What is Pernstein Castle in Bohemia

Pernstein Castle

Pernstein is one of the most interesting and oldest castles in the Czech Republic, situated 40 kilometers from Brno. It is tucked into the impenetrable forests on one of the hills above the Svratka River. Pernstein Castle seems to be a fairy tale. Looking at it, it seems as if it has just come off the screen, on which the events of knightly times raged. Unlike many other ancient castles, Pernstein managed to preserve its original form to this day. Therefore, it is a true monument to the Gothic era.

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Pernstein Castle is a powerful, well-fortified structure that towers like a guardian over the river valley. The walls of this castle are a monolith of natural rock and man-made masonry, on which it is difficult to distinguish the boundary between them. A striking example of Gothic architecture is a monumental tower of the castle with its abundance of protruding parts. Sometimes one gets the impression that it does not obey the law of gravity.

The Horned Tower is impressive; one can enter it only on the last floor from the central building by crossing. Horned Tower is one of the most interesting buildings of the castle. Balconies with machicolations, located on the corners of the tower, also attract attention.

Once inside the castle, you will be fascinated by the history of the Middle Ages, walking through its narrow passages connecting the inner rooms of the castle, and dizzying staircases, visiting real apartments, getting acquainted with the courtyard-wells. The most interesting interiors of the castle are the Knights’ Hall in the late Gothic style and the Hall of the Conspirators with its unusual “diamond” mosaic. The Baroque chapel is decorated with frescos with a heraldic theme of the Pernsteins depicting a battle between a man and a bison. The palace library has 6188 volumes. Also worth seeing is the collection of weapons of the Mitrovsky family, the kitchen, the prison and the torture chamber.

You can visit the interiors of the castle only with a guided tour, if you are not in a group, the tour is likely to be in Czech. It is not allowed to take pictures of the interiors.

In Pernštejn Chateau you can taste the famous Moravian wines.


Pernstein Castle dates back more than seven centuries. The first castle on this site was built back in 1285. It remained the residence of the Pernstein family until the end of the sixteenth century. Shortly before the change of ownership, the castle underwent extensive reconstruction, which turned it into an impregnable castle. It was built according to all fortification rules, surrounded by moats and well equipped. It was worthwhile: during the Thirty Years’ War the castle was repeatedly besieged by the Swedes, but was never captured.

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In the 14th century, the Pernstein family was considerably weakened by feuds over inheritance. Wilhelm I began to revive the family, and his heirs, son and grandson, significantly contributed to the expansion and consolidation of the castle in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. In 1596, the castle was sold by the Pernsteins when William II, William I’s grandson, undertook an enormous reconstruction of the castle. The castle was transformed into a chic residence with completely reconstructed halls and living quarters decorated in the Renaissance style. Such reconstruction entailed huge expenditures, and the Pernstein family was deep in debt. Therefore, they were forced to sell their property, including the reconstructed castle.

After the sale of the castle by the Pernsteins, it changed hands several times. But despite frequent changes of owners, the appearance of the castle remained unchanged. Some minor changes were made in Baroque and Classicist styles, but it was reflected only in changes of interior, not affecting the general exterior. Some outbuildings were built and the park was laid out.

In 1818 the castle became the property of the Mitrovsky family, which retained it until 1945. The owners planned a global reconstruction of the castle, but these plans were not implemented.

The legends of Pernstein castle

Like any castle, Pernstein is shrouded in legends. One of them tells of a stone bricked up in a niche with an inscription – “Everyone who touches the stone will die within a year” – so you should be careful when walking around the castle.

Another mentions a red yew tree growing at the main gate of the castle supposedly from the staff of the Apostle Methodius – as long as the tree is alive and unharmed, the castle will be indestructible.

Many people see the ghost of White Pani – a girl in love with her beauty and asking all female visitors of the castle to look in the mirror, but you should not do it, the legend says that anyone who looks at herself in this mirror, will lose her beauty.

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Practical information

Hours of operation:

Castle Pernstein welcomes visitors from April through October inclusive. On holidays, Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 to 15:00, September, May, June – daily except Monday – 9:00 to 16:00, in August and July – daily except Monday from 9:00 to 17:00, lunch here lasts only one hour – 12:00 to 13:00


“From Gothic to 20th Century” tour Adults 120 crowns, Students, children under 6 years old 80 crowns, Family (2 adults and no more than 3 children) 320 crowns.

From the tower to the library Adults – 120 CZK, Students, children under 6 – 80 CZK, Family (2 adults and up to 3 children) – 320 CZK.

The entire castle (a 90-minute guided tour) Adults – 180 CZK, Students and children up to 6 years old – 120 CZK, In a family (2 adults and up to 3 children) – 480 CZK

Discounts Children from 6 to 15, Students from 15 to 26, ZTP holders

Free of charge for children up to 6 years of age outside the organised group, Disabled, Head of a booked group of 20 or more, Workers NPU + max 3 persons, Cardholders, ICOMOS, ICOM, AMG, Journalists (with a working visit).

How to get there

Address: 592 62 Nedvědice GPS: 49.45083,16.31888 Phone: +420 566 566 101

You can get to the Pernštejn Chateau by purchasing one of the interesting and exciting tours to the Czech Republic. For example, CZ-U Czech Republic – CZ-RO Summer vacation in the Czech Republic, the best monuments of Unesco. The cost of such tours is from 335 to 620 €, depending on the tour and the number of seats.

To get to the castle from Prague on your own, without resorting to the services of travel agencies can be by car or by public transport with multiple transfers.

By car

From Prague take freeway D1 (E65), drive southeastwards in the direction of Brno for 152 km to Velké Meziříčí. The D1 motorway is a toll road, the price of a 10-day passenger car ‘vignette’ is 310 CZK. Exit Velké Meziříčí on the right at km 147. Go through town on the route 602 until you turn left into the route 360. Then go 16 km in a northeasterly direction to the village of Moravec. In Moravec, turn right east and follow route 389 for 3.5 km to Strážek. Immediately at the entrance to Strážek, turn left over the bridge to route 3853. Go in this direction for 4.3 km to Dolní Rožínka. There you turn right and take road 38710 and drive 11.4 km to the place. The parking lot is located in the vicinity of the castle. The total distance from Prague is 187 km, the duration of the trip is roughly (without taking into account possible traffic jams) 2 hours. 10 min.

Liebenstein Castle Prison, now a hotel and restaurant
By public transport

Prague – Brno direction is the most popular route in Czech Republic, so a lot of variants are offered by public transportation. But as you can get to Nedvedice only with three or four transfers, not to waste time, it is advisable to use coordinated routes.

By train

Take the high-speed train EC 273 “Avala” to Brno. Change trains and get to Kuřim. The transfer time in Brno is only six minutes. In Kuřim you have to make a short walk to the bus station and then take a bus to Nedvědice. The whole trip from Prague (304 km) will take 3 hours. 57 minutes, the total cost of the trip is 406 CZK.

The second route: Take a train to the station Žďár n.Sázavou. From the railway station to the bus stop 2 minutes on foot. Then take the bus to Bystřice (Bystřice n.Pern). From Bystřice there is a bus to Nedvědice. The total trip time is 4 hours and 19 minutes, the cost is 287 CZK.

Pernstein Castle

Czech Republic is famous for castles. Pernstein is one of the well-preserved historical monuments. His visit will give tourists a moral and aesthetic satisfaction.

Pernstein Chateau in Bohemia is located in South Moravia. It was built near Svratka River, at a distance of about 40 km from Brno. Since its construction the fortress has changed a few owners:

  • From the 13th to the 16th century, it belonged to the noble Pernstein family. During that period it went from a Gothic-style structure to a huge estate with Renaissance architecture. Wilhelm, the last owner of the Pernstein family, sold his creation to the next owner. He was Colonel A. L. Lutzek of the Emperor’s army.
  • In the forties of the seventeenth century, the manor was taken over by Mikuláš Fleischinger.
  • In the XVII century, the manor became the property of the noble Lichtenstein family.
  • From the nineteenth to the twentieth century the right of ownership passed to the Lords of Mitrovo.
  • The year 1945 is notable for the fact that Pernstein came under the jurisdiction of the state.

Fortifications of the castle survived the attack of the Swedish army besieging it in 1645.

The stories and legends of Pernstein Castle

A picture of Pernštejn castle with the coat of arms of its first owners above the entrance will make a good addition to the collection of tourist memories. The bison with a ring through the nose was not accidentally a symbol of the family and the castle.

There is an ancient legend about a brave coal miner who killed a ferocious bison that was terrorizing the whole neighborhood. The reward for the feat was a plot of land given by the king, on which the castle was erected.

There are also several interesting legends connected to the estate:

  • Ancient Yew Tree. There is an old yew tree near the walls of the Gothic building. It is considered its guardian: as long as the crown of the tree is green, nothing can threaten the safety of the fortress. And the yew tree appeared from the staff of monk Methodius that was stuck into the ground.
  • The masonry with a warning. Rumor has it that during the construction of the estate, a special stone was immured in its niche. The inscription on it predicts imminent death to those who touch it.
  • The White Pani. This legend tells of a beautiful girl who wanders the corridors and asks the fairer sex to look at her reflection. The beautiful girl who complies with the request, loses her beauty.
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The fortress attracts tourists with its architecture and exquisite decoration of rooms. Guides will take visitors through the knight’s hall and the two towers and tell them about the library. The estate has a rich collection of weapons and paintings. Everyone can admire the splendor of paintings on the walls, made by medieval masters.

The castle welcomes visitors from April to October. In the first and last months of the season it is open only on weekends and holidays from 9 am to 3 pm. From May through September, the estate is open every day except Monday. Opening hours are as follows:

  • July and August – 9 a.m. to 5 p.m;
  • May, June and September from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

There is also a one hour break: from 12 noon to 1 p.m.

There are several sightseeing options for those who want to visit the attractions:

  1. The duration of the first one is 1 hour and 20 minutes. The cost for an adult – 180 CZK, for a child – 125 CZK. If you need a Russian-speaking guide, the ticket price goes up to 250 and 170 CZK respectively.
  2. The second is a 50 minute ride. Tickets will cost 120 CZK for adults and 80 CZK for children.

Family visits to the fortress cost 480 CZK.

There are comprehensive tours, the plan which includes a walk around the estate:

  • 11-hour trip “Moravian Krás – Pernštejn” (407,00 EUR);
  • 12-hour trip “The Abyss of Macocha – Punkevní Cave – Pernštejn” (484,00 EUR).

Another interesting offer for tourists – Christmas vacations in the territory of this historical monument. Visitors are offered traditional entertainment, punch, souvenirs.

You can also take part in a tasting of the best wines from Moravia.

There is no direct connection between Prague and Pernstein Manor. There are several options for travel:

  1. By train. The train to Brno leaves from the Main Railway Station. Then in Tišnov we take the express train to Žďár nad Sázavou. Destination is Nedvědice.
  2. By car. Going north from Brno, we drive 8 km. At this point we turn onto the road to Tišnov and Kuřim. You will reach Předklasteři (about 12 km), after which you turn right (road No. 387). The road leads directly to the gates of the manor.
  3. By public transport. The bus leaves from the Prague railway station Florenc and goes to Brno. At the station Zvonařka you can take a bus to Nedvědice.
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From Nedvědice you will have to walk on foot. The 1 km long section goes through a picturesque area. You can enjoy your trip and visit the castle!

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