What to see in Sudak and its neighborhood

What to see in Sudak and the surrounding area on your own

Situated on the southeastern coast of the Crimean Peninsula the city of Sudak with its surroundings attracts tourists with its beautiful nature, historical constructions, picturesque views of the Black Sea, comfortable beaches where the whole family can relax. It is surrounded by coastal cliffs, colorful bays and high cliffs. Every guest will find something to see in Sudak and its surroundings on their own.

The city is a resort, with a mild Mediterranean climate, well-developed infrastructure, which includes various places of entertainment, beaches, hotels, embankments or restaurants. One of the most recognizable attractions is the Genoese fortress built in the Middle Ages. It towers over the city and around it there are a lot of hiking trails. Here you will find beautiful and secluded, quiet and open places.

Sudak – an ancient trading town, whose history begins in 212 A. D. In different times it was ruled by the Byzantine Empire, the Khazar Kaganate, Polovtsov, Mongol Tatars, the Genoese, the Ottomans. Not surprisingly, that for more than 1800 years have survived the sights of Sudak, which is worth visiting. There are also modern buildings, parks and museums, places of recreation and entertainment. Visit the city should be family people, couples who want to improve their health (in Sudak operates a sanatorium and resorts), photographers, because the area with an array of mountains and unspoiled nature will give the opportunity to get a perfect picture.

Interesting places in the city

Here are some places of interest in Sudak:

Genoese fortress.

The pride of Sudak. It appeared in XIV-XV centuries through the efforts of the Genoese, who needed a strong point in the Northern Black Sea coast. It is not the only fortress on the territory of the Crimean peninsula, but one of the best preserved ones. The construction was practically impossible to start due to its lucky location – right on the rocks overhanging the sea. Today within the walls of the Genoese Fortress various cultural events take place: festivals, historical reconstructions, shooting documentaries and feature films.

Central beach and promenade

It is 250 m long. Here you can enter the water gently and safely, and take a walk along it on a specially equipped alley. The length of Sudak quay is about 2 km: here alternate small sandy and shingle beaches, which are unusual natural attractions of Sudak and the Crimean peninsula.

Water park

It accepts all guests regardless of their age and has an abundance of water attractions located on an area of 2 hectares. There are also three-level swimming pool, extreme slides of different heights, children’s zone, and artificial river. In the distance there is a wonderful view of the Alchak-Kaya mountain. So you can find both entertainment and sightseeing in Sudak.

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Address of the water park is 79 Gagarina Street.

Dolphinarium “Nemo”

One of the numerous complexes located in many cities not only on the peninsula. Children will love the performances that show sea lions or dolphins, will be able to swim and be photographed with the amazing animals. Dolphin therapy is offered to visitors with various diseases.

“Nemo” is located at 9a Kommunalnaya Street.

Cypress Alley

Rows of picturesque trees, which are suitable for the mild and warm Mediterranean climate. In addition to the Crimea, they are found on the Caucasian coast of the Black Sea. Walking through Sudak’s cypress alley you can get to the seafront or take a ride on the rides along it.

Historical Museum

This used to be Baron Funk’s mansion, but in 1998 they decided to give it a small museum exhibition. Here you can see archeological findings discovered during excavations in the vicinity of Sudak.

The exhibition is located in 13 rooms. In Sudak, you can find the site at 1 Ushakov Street.

Western Church of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin

This modest Christian shrine is located in the center of the city, on Lenin Street, 27, but it is in no way inferior in beauty to other buildings. Pokrovsky temple was built in 1840, the walls were equipped without painting and decorative elements, but the entrances were decorated with columns and porticoes. Maria Alexandrovna and Nicholas II were among the notables who visited the temple. From the desolation during the Soviet era, the temple was saved by the fact that sometimes it worked.

“Prince Bagration.”

Abandoned river boat, located at Cape Meganom. In Sudak, this landmark is interesting because it is a unique example of pre-revolutionary shipbuilding of the period of 1912. In total, there were about 11 pieces. Until 1991 “Prince Bagration” was used on the Volga, then used in Feodosia as a floating restaurant. Since 1994 it was decommissioned. It was supposed to be reconstructed into a hotel, but no actions were taken yet.

Lutheran church

The church was built by German immigrants in 1887. The church is located in the village Uyutnoe at 13 Primorskaya Street in western part of Sudak. During Soviet times there used to be a club and a cinema here. Now it is a civilian building, so there is an exhibition gallery. In spite of that, there are sometimes Baptist services held there.

Genoese Helmet Festival

Here is what you can see in Sudak from the sights for connoisseurs of antiquity and lovers of knightly art. Every year the festival is held within the walls of the Genoese fortress, receives fans of the medieval setting and re-enactors from around the world. There are musical ensembles and staged battles of knights, assaults or battles, and tourists are offered master classes and handicrafts fair.

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Cape Alchak

It is a natural tourist attraction of Sudak. It is a wonderful panorama of the Black Sea coast, which attracts tourists, especially photographers. From the city to the cape is a hiking trail, climbs a cliff more than 150 meters. Since 1988, Alchak is a nature reserve.

“Aeolian Harp.

Located on the Cape Alchak grotto, weathered hole in one of the rocks. There is a path for pedestrians through it. The “Aeolian harp” starts from the eastern part of Sudak’s embankment. From the grotto, you can spend hours viewing the city and the Genoese fortress.

Interesting places in the vicinity

Here is where you can travel from Sudak on your own:

Mount Falcon

In Turkic the name sounds like “Kush-kaya” and really resembles a falcon about to take off. This natural formation looks more like a rocky hill with a height of half a kilometer and a length of 1.2 km. This attraction of Sudak and its surroundings should be visited by rock climbers, as Kush-Kaya provides challenging routes for this sport. Hikers can climb here by special paths. From the mountain you can admire the remarkable coast and Sudak.

Cape Meganom

The beach of the same name in the vicinity of Sudak is located near Feodosia. This is a special place in Greek mythology, which explains why his territory has never settled people. According to legends, the sacred river Styx used to flow here – the river of the dead, whose souls went to the underground kingdom of Hades. Today there is a lighthouse built in the 19th century, which is now operational.

Sudak and Sun Valley wineries

Located in the vicinity of Sudak, you can visit these sights in winter for those who like to appreciate the taste of Crimean wines. For tourists are working tasting rooms, where you can try a particular taste of the drink, buy a gift bottle.

Novy Svet Champagne Factory

Visiting it, you can learn about the history of the production of this drink in the Russian Empire or the classic technologies that allow you to get an amazing taste.

Capsel Bay

Located near the Meganom Cape, it consists of many small bays along the coastline. The purity of water here is amazing, and on deserted beaches you can really enjoy nature. You can get to the site from Sudak on foot, overcoming about 6 km, or by car. The bay is perfect for nudists, lovers of tents or camping, as well as fishermen and divers.

Kiziltashsky monastery

Kiziltash Monastery is located in the village Krasnokamenka, 15 kilometers from Sudak. It is a cult building, where you can admire the Razboinichya Cave, a grotto with frescos, dated 1837, and a holy spring.

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The tower of Choban-Kule

It is located on the cape Agir in the village Morskoye on the bank with high and steep cliffs. It was built by the Genoese in the XV century, using the uncut stone blocks. Now a landmark and interesting place near Sudak half-destroyed, but the walls are 3 meters thick and the patrol tower is 9 meters high, surrounded by other remnants of the building. If you look into Morskoye, you can find an archeological museum that offers interesting documents.

What to see in Sudak and its neighborhood

The stone Genoese fortress, Sudak’s pride, its calling card and its priceless gem, towers over the precipitous rocks on Mount Krepostnaya. Today it attracts crowds of tourists, but hundreds of years ago, the appearance of the citadel played a secondary role.

Temple of the Shroud of the Blessed Virgin in Sudak

In the heart of Sudak is located the Temple of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin. This church has a difficult fate, which has fallen on a lot of severe tests, but today its appearance is no longer suggestive of sad thoughts. The building of the Church of the Intercession is designed in the traditional style.

Water Park in Sudak

In June 2003, there was a new modern water amusement park “Water World” in Sudak. It is located in the eastern part of town and surprisingly harmoniously blended in the development of Sudak bay. The territory is over 2000 sq. meters, and includes six swimming pools, several restaurants, and a water disco.

Sun Valley Winery

“Sun Valley” is the oldest winery on the Crimean peninsula with rich history and traditions. It all started when Prince Golitsyn decided to switch from the already developed wine production in the New World to the Archedress area with lands suitable for winemaking.

Chaliapin’s Grotto

Chaliapin’s Grotto is located on the Golitsyn Trail, practically at its very beginning. Whether the great singer has really been here or not, history is silent. But the visits of other great personalities are known for certain.

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Plant Novy Svet

Plant “New World” traces its history back to 1878, so visiting the company with a guided tour – not just acquaintance with the technology of the famous Crimean sparkling wine. You can dive into the secrets of how champagne is born, surrounded by dark cellars.

Alchak-Kaya Reservation

Alchak-Kaya is one of the greatest natural attractions of Sudak. Alchak-Kaya is an ancient coral reef, located in the southeast of Sudak Valley.

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Lutheran Church in Sudak

Lutheran Church in Sudak is a rare example of German architecture on Crimean soil. It was built in 1887 by German colonists from Württemberg, who came to Sudak by the invitation of Catherine the Great instead of the Crimean Tatars who had liberated the territory.

Museum of the History of Champagne Wines

The Museum of the History of Champagne Wines is in the so-called Big House – one of the old buildings of the Novy Svet plant. At the end of the 19th century Prince Lev Golitsyn, the founder of the plant and the namesake village, lived in this mansion.

Cave Monastery near Sudak

If you expand the geography of your stay a little bit during your vacation in Sudak and visit its suburbs, you can see a lot of interesting things. On the road to Novy Svet, at the foot of Sokol Mountain, one of the highest mountains in the region (477 meters), are the ruins of an ancient cave monastery.

Arcaded Temple in Sudak

Nowadays the Cathedral with arcade in Sudak is a museum of Sudak fortress, which keeps many interesting artifacts, testifying to the rich and unpredictable history of Crimea. The latest archeological excavations prove that it was started to be built as a mosque, but was not completed in time.

Temple of Saint Elijah in the Sun Valley

In Sudak’s outskirts, in the center of the village Solnechnaya Dolina (Sun Valley), you can find the oldest functioning cathedral on the Crimean peninsula – the Church of St. Elijah. It was built between the 9th and the 11th centuries. It is believed that the builders and the first parishioners of the church were Greeks.

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Even if vacation in Sudak for you associated with idle days spent at the coast, you can with great confidence assert that there will come a day when you pull for new experiences. And it is in your interest that it comes as soon as possible. Because otherwise you risk missing out on a lot of interesting things in life. Because going back to antiquity history of this resort is rich and full. Because nature has bestowed these places with unparalleled landscapes. Because.

The main attraction of Sudak – the ancient Genoese fortress. This is never overgrown tourist path. One by one, couples and families, organized and disorderly crowds are rushing into Sudak fortress to reach the top of the mountain and take pictures against the ancient walls and the expanse of the Black Sea. Until our days the fortress survived only partially, but it does not prevent it every year to take a knight festival, to become a platform for concerts and participate in the filming of films.

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The main attraction of Sudak – the old Genoese fortress. It will never become a tourist trail.

20 km from Sudak, near the village is another medieval tower, a castle feudal brothers Guasko – Genoese tower Choban-Kule. It is also in a dilapidated condition, but in terms of history and culture is of great interest.

Orthodox architecture

Connoisseurs and connoisseurs of church architecture will not be left without their portion of happiness in Sudak. In the center of the city is the Church of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin – an Orthodox church, the appearance of which is quite simple, but at the same time graceful. Over its history, the church was not once rebuilt, closed, within a few years, was in complete oblivion, but today it has been restored, held regular church services. At the exit from Sudak, in the outskirts of the village Uyutnoye, you can find ruins of the medieval St. Demetrius Monastery. Once it was the largest monastery complex in the region, and even for that it is worth your interest.

You can also see the church of St. Paraskeva, Adzhi Bey mosque in the resort village Dachnoye, Lutheran church in Uyutnoye and St. Elijah’s church in Sunny Valley.

Natural attractions of Sudak

There are a lot of natural attractions in Sudak, and almost every one of them has a romantic name. If the mountain, then Falcon, Sugar Loaf Head, Devil’s Finger, Eagle Love. If the bay, then Blue, Blue or Green. Sunny Valley is attractive for tourists: its gorgeous mountain cliffs, secluded beaches and, of course, the boundless sea views, it spawned many songs and legends.

What’s more, the valley attracts famous Golitsyn winery, whose vintage wines have long earned fame among connoisseurs.

Entertainment in Sudak

From modern high-tech buildings should be noted Sudak water park. It opened its doors to visitors in 2003 and immediately fell in love with tourists. A lot of water slides of different heights, several pools with different effects, recreation area, children’s entertainment zone, decent restaurants and cafes – water park Sudak easily give up any European water park.

And in the city there are many interesting museums, there are memorial houses, entertainment clubs, its own concert hall, many parks, and the main pride of residents – the widest, recently reconstructed embankment. Sudak – a place not only for recreation, but also for an eventful life.

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