What is the highest and scariest roller coaster

The scariest roller coaster in the world

Rides called roller coasters have been built in almost every country in the world, including Russia. The Top scariest of them included those in Japan, Australia and the United States.

The scariest roller coasters in Russia

There are far fewer roller coasters in Russia than in the same America, Australia or Japan. They are not included in any of the rankings compiled for speed or height.

There are still debates about which country invented roller coasters. According to one version – in America, according to another – in Russia. In many countries this attraction is called not an American, but a Russian roller coaster. Here is a look at some of the most frightening roller coasters in Russia.

Yaroslavl, Damansky Island

The roller coaster built in Yaroslavl in the park on Damansky Island is considered the highest in Russia. The name of the attraction is Golden Arrow.

Yaroslavl ride is one of the top scariest roller coasters in the country.

The height of the slides is twenty-five meters, the length of the path – one kilometer, the speed to be developed – eighteen kilometers. All turns “Arrow” does in about a minute. There are some restrictions on weight and height for those wishing to ride.

Omsk, the amusement park

In Omsk, roller coaster appeared back in 2001. The attraction was erected in the Luna Park. One of the slides differs quite steep differences in height, in addition, there is a dead loop.

Not everyone sees these slides as extreme. However, after riding on this attraction, you experience a unique sense of fear and delight.

Novosibirsk, Central Park, “Galaxy” slide

Among Siberian cities not only Omsk but also Novosibirsk can boast of an extreme roller coaster.

Steep roller coaster in Novosibirsk

Novosibirsk’s roller coaster “Galaxy” belongs to the classic roller coaster. The ride lifts passengers to a height of 14 meters. The length of the track is 40060 meters, and the speed – fifty-five kilometers per hour.

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Moscow, Izmailovo Park, Dragon slides

One of the most extreme slides is considered to be located in the Izmailovo Park of the capital – the roller coaster Dragon. They climb to a height of eighteen meters, then make several steep descents and ascents, in addition, they have a dead loop.

Known throughout Moscow is the roller coaster in Gorky Park in Moscow. Nowadays they are not in operation. They are nicely replaced by the slides in Izmailovo Park.

Top of the most frightening roller coasters

As you know, the scariest roller coasters are in America, Japan and Australia. Nevertheless, Europe has also joined the race for the title of countries with the scariest roller coasters. Of all the roller coasters that exist today, the ranking includes the most breathtaking, the highest and the most frightening of these rides.

Germany, Rust (Baden), Europa Park, Silver Star

The tallest roller coaster in Europe is considered to be the Silver Star, which was built and launched in 2002.

The roller coaster in German Rust is very steep.

The ride uses a system of chain hoists. The slide rises to a height of seventy-three meters, then whirls and drops extreme lovers at a speed of one hundred and thirty kilometers per hour. The site uznayvse.ru has a detailed article not only about the most terrible roller coaster, but also about all the rides.

Australia, Queensland, Dreamworld, Tower of Terror II

The name of the roller coaster in Queensland is Tower of Terror. It was first launched in 1997. More than eight and a half million Australians were able to ride this attraction.

The re-launch was carried out in 2010, the “Tower” has become even scarier. At a speed of one hundred and sixty-one kilometers per hour, riders in just seven seconds climbs to a height of thirty-five meters, after which they fall in terror to the bottom.

Japan, Mie Prefecture, Kawuna, Nagashima Spa Land, Steel Dragon 2000

For several years after its launch the roller coaster Steel Dragon 2000 or Steel Dragon was considered to be the tallest and fastest in the world. It has now lost its top spot but remains the most expensive and the longest of the rides.

Beaches of Vietnam.

Huge Japanese roller coaster Steel Dragon 2000

The high cost of the Steel Dragon is due to the large amount of steel used in its construction. So the designers made the ride resistant to earthquakes.

USA, New Jersey, Six Flags Great Adventure, Kingda Ka

Kingda Ka – the highest to date slides, their height reaches one hundred and thirty-nine meters. They are called the real longevity in the world of roller coasters.

Six Flags Great Adventure, Kingda Ka - the highest roller coaster

More than once Kingda Ka had problems. In 2005, for example, due to various mechanical damages damaged the rope system and the starting motor. In 2009 the ride was struck by lightning.

USA, Virginia, Kings Dominion, Intimidator 305

The roller coaster called the Intimidator 305 was named the best new roller coaster in 2010 and won the Golden Ticket Award.

“Intimidator 305” translates to “Intimidator 305.” Even the name makes you scared. In fact, the name lives up to its name because it’s not for nothing that this attraction won an award.

Japan, Yamanashi Prefecture, Fujiyoshida, Fuji-Q Highland, Dodonpa

Dodonpa is a roller coaster that is neither the longest nor the tallest. Among all of them, they stand out for the most acceleration.

Fuji-Q Highland, Dodonpa - the roller coaster with the highest acceleration

The start on this slide is not the sharpest, which confuses the riders. Suddenly Dodonpa accelerates in 1.8 seconds to one hundred and seventy-one kilometers per hour, tosses riders up and then throws them down a vertical loop.

U.S., California, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Superman: Escape from Krypton

The name of this California extreme attraction is Superman: Escape from Krypton. It is known that it was originally called Superman: Escape. The name was changed in 2011 after some improvements that made the slides more scary.

Today “Superman” rises to a height of one hundred and twenty-six and a half meters, reaching speeds of one hundred and sixty kilometers per hour.

Japan, Tokyo, Tokyo Dome City, Thunder Dolphin

The name of the Tokyo slides translates as “Thunder Dolphin”. Height, acceleration and speed of these slides can not boast. Their uniqueness is a special “chip”.

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The fact that the way passes through a concrete ring. In addition, the slides skaters circle the building at a distance extremely close to the building, which can not help but tickle the nerves.

UAE, Abu Dhabi, Ferrari World, Formula Rossa

Today, the Formula Rossa slides are considered the fastest in the world. In five seconds it is capable of speeding up to one hundred and forty kilometers per hour. Those who are in the front row on this ride are given special glasses. Without them, fans of extreme sports could hurt their eyes.

Ferrari World, Formula Rossa is the fastest roller coaster

Eejanaika roller coaster can be called a tricked out roller coaster, and it is not a figurative expression. This attraction is called a 4D roller coaster. As the riders fly in, fall and make loops, they spin three hundred and sixty degrees while sitting in their seats. It seems impossible to create a scarier ride.

The scariest roller coaster in the world today

It is known that the leader in the number of the tallest, scariest, fastest roller coasters is America. Recently, the Smiler roller coaster was erected in London, claiming to be the scariest in the world.

Smiler - the scariest roller coaster in the world

The slides are located in Staffordshire in an amusement park. They were called the most extreme for the number of dead loops – there are fourteen. In addition to dead loops and speed, optical illusions that contribute to the build-up of fear await extreme lovers.

10 of the most terrifying roller coasters in the world

On May 8, 1976 there was a real revolution in the world of roller coasters. Six Flags Magic Mountain amusement park in California opened the world’s first steel roller coaster with a dead loop. Nowadays, the dead loop is by no means the scariest thing that ride makers have to offer to adrenaline junkies lining up in long lines around the world to tickle their nerves. We offer you a virtual ride on the ten most terrifying roller coasters in the world!

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Attention: nervous people, afraid of heights and people with a weak vestibular apparatus better not look further!

(Only 10 photos + 10 videos)

Photo: 10 scariest roller coasters in the world #1 - BigPicture.com

Photo: 10 scariest roller coasters in the world #2 - BigPicture.ru

“The Silver Star, the highest roller coaster in Europe, has been tickling the steel nerves of Germany since 2002. Using a system of chain hoists, they will first slowly lift you to a height of 73 meters and then drop and spin you at speeds of up to 130 km/h.

Photo: 10 scariest roller coasters in the world #3 - BigPicture.ru

The first Fear Tower, opened in 1997, managed to scare more than 8 million Australians, and in 2010 it was launched again and became even scarier. Skaters ride out of the tunnel and reach the top of the vertical tower in 7 seconds at a maximum speed of 161 km/h. At the top of the 35-meter tower they hover for a moment, then fall down in terror.

Photo: 10 scariest roller coasters in the world #4 - BigPicture.ru

“The Steel Dragon” is no longer either the fastest or the tallest slide, but it is still the longest. And also the most expensive ever built, thanks to the amount of steel used in the construction, necessary to make the slides earthquake-resistant. But even leaving earthquakes out of the equation, this monster has definitely earned its place in our top ten.

Photo: 10 scariest roller coasters in the world #5 - BigPicture.ru

The Kingda Ka is a long-lived member of the roller coaster world and to this day remains the tallest roller coaster in the world with a dizzying record of 139 meters. However, over its history the ride has had its share of problems. In 2005 various mechanical damages occurred affecting the starter motor and the cable system. Fortunately all the problems were completely solved but in 2009 Kingda Ka was struck by lightning which caused more damage. Now that’s really scary…

Photo: 10 scariest roller coasters in the world #6 - BigPicture.ru

A relative newcomer to the roller coaster world, Intimidator 305 (the name alone makes you cringe…) won the Golden Ticket award for best new roller coaster in 2010.

Photo: 10 scariest roller coasters in the world #7 - BigPicture.ru

What can slides surprise thrill-seekers if they’re not already the fastest, tallest or longest? The Doponda knows the answer – the greatest acceleration! Confusing riders with a not-so-fast start, the Doponda suddenly accelerates to 172 km/h in… attention… 1.8 seconds! And then hurls you up and down a nearly vertical loop.

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Photo: 10 scariest roller coasters in the world #8 - BigPicture.ru

Until 2011, Superman: Escape from Krypton was known simply as Superman: Escape. But after a new coat of paint and the addition of moving backwards carts, a new superhero of the ride world was born. With speeds of up to 160 km/h and a height of 126.5 meters, the updated “Superman” knows exactly how to get your adrenaline flowing.

Photo: 10 scariest roller coasters in the world #9 - BigPicture.ru

“Thunder Dolphin” is quite modest in terms of speed, altitude and acceleration, relative to other participants of the list, but it has its own unique “chip”, which made it in it. The Dolphin’s path passes through a concrete ring, and also circles the very real building at a nerve-racking distance.

Photo: 10 scariest roller coasters in the world #10 - BigPicture.ru

Formula Rossa is currently the fastest roller coaster in the world. Accelerating to 240 km/h in less than 5 seconds. The speed is so high that those who sit in the front row have to wear special goggles in order not to hurt their eyes.

Photo: 10 world's scariest roller coasters #11 - BigPicture.ru

Another roller coaster from the same park, but worth it. These slides are “tricked out” in the truest sense of the word. Eejanaika is the so-called 4D roller coaster, which actually means that besides the usual ups, downs and loops you get… 360 degree rotating seats! Can rides get any scarier?

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