Where to go on vacation with children in the summer of 2017

Where to go on vacation with children in the summer of 2017

Where to go this summer to rest with a child – this question arises in all parents, where it will be better to spend a vacation and how to enjoy themselves.

If you have a small child, and so want to go somewhere to rest, not leaving the baby with grandmothers or babysitters, the best option, according to the recommendations of pediatricians, is the south of Russia.

The reaction of a small child to a change of place can be quite unexpected. Before leaving with a baby on a trip, be sure to consult a doctor, the baby must have all the necessary vaccinations. Buy in advance all the necessary medicine and supplies for a baby kit.

  1. Free medical care with a health insurance policy
  2. Great warm weather
  3. Accessibility
  4. No language barrier
  5. No long hassle with paperwork
  6. Developed infrastructure
  7. Good service

In the Crimea are concentrated extraordinary beauty spots, sandy beaches, mineral waters, mountains. No need to get passports and visas. For a holiday with the kids best suit the resorts of Western Crimea – Sand, Nikolaevka, Saki, Evpatoria, there is a shallow, warm and clean sea and quartz coast, the air is full of healing salts and ions. The west coast of Crimea is the most affordable and favorable for family holidays.

In Abkhazia a wonderful fairy tale nature, there is somewhere to take a child and what to see, the sea is clean and does not sting children’s eyes. Fruits and vegetables are very tasty and always fresh. The child here for sure will get a lot of positive emotions, breathe fresh sea air and have a good rest.

You can go to the water park in Gagra, for kids there is a shallow children’s pool, and children under 4 years old can get a ticket for free.

Children will also appreciate the excursion to the monkey nursery in Sukhumi. The nursery is home to a variety of species of primates, which are very interesting to watch. Little travel lovers will be delighted to communicate with these wonderful animals. You can also feed the monkeys with fruits and vegetables, which are sold at the entrance.

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You can walk with your child through the botanical garden, which is located near the nursery with monkeys. The child will learn a lot of interesting and new things about a variety of plants, trees and shrubs, which are collected here, and there are about five thousand of them in the botanical garden.

Bulgaria, with its mild climate is very attractive for a vacation with a small child. There is a delicious food and cheap fruits, the warm Black Sea and sandy beaches. A child in Bulgaria will not be bored for sure.

“Sunny Beach” is the largest resort in Bulgaria, there are large playgrounds for children with slides and swings, children’s pools, toy stores and even a small zoo. The resort is located on the Black Sea coast, the coastline is about 9 kilometers long.

Plenty of attractions and an incredible amusement park Sunny Beach Luna will not leave indifferent any restless little tourist. It constantly holds various competitions, creative festivals, fashion shows, concerts.

Resort “Golden Sands” is also very attractive for a holiday with children, here is a clean and warm sea, numerous children’s attractions and swimming pools, puppet shows with children’s animators, the child will experience an unforgettable experience of a holiday in Bulgaria.

If you want inexpensive, but very good and high quality rest with the kids, then go to Bulgaria, it’s a great country for a family vacation.

For a vacation with small children should not choose an exotic country, such a trip can cause damage to the little body is not accustomed to sharp changes in climate and temperature extremes. It is necessary to consider the culinary and climatic characteristics of each country to which the trip is planned. If the child is very small, then the baby food that your baby is used to must be taken with you on the trip.

Where to go in the summer at sea with children

Where to go to rest with children in the summer of 2017 at sea inexpensive and safe. Vacation at sea with children is not only positive emotions and vivid impressions, but also a sense of responsibility. That is why planning a trip with the whole family should be approached particularly carefully. And the first thing you need to pay attention to – is the choice of destination. It is important that the selected country in the summer was not too hot. Also, young children are unlikely to please a long flight. In addition, it is not superfluous to know about the infrastructure of the resort and what entertainments for younger members of the family are there.

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What resorts in Russia are suitable for holidays with children

In 2017 in Russia in the summer you can inexpensively and safely rest with the whole family on the Black and Azov Sea.

Traditionally, the Black Sea capital of children’s recreation is considered Anapa. There are a huge number of camps and sanatoriums, where not only for adults, but also for little guests. The beaches here are fairly clean, the approach to the sea – smooth and safe. The only disadvantage – during the season at the resort is a lot of holidaymakers, so to travel with children is better to choose the nearest suburbs. In terms of entertainment in Anapa absolutely will not be bored – playgrounds and amusement parks will not leave indifferent neither the youngest, nor older guests. An important point – transport accessibility. From Central Russia to the resort town you can get by train, plane or even by car.

  • Resorts on the Azov coast

Not bad for a holiday with kids are resorts on the Azov coast. Their main advantage is a fairly mild climate and warm sea, because it is not too deep. In addition, the shore and even a few tens of meters from it is very shallow, allowing the child to splash without a care, and parents to relax on the beach, without fear of drowning. Of the resorts can be noted stanitsa Golubitskaya, Yeisk and many others. Of the minuses – the lack of much greenery. The joke about the palm tree in the center of Yeisk. one, has long been “walking” among travelers.

And finally, the Crimean coast. It is different from the Black Sea and Azov Sea not only the climate but also the nature – there is a lot of greenery, and the air is considered truly healing. For a holiday with children is better to choose quiet resorts – Gurzuf (this is where the famous camp is located Artek, Koktebel and so on. The only downside to rest in the Crimea – transportation difficulties, but they absolutely do not apply to those who decided to get to the cherished coast by plane. Read a detailed review with photos of the rest with children in Miskhor.

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Where to go with a child abroad

Residents of our country, who lived in the days of the Soviet Union, probably remember Bulgaria and the beautiful children’s camps in this country. A mild climate, sandy beaches, smooth entrance to the sea – what more do you need to make the baby feel comfortable, and parents do not fear for his safety? For decades, this country is a leader in the ratings of the best destinations for family holidays.

In addition to the excellent “natural” conditions, many resorts can boast a good infrastructure, aimed not only at adults but also for children. For example, in Golden Sands there are many playgrounds on the beach with young guests are animators, and a local water park Aquapolis certainly find an entertainment to suit all family members, regardless of age. In addition, the flight from the central part of Russia takes only a few hours and will not be tedious and exhausting (from Moscow 2-3 hours). Bulgarian cuisine is not very different from the Russian cuisine, which is very important for children under 3 years old. The most favorable time for a holiday with the child in Bulgaria is August-September, the sea at this time is already warm enough, but there is no exhausting heat on the street.

There are a few beautiful resorts adapted for a holiday with children in Bulgaria: Albena, Dunes, Golden Sands, Nessebar and Sunny Beach. Here are hotels for holidays with children, which are on the top of the best.

Another popular destination for family holidays is Montenegro. Its resorts can boast not only beautiful beaches, but also an abundance of greenery, which is especially important for creating a favorable microclimate. In addition, there are traditionally not too many tourists, which also has a positive effect on the quality of recreation and service. Youth companies are often bored here, but for families with children “silence” and the absence of fiery nightclubs – rather an advantage than a drawback. The only disadvantage is a fairly high price for packages, but this is exactly the case when not a single spent ruble will not be sorry.

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In Croatia the attitude to small guests is especially trembling. Almost at any hotel one can request a crib and at breakfast and dinner (and lunch respectively, if they are included in the price) a special children’s menu is offered. There are plenty of playgrounds in the resorts, and on the beach animators will certainly involve anyone, even the shyest child, in collective games. The advantages of this destination is a great climate – even in the high season here is not hot, fairly quiet atmosphere at the resorts and a short flight. In addition, the city streets can not be called a “stone desert” – greenery is in abundance.

Reviews about vacation with children at sea

“Accustomed to rest at sea, our family decided not to deny themselves this and after the birth of a child. As soon as he turned one year old (and it happened in May). We immediately decided to make plans for the near future. As a vacation time August was chosen – because at this time the resorts are not so hot, and the water has had time to warm up properly. In addition, we chose the country with a suitable climate. As a result, we chose Bulgaria.

The flight did not cause any difficulties – it took us 4 hours to get from Moscow. And now, finally, the beautiful resort of Golden Sands! As to the rest – it passed on hurrah. It was fun for all. The beach is sandy, almost all cafes have children’s chairs and a special menu, the hotel immediately offered a crib for children. In general, all fears about the difficulty of going to the sea with children were in vain! And now on questions of all acquaintances who doubt, we answer – Yes and only yes!

“We had never even thought about taking a 1.5 year old to the seaside until the doctors advised it (we have a little problem with neurology). The direction, too, was chosen out of medical indications – the Crimea. We thought for a long time about how to get there, the price for a flight was not low, and the road by train seemed tedious. In the end all the same chose the plane. As a resort we chose Alushta. The rest was satisfied everybody – my son got acquainted with the sea, had a fascinating excursion to the Swallow’s Nest, explored all the playgrounds of the resort. And we, in turn, enjoyed his smile and not too scorching sun (the trip was in August, as we were very afraid of July exhausting heat). The only problem we encountered was the lack of a special menu in the cafe – feeding a toddler who hasn’t yet transitioned to a ‘communal table’ without having a kitchen in the room is quite difficult.”

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“When our daughter first turned 5, we first decided to take her out to the sea. After studying the reviews and prices, we settled on the Azov and decided to go to Yeisk. The city pleased with a well-developed infrastructure, fairly clean beaches and a lot of entertainment for children! “

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