What to see in Yalta, points of interest and photos

12 reasons to visit Yalta (+ where to go and what to see).

Yalta is the resort capital of Crimea. A city with a beautiful embankment, a unique climate and unrealistically high real estate prices. For 2020-2021, the cost per square meter there ahead of Sochi and St. Petersburg. And took a confident second place after Moscow. In this article, we propose to figure out why Yalta is so good. For what people pay money and why it is worth to visit there at least once in a lifetime.


One of the main trump cards of Yalta is the climate. Ridge of Crimean Mountains protects it so reliably that there is no severe frost or extreme heat. Occur, of course, natural disasters. But in Yalta is 3-4 degrees warmer in winter and, oddly enough, cooler in summer than the average in the Crimea. Southern coast vegetation and scorched Crimean steppe – still two big differences.

Below is a list of 12 reasons to visit Yalta in 2022. It includes everything from the seafront to the famous Massandra beach.

Excursions in Yalta

The most interesting excursions are itineraries from locals on Tripster. You can start with a sightseeing tour of Yalta. Walk from St. Nicholas Chapel to Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, see the top places of the embankment. And go on a day tour “Paradise corners of the Crimea” (from Partenit to Massandra).

Top 12 reasons to visit Yalta

1. Microclimate

Coordinates: 44.406675, 34.005420

In addition to the fact that Yalta is one of the warmest cities in the Crimea, this is a place with its own microclimate. The combination of iodine and phytoncides in the air, coupled with the optimum level of humidity have a curative effect on the respiratory organs. This effect was first noticed by scientists and physicians of the Russian Empire. Just being on the southern coast of Crimea relieved symptoms of bronchial asthma, contributed to the treatment of bronchitis, and even eased the course of tuberculosis.

No wonder AP Chekhov, learning about the disappointing diagnosis, on the advice of doctors moved to Yalta. And thus he prolonged his life for five years.

* The coordinates of the village of Simeiz (Big Yalta) are given. In fact the “epicenter” of the healing Yalta air is there. Although in general the entire territory of the South Coast – from Foros to Gurzuf – has useful properties.

2. Yalta embankment

Coordinates: 44.492821, 34.164756.

Yalta seafront, Crimea

View of the embankment from the sea Photo: Dreamstime.com

The embankment is one of the main reasons to visit Yalta. Any epithet with the prefix “the most” will do. Spacious, long, luxurious, bright, photogenic. All you need to see in Yalta first of all, is or starts from the promenade. There are city fairs, festivals, fireworks and fireworks.

Yalta painters write pictures, fishermen sit with a fishing rod, relax Yalta residents, take pictures with Chekhov’s “Lady with a dog” guests of the city.

3. House-Museum of Anton Chekhov

Coordinates: 44.491156, 34.141512

One of the main attractions of Yalta – Chekhov House-Museum – is located at Kirov Street, 12. Having moved to the Crimea in 1899 and lived here for the last five years of his life, Anton Pavlovich linked his name with the peninsula forever.

Excursions to the museum are held with awe and love. And the atmosphere of the house and the garden, as well-kept as when Chekhov was alive, is delightful. Some of the plants, planted personally by the writer, have survived to this day.

Dilbar R.: “This is one of my favorite house museums! As a fan of Russian writers’ houses-museums, I have a lot to compare it to. In September 2021 I was on this delightful tour in Yalta with the tour guide Leokadia Adolfovna (I may be mistaken with the patronymic). In the museum there is an opportunity to send a postcard.”

4. 5 star hotels in Yalta

Coordinates: 44.494716, 34.164810

Disneyland in France, history of creation and prices

Villa Elena, Yalta

Main building of the Villa Elena hotel Photo: Dreamstime.com

On the territory of Yalta there are 5 of 6 five-star hotels in Crimea. Half of them are on the seafront, the rest are within Greater Yalta. But more importantly, each of the hotels can be included in the list of attractions of the Crimea.

  1. “Villa Elena” . The former port polyclinic has become an ornament of Yalta. A full-fledged “five” and the best boutique hotel in the Crimea.
  2. Oreanda Hotel . Former Soviet hotel, decorated in the spirit of the French Cote d’Azur. Known for a huge number of movies. Today it is renovated and has its own beach.
  3. “Villa Sofia” . Mini-hotel with 12 luxury rooms in the center of the waterfront. Was bought and restored by S. Rotaru. Temporarily closed, but you should pay attention. The building is of incredible beauty!

The remaining two hotels – “Crimean Breeze” and Mriya Resorts & Spa – are outside the city. But have the right to be on our list. Because only Big Yalta can satisfy those who are used to quality rest.

* The coordinates of “Villa Elena”.

5. Massandra Beach

Coordinates: 44.497421, 34.177037

Massandra Beach is the most equipped in Yalta and the only one in the Crimea with the “Blue Flag”. It is not known exactly, whether they renew this award after the introduction of sanctions. But even if they have not, it has not affected the quality and quantity of services. Massandra beach is a whole embankment with stores, cafes and restaurants (some of them quite trendy). Different areas, divided into paid, free, luxury, etc.. All sorts of events – from the birthday of Yalta to the fig festival in August every year.

The main features: perfect cleanliness, rental of all kinds of equipment, the availability of all kinds of infrastructure and lifeguard station on guard.

Peter Krasnov: “The best beach in Yalta for me personally. There’s everything for every taste and purse. Variety of food, entertainments, chaise lounges – for a fee. But trainers in the open air – free of charge, a toilet – free of charge. Shower inexpensive, 10 rubles.

6. Drazhinskogo street.

Coordinates: 44.498066, 34.176254

Drzhinka, Yalta, Crimea

Yalta Drazhinka from the observation deck Photo: Dreamstime.com

Drazhinsky street that stretches over the Massandrovsky beach and the neighboring residential area in Yalta is affectionately called “Drazhinka”. After the embankment, it is the most famous in the city. Drazhinka began with Finnish wooden houses, attached to the cliff. Without communications and any amenities. There once lived Greeks, Karaites, Armenians, Crimean Tatars, Russians and Ukrainians.

None of the yards of Drazhinka is similar to the other. The streets are so winding that it is hard to figure out without a native. Pleasant to the eye wrought iron balconies, pots of flowers and old staircases. And of course the only beach in the Crimea with a “blue flag”.

7. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Coordinates: 44.495316, 34.163931

The main temple of Yalta – Alexander Nevsky Cathedral – is located on Sadovaya Street, 2. They say its construction was held under the personal supervision of Alexander III. After all, one of the most beautiful temples in the Crimea was created in memory of the deceased Emperor Alexander II. The crossing of Sadovaya Street and Morskaya Street is situated just above the Yalta seafront. And this lace cathedral is really worth seeing.

8. Armenian Church

Coordinates: 44.501186, 34.165248

800 meters from the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, you can visit another wonderful Yalta shrine – the Church of St. Hripsime. It is popularly known as the Armenian Church. It was built on the hillside of Darsan hill in 1909-1917 for the money of philanthropist Pogos Ter-Gukasyan. The prototype of the building was the church of the same name (St. Hripsime) in Echmiadzin. The building of volcanic tuff is generously decorated with ornaments. And inside it is decorated with frescos traditional for the Armenian Church.

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The temple is worth seeing not only for the unusual for Yalta architecture. But for the view as well: the Armenian Church is located not only on the hill, but quite high. Yes, and the atmosphere there is soothing, you do not even want to leave.

9. Cableway in Yalta

Coordinates: 44.495159, 34.165884

Cableway, Yalta

View from the cableway Photo: Dreamstime.com

One of the symbols of the city is Yalta Cable Car. It is called the younger sister of the chairlift on Ai-Petri. Although it was opened 20 years earlier, in 1967, there’s nothing special about it. But it is the best way to appreciate the relief of Yalta. And opening from the Hill of Glory panorama deserves attention. By the way, exactly the same cable car takes holidaymakers of the hotel “Yalta Intourist” to the beach.

Oleg Mamaev: “Interesting carriages) Climbing is not scary. From above there is a magnificent view! Especially to come there is no point, but if you have a rest here – by all means, take a ride.

10. Organ hall

Coordinates: 44.430706, 34.128643

The best organ music center in the Crimea “Livadia” is located 5 km from the city. The address is Baturin Street, 4. And it is a great way to end the day of exploring Yalta. The concerts are held from Wednesday to Sunday, beginning at 16:30.

If you can stay in Livadia longer than one concert of organ music, it makes sense to visit the sightseeing tour . Village in the suburbs of Yalta, where as many as three generations of the Russian tsars had a rest, is one of the records for the number of attractions in the Crimea.

Sail to the Swallow’s Nest

Coordinates: 44.430706, 34.128643

Swallow's Nest, Crimea

Swallow’s Nest from the sea side Photo: Lori photobank

One of the best ways to spend time in Yalta is to take a pleasure boat to the Swallow’s Nest . It was opened after restoration and now pleases with freshly painted facade and repaired turrets. Of course, it is more interesting to walk there from Gaspra. But the sea walk from the seafront of Yalta takes from one and a half to two hours. And so you can save a lot of time.

Unfortunately it will not be possible to go ashore. The pier was broken by a storm, and restoration is a long and expensive (and therefore unpromising) matter. Therefore while on the Swallow’s Nest is admired only from the sea side.

12. Massandra Winery

Coordinates: 44.517452, 34.187753.

“Massandra is the most famous winery in the Crimea. Its holdings are huge. It includes the main building in the Yalta area of Massandra, and branches in Alushta, Livadia, Gurzuf, Morskoye and other parts of the peninsula, and tasting rooms, and vast vineyards. Excursions take place mainly in the “head office” in the north of Yalta. The old part of the winery building resembles a medieval castle, and the cellar walls are covered with noble mold.

Tastings include up to 9 samples of vintage wines. Tours show tourists the history of the winery and the technology of production. Only need to keep in mind that in 2021 came into force a law that does not allow visits with children under 18 years.

Every year, in early November, on the square in front of the “Massandra” building is held the festival “Novemberfest”. In 2019 it was recognized as the best gastronomic event in Russia.

Where to stay in 2022

1. Mini Hotel Nice

Address: Chekhov Street, 3A

Mini Hotel Nice, Yalta

Hotel of four rooms in the center of Yalta (Chekhov Street is parallel to the promenade). The place is quiet, but the main attractions, stores, restaurants nearby. Historical building, fresh renovation, everything you need.

Bristol Hotel ***

Address: 12A, Roosevelt street

Bristol Hotel, Yalta

One of the best hotels in the city. Location is ideal – between Massandra beach and seafront. In addition to fully equipped rooms and buffet, there is a swimming pool, sauna, gym and conference room.

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Yalta sights all places in one article

Sights in Yalta, pictures

The most popular resort of Crimea – Yalta – attracts tourists not only with its pleasant climatic conditions, but also with an abundance of natural and historical and architectural sights .

The Embankment

The Lenin embankment is the oldest promenade in Yalta. Lenin embankment is the oldest promenade, which stretches for 1 km along the sea from Lenin Square to Gogol Street. It is considered to be the heart of the city and is a place of attraction for both citizens and guests of the resort.

On the upper tier of the two-tier embankment is a large number of catering establishments, stores and, of course, attractions.

Of particular interest to tourists are :

  • The buildings of the hotels “Oreanda”, “Villa Sofia”, “Tavrida”;
  • the baths of Roffe;
  • the installation “Yalta Umbrellas”;
  • ship “Argo”;
  • A. Duncan Plantation, under the crown of which the famous dancer, according to one legend, met with S. Esenin;
  • monuments to N.P. Krasnov, M.I. Pugovkin, the composition “A.P. Chekhov and the Lady with the Doggy”;
  • A symbol of friendship “The Rose of the Winds”;
  • Chapel of the New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia.

The hallmark of the embankment is the square in front of the monument to Lenin.

The lighthouse is connected to the main city embankment with a concrete breakwater, on which there is a small pier and places for repairs. The purpose of the lighthouse itself – ensuring the safety of ships passing along the South Coast, and when entering the city.

Gagarin’s Seaside Park

The Primorsky Park is probably the most visited park in Yalta. On its spacious territory there are several hundred species of vegetation: trees, bushes and flowers.

When strolling through the park, you should pay attention to the following sights:

  1. The colonnade that adorns the main gate,
  2. Monument to M. Gorky and the obelisk in memory of the Bolshevik decree, which gave a start to the life of Yalta as a resort,
  3. Monument to Anton Chekhov,
  4. Pump Room with potable mineral water,
  5. Long palm alley with observation platform and a pond.
  • Location: Communarov street, 2a.

Swallow’s Nest.

A real symbol of the peninsula is a miniature palace-castle Swallow’s Nest. It was erected on a rock on Cape Ai-Todor according to the idea of oil industrial baron P.L. Steingel.

The entrance fee is 50₽/100₽ for adults/visitors under 16, pensioners and students respectively.

  • Location: 9a Alupka Highway, Gaspra.

Livadia Palace

Palace in a picturesque town-type settlement was built on the order of Nicholas II by architect N. Krasnov in 1911. This place has gone down in history as the venue of the Yalta Conference (1945) with the participation of Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt.

In the halls of the palace operates a museum, which presents permanent exhibitions devoted to the Romanov family and the Yalta Conference. On the territory there is a 1.5 hour sightseeing tour.

The entrance fee is 400 ₽, with a discount of 250 ₽.

  • Location: 44a Baturin Street, Livadia.

Vorontsov Palace

This palace was built for M.S. Vorontsov in Alupka, right at the foot of the mountain Ai-Petri. The museum-preserve consists of 5 separate buildings, courtyards and a terrace. The palace is surrounded by a unique park complex, known as Alupka Park.

The entrance fee to all exhibitions and expositions is 900₽, and for individual exhibitions it ranges from 50₽ to 350₽ .

  • Location: 18 Palace Highway, Alupka.

Nikitsky Botanical Garden.

  • A detailed article about the Nikitsky Botanical Garden with answers to all your questions awaits you here.

The Botanical Garden, which is situated in Nikita, 11 km from the city, is one of the oldest in the world. It was founded by order of Alexander I in 1812.

The park consists of 4 gardens, spread on steep slopes: the Upper, Lower, Seaside and Park “Monterdor”, opened in 2017. In total, the garden’s collection includes more than 28,000 plants from around the world, including exotic and unique plants.

Trampoline Center Nevesost' in Moscow

A butterfly exhibit, a cactus greenhouse, and a dinosaur exhibit in Seaside Park are available for tourists to visit.


  1. Admission ticket – 150₽/300₽ for children and adults, respectively,
  2. visit to Montedor Park – 100₽/150₽ ,
  3. visit to the dinosaur exhibit – 300₽/500₽ ,
  4. visiting the Green Maze exhibition, butterfly and orchid exhibitions – 100₽/150₽ .
  • Location: Nikitsky Spusk, 52, Nikita village, Yalta.

Massandra Palace

Colorful palace in Massandra built for Alexander III is often called “little France” and “Crimean Versailles” . His distinctive feature – a mixture of styles: Baroque, classicism, Gothic, Romanesque.

Inside the building visitors can see the royal interiors and see the exhibits of everyday utensils of the Soviet times.

You can enter the territory free of charge. The cost of the main composition is 200₽ for children, 350₽ for adults, and the “Artifacts of the Soviet era” exhibition – 100₽/200₽, the cost of a tour around the palace grounds – 100₽ .

  • Location: Simferopolskoe highway, Massandra.

The Palace of Emir of Bukhara

This luxurious palatial ensemble in neo-Moorish style was built for Bukhara emir Seyid Abdul-Ahadkhan. The residence is located above the Seaside Park.

  • Location: 12/43, Sevastopolskaya street.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Cathedral was built in the early XX century. It is the main functioning temple of the city, built in memory of the tragic death of Alexander III.

Ai-Petri Mountain

  • The editorial team of krym.in did a detailed article about Ai-Petri Mountain with tips on how to get there, ropeway prices and a selection of great excursions, you can find it by clicking here.

The picturesque Ai-Petri is the most popular peak of the Crimean peninsula, the calling card of the South Coast of Crimea, and one of the most visited places in Yalta.

The height of the main peak is 1234 meters. You can get to the top by the cableway “Miskhor-Ai-Petri” or by a serpentine road with a car or a minibus.

The main attractions of Ai-Petri:

  • Uchan-Su waterfall.
  • Silver pavilion.
  • Caves. Free to visit Geophysical, Ice (Trekhglazka) and Yalta.
  • Rope bridge , nyanut between the cogs. The cost of crossing the bridge is 500₽ .

The ticket price for the cable car is 250₽ / 400₽ for children and adults respectively (ascending or descending).

Uchan-Su Falls

Uchan-Su Waterfall is located on the slope of Ai-Petri, 6 km from the city. It is 98,5 m high and ranks first among other waterfalls of the peninsula. The best time to see the natural landmark tourists call the beginning of spring, when the snow is melting.

All places on the map

Entertainment – what to do in Yalta?

Glade of Fairy Tales Theme Museum

Children and grown-ups alike will be interested in the ‘Glade of Fairy Tales’ museum, which is located in the north-western outskirts of Yalta.

This unique open air museum features fairy tale sculptures. Most of them are characters from children’s fairy tales. Some of them are Buratino, The Little Waterman, The Little Mermaid, Karlson, Doctor Aibolit, the Three Little Pigs, etc. Visitors are entertained by animators in the guise of favorite fairy tale characters.

The cost of admission is 200₽ for children, 350₽ for adults. Admission is free for visitors under 6 years old.

Fairy Tale Zoo

In the collection of the zoo “Fairy Tale”. Located next to the Glade of Fairy Tales, there are more than 700 animals. Its inhabitants are lions, tigers, cheetahs, cougars, giraffes, wolves, foxes, monkeys and others.

Here are also opened a permanent fish exhibition and exotarium.

Admission to the zoo in 2022 is 800₽ for adults, 400 ₽ for children 3-10 years old, to the Marine Aquarium exhibition is 150₽/300₽ , to the exotarium is 100₽/200₽ respectively.

Atlantis Water Park

Water park “Atlantis” offers its visitors a wide range of water activities: pools and slides, including extreme ones.

Cost to visit is from 750₽ for children, from 1,300₽ for adults.

  • Location: 7a Kommunarov St.
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Theater of sea animals “Aquatoria”

Theater of sea animals “Aquatoria” is one of the best dolphinariums in the Crimea. Here are regularly held colorful performances with the Black Sea dolphins, sea lions, white whales and walruses, work Aquarium, turtle farm and dolphin therapy center.

  1. Cost of visit – from 500₽ for children, from 600₽ for adults.
  2. Swimming with dolphins – 3000₽/5 minutes, 5000₽/10 minutes.
  • Location: Livadia, Vinohradnoe village, Bakhchisarayskoe highway, 17a.


Crocodillarium in Yalta was opened as a branch of Alushta Aquarium, where a few crocodile pups, who had no place in the aquarium, were born in 2009. The collection includes the most interesting representatives of fauna: crocodiles, caimans, snakes, reptiles, turtles, etc.

Prices are 500₽ for children, 700₽ for adults.

  • Location : 1 Ignatenko str.

Active recreation

Lovers of rich recreation in Yalta is unlikely to be bored. In the vicinity of the resort town you can do:

  • rock climbing in the Nikitskaya cleft, Simeiz (from 1200₽);
  • You can go hiking on the famous Botkin trail (described in detail here);
  • paragliding and hang-gliding on Ai-Petri;
  • horseback riding, bicycle tourism ,
  • diving in Great Yalta.


Chekhov House Museum

One of the most famous in the city is Chekhov House-Museum . In Yalta, the writer spent the last 5 years of his life. In the resort town he created the plays “The Cherry Orchard”, “Three Sisters”, the short story “The Lady with the Dog”.

Here Chekhov also built a house, called “White Dacha” (1898), where there is a museum of the writer.

The cost of admission tickets is 300₽ .

Historical and Literary Museum

The Historical and Literary Museum (YALM), which is one of the oldest museums of the Crimea, has a number of literature and history exhibitions. Museum funds include more than 160,000 items.


Buying things in Yalta is a rather expensive affair. According to the opinion of tourists, the cost of goods is greatly overestimated.


Confetti” shopping mall is situated at 10 Bolshevistskaya street. It consists of brand boutiques and gallery of clothes and shoes, supermarkets of home appliances and electronics, grocery supermarket.


Fountain” shopping mall in the city center offers fashionable clothes, cosmetics and souvenirs. The complex is located on the Lenin embankment, 5a .

The shopping and office center “Beam” offers clothing and footwear, electronics stores. The complex is located at 24b Kievskaya Street.


The modern Saturn IMAX cinema is situated in the central part of Yalta, at 4 Kievskaya Str. Here you can find the IMAX hall and two digital halls where you can watch new movies in 3D and 2D format. Prices start at 200₽.

Which tours are worthwhile?

Group with shuttle service

An 8-hour tour, travelers can visit several key attractions of the South Coast: to visit the resort village Gurzuf, Alupka and other picturesque places.

The cost of the tour for groups of up to 6 people is 6,500 ₽. Optional tickets to the Vorontsov and Livadia palaces (from 250 ₽).

Individual walking tour

During the three-hour individual walking tour you can get acquainted with the Old Town and its history and architecture, learn many interesting facts about the life and creative work of talented Yalta people, and admire the architecture of the New Town which was created by the end of the 19th century.

Cost – 3700 ₽, number of participants – up to 4 people.

Tour to Ai-Petri

This tour allows you to fulfill the dream of many travelers to conquer Ai-Petri peak. The tour program includes a visit to the Uchan-Su waterfall, Taraktashsky ridge, a walk on a suspension rope bridge (for the brave!) etc.

Cost – 1200 ₽ per person, the maximum number of participants – 15 people. The tour lasts for 10 hours.

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