Where are the Caribbean Islands on the world map

Caribbean countries

The Caribbean islands and states that are washed by the Caribbean Sea. This sea is washed by 9 continental countries and 26 island states.

Table: Caribbean countries with their capitals

Country name Capital
Belize Belmopan
Venezuela Caracas
Guatemala Guatemala
Honduras Tegucigalpa
Colombia Bogota
Costa Rica San Jose
United Mexican States Mexico City
Nicaragua Managua
Panama Panama
Republic of Cuba Havana
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo
Haiti Port-au-Prince
Jamaica Kingston
Puerto Rico San Juan
Trinidad and Tobago Port of Spain
Guadeloupe Bass Ter
Commonwealth of Dominica Roseau
Saint Lucia Castries
Curacao Willemstad
Antigua and Barbuda St. Johns
Barbados Bridgetown
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Kingstown
Virgin Islands (America) Charlotte Amalie
Grenada St. George’s
Cayman Georgetown
St. Kitts and Nevis Buster
Aruba Oranjestad
Virgin Islands (United Kingdom) Rhode Town
Anguilla Valle
Montserrat Braids
St. Maarten Marigot
Saint Barthelmy Gustavia

Map of the Caribbean

On the map you see the countries that make up the Caribbean

The Caribbean Sea washes many shores belonging not only to continental powers, but also to island powers, and the union of these states is commonly referred to as the Caribbean countries. The island nations stretch between North and South America, some of the largest being the Bahamas and the Antilles, whose area is 245,000 square kilometers.

Location of Caribbean Sea on the map

Location of the Caribbean Sea on the map

Christopher Columbus declared this place the “West Indies” because in 1492, on his way back from Europe, his crew became lost and, landing on the shores of the Bahamas, thought it was India. From that moment the Spaniards were actively exploring new lands. Soon slaves were brought to the island to develop land and build plantations. Africans were especially valued because they were resistant to the hot climate and therefore more hardy.

But Spain wasn’t the only one claiming newly discovered land; countries like the Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, and France also wanted a piece of it. But it wasn’t just the slaves that attracted them, it was mainly the crops that grew:

  • cocoa beans;
  • cotton;
  • tobacco;
  • coconuts;
  • vanilla flowers;
  • corn, and others.

Plantations were established on the islands to grow these crops, and African slaves accustomed to the hot climate were used to work on them. This is how colonies in the islands of the Caribbean came into being.

Caribbean Islands

Caribbean Islands

The period of colonization lasted three centuries, after which the individual islands gradually began to gain independence. The first liberated colony was San Domingo, it gained independence from France in 1804. It was followed by Cuba, Puerto Rico and others. But colonial history left its mark on the culture of the peoples. The locals mingled with natives from Africa and other regions, merging religion, customs and blood, which gave birth to a whole new culture, unique in its own way.

Piracy in the Caribbean

Nearly a century after Christopher Columbus’s foot entered new lands, mistakenly assuming that they had only discovered a new route to Asia, not new lands, pirates began to settle in the Caribbean islands. The newly discovered areas of land were fertile, all developed countries tried their best to claim the islands, ships came and went constantly, and carried many valuables, no doubt this attracted the pirates. The most favored islands for them were Tortuga and Port Royal.

Tortuga Island

The island’s period of prosperity for pirates is considered the first 30 years of the 18th century, during which time personalities such as Blackbeard, Charles Vane and many others became famous.

Abaco Island in the Bahamas, detailed description and photos

Caribbean islands today

At the moment, like many warm countries, the island nations thrive solely on tourism, and it is tourism that brings the lion’s share of GDP to the regions. The lists of resorts are huge, and the country can be chosen based on culture, local cuisine, service, and season. Despite the fact that the islands washed by the Caribbean Sea have a year-round resort, there is still seasonality, in some months there comes a period of rain. At this time, beach lovers are better to stay somewhere else, glad that this seasonality comes to the islands is not at the same time.

The nature here is unique in its own way:

  • white sandy beaches as from the picture;
  • clear and warm bluish water;
  • The rich flora and fauna of the tropical forest.

It is a dream to rest here for many, but because of the flight distance for residents of a number of countries such a trip can seriously hurt the bottom line. The list of benefits rest here is complemented by the presence of the tastiest ripe fruit, which will replenish your body with vitamins.

List of popular resorts

Russians, for example, very fond of Cuba, and, despite the very expensive flight, visit this country our compatriots is growing every year. And the plus is that because of friendly relations of our states the Russians do not need visa. Stay on the island without a prior permit can be 90 days.

Liberty Island is an island state in the northern part of the Caribbean Sea. Cuba.

Liberty Island – an island nation in the northern Caribbean Sea. Cuba.

Holidays in Cuba will suit every generation, the youth can dance till they drop at the brightest parties, trying the famous Cuban rum, and the older generation can indulge themselves with the real Cuban cigars and beautiful views of the sea.


Haiti is the only state with two official capitals. Haiti is the most exciting island in the Caribbean because of its volcanic origin and the high frequency of earthquakes. The island is full of rips and fast rivers perfect for rafting.


The most “relaxed” island, washed by the Caribbean Sea. In addition to visa-free travel for Russians, the island is also attractive as the cradle of reggae. It was here that Bob Marley, the progenitor of reggae, was born, raised and built his solo career. It is also where a museum was opened in his honor. The holidays in Jamaica are the most relaxed, but you must be very careful, because drugs are legalized here.

Jamaica beach

A typical beach in Jamaica

Puerto Rico

An island of solitude and tranquility with lots of small unpopulated islets around. It’s the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle and people, among other things.

On the island you can easily take a boat and sail to the nearby islands, they are unpopulated and you can feel like you own the whole island for a moment!

Predatory animals are not to be feared, they are not here, only a small frog Coki can be a nuisance and stun with their sounds.


One of the former pirate islands and this zest is still inherent in the island, there are many museums where you can trace and learn the history of the island, and compared with other island countries of the Caribbean, it is the richest in the number of museums and monuments.

Easter Island, the moai statues and all the mysteries of the island

As a former British colony Barbados has preserved certain traits, for example, in its conservative part of the island it is strictly forbidden to swim and appear anywhere topless and, moreover, it is not allowed to be completely naked, so nudist sunbathing is excluded.


The most favorite island among the pirates in the past, here was held a buying and selling of stolen goods and captured on the expanses of the sea. Everything on the island is made in the pirate style, here loving and honoring their past and having fun all year round. It was on this island filmed the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean”, which brought it even more popularity. Here everywhere wander the locals dressed as pirates, who for a modest fee will allow you to make a funny picture with them. People come here to have all the fun they can.


Some of the most beautiful beaches with unusual sand you can find exactly in Grenada. Here there is a coastal strip with white, gray, gold and even black sand. The fact that the island previously operated volcano, hence the ash color beaches.


Now the volcano is no longer active, and in its center is a lake. In this country is interesting to visit the capital of St. George’s, there are many interesting architecture and no wooden buildings, because he has repeatedly burned and the government has decided to ban the construction of buildings made of wood, and a height greater than the height of the local palm trees.

Trinidad and Tobago

This state has won the hearts of fans of ecotourism, it is located on seven islands and is quiet and peaceful all year round except during carnivals, when the dancing and dancing until morning lasts several days in a row.

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic has been attracting more and more tourists every year, and the increasing demand has provoked an increase in prices on the island. But there really is something to see here.

Dominican Republic. Punta Cana

Dominican Republic. Punta Cana

Indescribably beautiful beaches, clear and azure water, fun entertainment, delicious food and great restaurants with unforgettable views. All the architectural delights and museums are concentrated in Santo Domingo, while the other cities are remarkable only for their immaculate scenery.

Lodging in the Caribbean

Having rested once on an island, will certainly want to return here again and again, so many are thinking about moving. Attracted not only the natural beauty, but also the rhythm of life. Locals tend to be very friendly, it is easy to make friends with them. Time flows more measured here and no one is in a hurry. It feels like a huge difference for residents of megalopolises. People come here to live.

The cost of living varies from island to island and the rules of acquisition of property here are very individual.

But note that real estate in the Caribbean islands has long been moved into the rank of elite and can afford to buy a home here can very wealthy people.

Real estate in the Caribbean

Luxury real estate in St. Maarten and the U.S. Virgin Islands

With regard to registration of ownership, there are no restrictions for foreigners here, for example, in Barbados, any citizen can buy property, and the permit is issued by the Central Bank. While in the Virgin Islands, it is necessary to prove their ability to pay and obtain special permission to purchase housing.

Sumatra Island in Indonesia, points of interest

There are no annual property taxes, as we have in Russia, there is only a tax that is paid once. Lawyers handle transactions on the islands.

How to get citizenship in the Caribbean

Recently, many are considering obtaining citizenship in the Caribbean islands, and this is due to the list of benefits that can be enjoyed by islanders. This list includes not only very attractive conditions for collecting taxes from citizens, but also visa-free visits to 120 countries, which includes all EU countries. In addition to the ability to travel, citizenship in the Caribbean Islands gives the right to preferentially conduct business in the UK and the United States.

Citizenship in the Caribbean

It is easy to get citizenship in the Caribbean: you need to take part in a government program and invest a certain amount of money in the economy

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Living in the Caribbean islands is safe and beautiful, but not cheap. The islands’ economy is totally dependent on tourism and investors. Previously, the Caribbean emphasized farming, mainly growing spices. Today, more and more attract investors, offering them a lot of advantages.

To obtain a passport of a citizen of an island country, you must make a financial contribution to its economy, the money is considerable, and the amount varies from state to state. However, we are talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars, so such pleasure can not afford not everyone.

The most attractive to investors are Dominica, St. Kitts, Grenada and Antigua, because their infrastructure is the most developed, and security of residence at the highest level.


The Caribbean is currently in a phase of prosperity and the island nations are not only friendly, but ready to cooperate. Resorts are attractive to celebrities from all over the world, and therefore the prices here are not insignificant, but from this resorts are only becoming more attractive, and the flow of tourists increases every year.

Stunning videos about St. Lucia. Watch for sure.

It is profitable to invest and buy real estate in the island countries, holidays on many islands all year round, and the rental income can be received constantly, and, from a legal point of view, registration is not difficult.

The Caribbean Islands – weather and attractions

It is not difficult to find the Caribbean islands on the world map, but the traveler must first decide which island he wants, because their archipelago is huge.

Before finding out where the Caribbean islands are on the world map, you should get some general information about them. They include the Antilles, which rise considerably above sea level, as well as the Bahamas islands of coral reefs. Most of them are of volcanic origin. Some islands are surrounded by large coral reefs, the tops of which protrude from the water and are overgrown with palm trees. The Greater Antilles includes four large stretches of land that extend from the mainland, among them Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Haiti, and Cuba. The Lesser Antilles includes a scattering of smaller lands, which include the Bahamas, Caicos, Turks, Burbuda, Antigua, the Virgin Archipelago, Guadeloupe, Barbados, and so on.

The island of Bora Bora where on the world map

It is difficult to say which country the Caribbean Islands are, since they include all the land areas washed by the Caribbean Sea. At the same time, parts of the archipelago belong to different states. Previously they were known to the world as the legendary Antilles, then as the West Indies, and only later as the Caribbean, nestled within a peculiar geographical depression between South and North America. Some of the islands are unpopulated, but most of them do have a developed resort network. Today, some fifty islands are visited by visitors from all over the world.

The popularity of these latitudes is due to a harmonious combination of mild climate, rich historical heritage as well as picturesque natural scenery.

An important advantage of the Caribbean is the opportunity to vacation all year round, because it is never cold, always in summer and sunny. The big question is the need for visas. Those tourists, who are constrained by visa restrictions, are most interested in finding out where the Caribbean islands are and what countries they belong to. There are over fifty islands belonging to the Caribbean, some of which are separate states, while others are considered territorial property of France, America and England. However, most sections of the Caribbean do not require their guests to have a visa. All cruises are from Mexico, the Dominican Republic and the U.S., so it is still necessary to get to the city of departure by plane, so cruise lovers can still do without a visa. The most common cruise destinations are the Eastern, Southern and Western Caribbean. It is also worth noting that the number of islands included in the itinerary depends on the cost of the trip.

Which Caribbean islands to visit

Among the huge list of areas of the Caribbean, it is possible to identify several areas that enjoy the greatest popularity. Once the tourist understands where the Caribbean islands are, he or she needs to make a specific choice of where to go to vacation. To do this, you should get acquainted with the basic information known about the most resorts. Some of them are characterized by a developed tourist network, others make travelers fall in love with the remoteness from the usual civilization. Domestic tourists tend to choose among such proposals:

  1. Sint Eustatius is suitable for the lovers of a leisurely, measured vacation, where life goes on its own way and does not resemble a traditional noisy resort at all. There’s a town called Oranjestad, which is a charming place with just a hint of modernization. Here travelers can go scuba diving and hiking. If you come here in July, you can catch a fun carnival with dancing and upbeat rhythmic music.
  2. Saba is attractive for its volcanic scenery, wide sandy beaches, and multi-faceted ecosystem. That’s why the place is popular with eco-tourists. The airport of the Caribbean islands works here, so you can fly here. Travelers who are used to foregoing extra flights can get here by sailboat from the port of Sint Maarten.
  3. Among scuba divers, Bonaire is popular because there are no sandy beaches here at all. This place is considered one of the best when it comes to coastal diving. This explains the fact that the island has a huge concentration of dive centers, more than eighty. The rocky days and clear water provide almost one hundred percent visibility, which also attracts underwater photographers.
  4. St. Maarten is both owned by France and the Netherlands, but this is not what he is famous for. Despite the fact that to the end it is not clear which country is the Caribbean islands, tourists remember the airstrip of the local airport, which is located almost on the sea surface. The island is ideal for beach holidays, as there are only 37 of them.
  5. Curaçao is located near Venezuela. This stretch of land is popular as a stopping place for cruise ships. The administrative center is Willemstad, which is studded with numerous restaurants, stores, museums. Here the traveler can swim with dolphins.
  6. Aruba is attractive with its mild climate and also white sandy beaches which contrast with the steppe expanse. In addition to beach holidays tourists can go horseback riding or hiking to the gold mines. The local capital, Oranjestad, is known for its colonial architecture, as well as a large casino.
  7. Carriacou will delight rum lovers. On the small island there are about a hundred stores that sell quality rum. The local population mostly walks and fishes.
Phi Phi in Thailand, detailed information about the islands

The list could go on for a very long time. It is noteworthy that before you go to travel, you should also look at the weather of the Caribbean islands by month, which will allow you to make the right choice.

Weather in the Caribbean

The weather conditions for different parts of land belonging to the same archipelago may vary slightly. In general, however, the climate ranges from humid to moderate tropical. It is worth noting that the humidity index for any island will remain consistently high, which contributes to the excellent growth of different types of vegetation. Cleaner and drier air is always in the mountainous areas. The air temperature here does not fall below +25 degrees. The water near the coast remains warm all year round, its temperature does not drop below +22 degrees. You should plan your vacations in these latitudes with caution from September to November. Because this period is characterized by increased rainfall with possible hurricanes.

Local summers are moderately hot, relieved by trade winds blowing from the sea. The peak of tourism is from December to April, so domestic travelers often celebrate the New Year here. From August to November the so-called “Dead Season” begins in the Caribbean. It is worth noting that it’s quite difficult to predict the Caribbean holidays, because on one stretch of land it may be torrential downpour, and on the other brightly scorching sun. So it is important not only to view photos of beaches of the Caribbean islands on the Internet, but also to read the reviews of tourists who have already managed to rest here.

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