’s waters have stayed clean, which has had a positive effect on its inhabitants. Today there are so many fish in the lake that not only U.S. citizens can afford the pleasure of sitting down with a fishing rod, but also foreign tourists. Salmon, trout, pike, carp, whitefish and pike- the variety of species here can amaze even the richest imagination! To try these “Michigan delicacies” you will need a fishing license. It is usually sold in hardware stores that sell fishing equipment and has certain restrictions.

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Interesting places

An alternative to fishing can be a tour of the Navigation Museum. The local exhibit is geared toward tourists and introduces visitors to the history of shipbuilding as well as the development of the fishing industry in the region.

Another hallmark of Lake Michigan are the lighthouses. The mere sight of the single towers scattered along the shoreline evokes rather mixed feelings. The most famous structure is the Old Mission Lighthouse. The dilapidated structure is involuntarily associated with a favorite plot of American thrillers, in which the old tower necessarily becomes the abode of otherworldly forces and the repository of dark secrets.

You can wander the sand dunes, try to conquer their shaky peaks, and admire the views from them in Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. In cases when you want to deviate from the usual tourist routes and explore the wilderness of the local nature, it is better to book a boat and go to the largest islands of Lake Michigan: South and North Manitou.

Lake Michigan – a sight with character

Even though Michigan’s waters are not home to the Loch Ness monster, the reservoir has many dangerous secrets. The most important of these is the unpredictable undercurrents that arise “out of nowhere. Be a prisoner of a crazy whirlpool can be both an overconfident swimmer and a small vessel. Lake Michigan’s character is especially evident in the fall. This is the time when huge waves emerge on its surface, the height and destructive power that can compete with the ocean waves. Strong gusts of wind complete the apocalyptic picture.

Among the local population walks a legend about the Michigan Triangle: so called the part of the lake, which is associated with the mysterious disappearance of ships. For example, in 1950, Northwest Airlines flight 2501 disappeared without a trace. Researchers had to be satisfied with only a few fragments of the shell of the airliner, while neither at the bottom of the reservoir nor on its surface no traces of the wreck were found.

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The coast is also fond of the most unbelievable tales, like the story of the Michigan shapeshifter. An attack by a creature unknown to science was recorded on video back in 1977. Though not officially recognized as a true film, the legend of the blue-eyed monster has continued to stir the imagination of local residents. Over the years, the story has become a lure for tourists.

How to get there

You can get to Lake Michigan from one of the major cities along its shores. Regular flights are available for travelers to Chicago, Evanston and Highland Park (Illinois), Milwaukee and Green Bay (Wisconsin), Gary and Hammond (Indiana).

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