What To Bring on Road Trip

Are you planning for a road trip this coming summer vacation? Well, you should take these ideas of what to bring on road trip.

  • Smiley First Aid Kits. These are the most important thing to bring and shouldn’t be missed. Make sure to include medicines for burns, allergies, dehydration and digestive problems.
  • SmileyMaps and other Travel Guides. This is very important for first time trippers and travelers to a certain place.
  • Smiley iPod or any Musical Gadgets. These will make your road trips boredom-free. For many road trippers and backpackers, they consider bringing with them guitars or any musical handy instruments. Why not try having with you a Selmer Paris Clarinets?
  • Emoticon Cameras. Especially for travel bloggers, this is one the most important stuff to bring. Should you carry with you a tripod, shutter and remote, extra battery packs, extra memory card, outdoor cases of your cameras.
  • SmileyFood and Bottled Water. Handy foods are the highly recommended foods to bring on a road trips. Bottled water, but not in plastic containers, are very important also to prevent dehydration.
  • Personal stuff like sun protection lotion, sun glasses, toothbrush, etc.
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