Which country is it and does it need a visa?

Visa to Cyprus for Russians

Do Russians need a visa to Cyprus in 2022? A visa to Cyprus for Russians is needed, Pro-visa online is temporarily not available, but a national visa is free, here are the details. You can also enter with a Schengen multi-visa or a national visa for Croatia, Bulgaria and Romania.

The cost of a visa to Cyprus in 2022

Do I need a visa to Cyprus for Russians in 2022? It all depends on the purpose and duration of your trip to the island of Aphrodite. Simply speaking, it is possible to issue the so-called Pro-visa online for usual two-week trip for tourism purposes, it’s free and fast, within a day. But there are nuances, for example, if the child still does not have his passport and signed in the parent, as well as if the entry into the country is planned through the sea port of Limassol, or if the applicant requires more than one-time visa. You can read about the different types of visas below.

Schengen visa for Cyprus

Visa to Cyprus. Types, Documents, Needed Files and References.

Technically, the state is not visa-free, and Russian and CIS citizens need a visa to visit the Republic of Cyprus. Cyprus, despite being a member of the EU, is not part of the Schengen Agreement, so there are a few specific points related to visiting this country. Thus, with a Cyprus visa can not enter the Schengen Agreement, but with a valid Schengen visa you can enter Cyprus. However, first you need to visit a country of the Schengen Agreement, and with a single-entry visa category C you need to enter directly from the Schengen area. In this case, you can stay in Cyprus only until the expiry of the Schengen visa.

In other cases, it is necessary to apply for a Cyprus visa. There are several types of visas, the most popular among the Russians are tourist visa (Pro-visa) and visitor visa (Short Stay Visa, category C). In addition there are just a transit visa and airport transit visa.

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Processing your own Pro visa online

Visa to Cyprus. Types, Documents, Needed Files and References.

It is possible to apply for a tourist visa online. It will be a Pro-visa (preliminary visa) for 90 days and for a single entry.

To obtain it you need to fill out a form on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cyprus. Time of consideration of the form – 1-5 days, after which you will receive confirmation with a special number (actually, Pro-visa, shown on the right), which must be printed and presented on arrival at Larnaca or Paphos airport. If the confirmation did not come – contact by e-mail to the appropriate consular office (selected at the beginning).

After the presentation of preliminary visa a visa stamp is put in your passport, and the way inside the country is opened. By the way, obtaining such visa is not necessary to submit a hotel reservation and a return ticket to Russia to the consulate. But you need to keep your printed visa for the whole trip to Cyprus.

It is important to remember the following points while filling in the form:

  • fill in the form only in Latin letters;
  • give full names of your parents;
  • when indicating your profession, you should also indicate the name, address and phone number of the company;
  • the passport number should contain only letters or numbers, without spaces and no;
  • In the column “Address of residence” you must indicate the full address – city, street, house number and number of the apartment, the district – in a separate column “District”;
  • For the child in the passport of the parent a separate application form is required with the passport data of this parent.
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Tourist Visa

However, a Pro-visa is not issued if the child still has no passport of his own and is entered in the parents’ passport, or if entry into the country is planned through the sea port of Limassol, or if the applicant requires more than one-entry visa. In this case, to obtain a visa it is necessary to provide directly to the consular department of the Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus certain documents.

Documents for Cyprus visa

Visa to Cyprus. Types, Documents, Needed Files and References.

Visitor visa

Visa to Cyprus. Types, Documents, Needed Files and References.

The visitor’s visa requires practically the same documents with the only exception that instead of tourist voucher or hotel reservation you should present:

  • A copy of the “Statement of Responsibility for the Guest” (you can download it here), declared by the inviting party, where the passport data of the invited person, his/her terms and place of stay on the island are indicated, and certified by a Cypriot notary or at the Cypriot Consulate;
  • copy of passport of the inviting party (if a Cypriot national) or copy of visa (work or study visa) or residence permit of the inviting party.

Transit Visa

Transit visa is issued on the basis of the same documents as tourist visa except, of course, tourist voucher or booking confirmation, as well as Xerox copy of passport. But it is necessary to provide a ticket to the final destination and visa to the country of destination (if required).

Stay on the territory of the Republic of Cyprus with a transit visa shall not exceed 5 days. The period of validity of a transit visa is 6 months.

In addition, a Schengen visa category B, C and the national visa category D issued by the Schengen countries or Bulgaria and Romania can also work as a transit visa. In this case the period of stay in Cyprus is also limited to 5 years.

Visa Registration

It is not necessary to be present at the Consulate to apply for a visa online, though a separate visit may be required in case of any errors or if there are particular issues. Reception of the documents is from 9-30 to 13-30 on workdays, the documents are issued from 14-00 to 15-00. Visa takes approximately 1-2 days, although in special cases it is possible to get the visa the same day, if you submit all necessary documents and copies of the air tickets, confirming the urgent need of a visa, before 12 o’clock.

Sending documents

Visa to Cyprus. Types, Documents, Needed Files and References.

If you are in other regions of the country and in Moscow, you may use the PonyExpress courier delivery service. Please submit all required documents to the PonyExpress regional office and pay 1000 rubles for Moscow and 2000 rubles for all other regions. The visa is usually processed within 1 day; check the PonyExpress website for delivery times and additional information.

While in Cyprus it is possible to extend your visa for a period not exceeding its validity. To extend it it is necessary to apply to the special immigration services for the city of residence, i.e. Larnaca, Paphos, Nicosia and Limassol.

In Moscow, documents must be submitted to the Consular Section of the Embassy of Cyprus in Russia, in St. Petersburg – to the Consulate General of Cyprus in the northern capital.

Entering Cyprus with a Schengen visa

Third-country nationals who hold valid Schengen visas (type C, single-entry, double-entry, multiple-entry) and who have already entered the Schengen area, according to the conditions of the Schengen visas issued to them, have the right to enter and stay in the territory of the Republic of Cyprus without a national visa for a period equal to the remaining period of stay provided for the visa issued to them, but no longer than the duration of that visa. Important! Holders of single entry Schengen Category C visas should enter the territory of Cyprus directly from the Schengen area.

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Visit to Northern Cyprus

Visa to Cyprus. Types, Documents, Needed Files and References.

Citizens of the vast majority of countries, including Russia, do not require a visa to visit Northern Cyprus. Armenian citizens are an exception to the rule.

Since April 2004 all restrictions on free movement between Greek and Turkish parts of Cyprus are lifted. Currently, there are 5 crossing points and two more are planned. Moreover, in order to visit Northern Cyprus by land from the Greek part of the island a single entry Cypriot visa is sufficient, regardless of the number of entries into the Turkish part. There are no time limits and restrictions for visiting Northern Cyprus from the Greek part of the island. However, the government of the Greek part of the island does not recognize the entry into the island through the ports and airports of Northern Cyprus (the port of Kyrenia, Famagusta port, and Ercan airport). Thus, entry into the Greek part of the island may be denied to tourists who arrived to the island through North Cyprus.

Visa to Cyprus. Types, Documents, Needed Files and References.

In addition, the presence in the passport of a tourist the above-mentioned marks of the ports of the Turkish part of the island may serve as a refusal to issue a Cyprus visa in the future. The authorities of Northern Cyprus, aware of this, offer tourists special cards in which they put the marks of entry and exit. Thus, there is no formal evidence of the visit to Northern Cyprus. But in this case it is important to keep in mind that the exit stamp of the Turkish port of Tashudzhu, where the ferries go to Kyrenia, may also serve as proof of visit to Northern Cyprus. In contrast to the authorities of Northern Cyprus, the Turkish authorities obligatorily stamp the entry and exit of the country in your passport.

Any travel to Northern Cyprus is still not welcomed by the authorities in the Greek part of the island, although it is not formally a violation of the law. To avoid possible refusal of visas to Cyprus and Greece because of the presence of stamps of Northern Cyprus, it makes sense to ask the border guards not to put in your passport entry stamps of Northern Cyprus and put them on a separate sheet.

Embassies and Consulates

Visa to Cyprus. Types, Documents, Needed Files and References.

Address: 9 Povarskaya St., Moscow.

  • Tel.: 007 (499) 575 03 10
  • Fax: 007 (499) 575 03 11
  • E-mail: moscowembassy@mfa.gov.cy
  • Tel.: 007 (499) 575 03 00
  • Fax: 007 (499) 575 03 01
  • E-mail: moscowconsulate@mfa.gov.cy

Hours of work of the Consular Department: Monday-Friday from 9-00 to 16-30 Reception of documents: Monday-Friday from 9-30 to 13-30 Issuance of documents: Monday-Friday from 15-00 to 16-00

Visa to Cyprus. Types, Documents, Needed Files and References.

Address: 27, Furshtatskaya Street, Saint-Petersburg, 191123, Russia.

  • Phone: +7 (812) 456-22-55
  • Fax: +35722 651 517
  • E-mail: info@cyprus-spb.ru

Reception of documents is from 09:30 to 12:00 (for travel agencies from 09:30 to 10:45). Extradition is the same day, from 16.00 to 16.30.

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Do Russians need a visa to Cyprus and how to obtain it on their own?

The article explains accessibly the following questions: whether the Russians need a visa to Cyprus in 2022, what visas are necessary, where and how to get one, the cost, the list of documents, the example of filling out the form. When a pro visa to Cyprus is necessary for the Russians, and when a national visa is required. Entry to Cyprus for minor citizens of Russia. Embassies and Consulates of the Republic of Cyprus in the Russian Federation.

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Do Russians need a visa to Cyprus?

The information above refers to the Republic of Cyprus. Read here if you need a visa to Northern Cyprus for Russians.

Visa conditions of entry to Cyprus for Russian citizens

Russian citizens have the right to enter Cyprus under the following conditions and visas:

  1. Free pro-visa , arranged in advance via the Internet (only for direct flights from Russia).
  2. Free Cypriot national visa, issued in advance at the Embassy or Consulates in Russia or other countries.
  3. Dual or multiple Schengen category C visa (not necessarily activated, according to the Decision №565-2014/EU).
  4. Croatia, Bulgaria or Romania two-entry or multiple-entry Schengen category C visa (not necessarily activated, according to Decision No. 565-2014/EU).
  5. No visa if you have temporary or permanent residence permit in EU countries (except Great Britain and Ireland).

Requirements to the passport: foreign passport of Russian citizen must not expire earlier than 3 months from the date of planned return to Russia (visa expiry), must have at least two blank pages (spread), must be issued not more than ten years ago.

Russian citizens can stay in Cyprus without a visa or with any type of tourist visa for a maximum of 90 days per half year (180 days).

Do Russians need a visa to Cyprus in 2022?

Based on the above facts, the answer to the question, whether the Russians need a visa to Cyprus in 2022, is as follows.

A visa to Cyprus for Russians is not necessary in any of the above cases:

  • A valid tourist double entry or multiple entry Schengen visa (Category C).
  • A valid tourist visa from Croatia, Bulgaria or Romania, double-entry or multiple-entry (Category C).
  • Residence permit for one of the EU countries, except for Great Britain and Ireland.

In other cases tourist visa to Cyprus for Russian citizens is necessary. It can be a national visa, and electronic pro-visa, which will be described below.

Conditions for Russian citizens to enter Cyprus

A visa to Cyprus is not the only requirement to obtain permission for Russians to enter the country. The last word belongs to passport control officer. What the border officer is interested in:

  • That the tourist will leave the Republic of Cyprus within the stipulated time frame. For this you need a return ticket. By the way, it can also be checked at the airport by the airline staff.
  • That the tourist is not going on vacation in the territory of the Republic of Cyprus, occupied by Turkey (Northern Cyprus). Hotel reservations come in handy here (printouts from Booking or Airbnb sites are helpful).
  • That the tourist has enough financial means for the trip. If necessary the tourist should prove that he/she has enough funds for the trip (50€/day). It can be a bank statement or cash. It also does not hurt to have travel insurance to Cyprus to confirm that you are able to pay for medical treatment in case of emergency (choose by price/quality and buy online here).
  • That the person entering is not on the stop list. Border guards themselves will check this fact. As a rule, those persons who have previously violated the migration rules of the Republic of Cyprus are blacklisted.

⚠ I will try to keep you up-to-date with the detailed rules of entering Cyprus with a view of the global problem in the article: → Conditions for Russians to enter Cyprus in 2022. There I give all the links to official sources and legislation.

Pro-visa to Cyprus for Russians

Pro-visa is a free simplified visa to Cyprus for Russians, which can be obtained without leaving home (online).

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It is possible to stay in the Republic of Cyprus with this electronic visa for 90 days, with a three-month entry clearance period. A Pro visa for Cyprus will be enough if a tourist wants to visit the territory occupied by Turkey (Northern Cyprus).

Russian citizens can travel to Cyprus with a pro visa if they meet the following prerequisites at the same time:

  • A Russian citizen has no benefits to fly/sail to Cyprus without a visa.
  • Departure from Russia is planned without changing planes in a third country* (there are no such requirements for the return ticket).
  • No flights to neighboring countries are planned during the stay in Cyprus (e.g. excursion to Israel).
  • Arrivals are at Larnaca and Paphos airports.
  • Passport must be valid not earlier than 6 months from the date of application for a pro-visa.

* In practice there were cases (even among our acquaintances) when Russians flew to Cyprus with a pro-visa from a third country (not from Russia), and there were no problems at the entrance (the main thing is to have an air ticket from Cyprus). But you have to understand that there is a risk of going back to where you came from without crossing the border control zone of Cyprus. Or do not leave the country at all.

How to get a pro-visa: you have to fill out an application form online. Within a few working days (often the next) pro-visa will come by e-mail.

The rules of submission (site of the Embassy of Cyprus in Russia): a link to the rules.

Sample application form for pro-visa:

  1. Go to: mfa.gov.cy/russia →
  2. Select the supervising representations of the Republic of Cyprus: 1) Consulate in St. Petersburg (for residents of the North-West Federal District, except for the Republic of Komi) or the Embassy in Moscow (for all other residents of Russia); 2) The number of applicants; 3) Click “Continue”.
  1. Fill in the form in Latin letters (FI – as in the passport), it is not difficult, below is an example sample.
  1. We put a “tick” to confirm that we agree to data processing; “tick” – that we are not robots; press “send”.
  1. Within a few minutes you should receive an email to the address you specified in the form, that the application is received. If the letter did not come – check your spam folder. All, now we wait for the pro-visa (usually one day). You print it out and take it with you to Cyprus.

National Visa of Cyprus in Russia

You need a national visa for Cyprus if a Russian citizen has no advantages that would allow you to travel to Cyprus without a visa or with a pro visa. For example, the departure is from a third country (not Russia), or the trip will be part of a cruise; visits to neighboring countries are planned during the stay in Cyprus (for example, an excursion to Israel or a trip to Lebanon).

Types of short-term tourist visas to Cyprus (Category C) for Russian citizens:

  • Single entry visa – visa for one trip. It will also be sufficient to visit the territories occupied by Turkey (so-called Northern Cyprus) during the vacation, as the tourist will not formally leave the borders of the Republic of Cyprus.
  • Dual entry visa is a visa that allows two entries into the Republic of Cyprus. This visa is useful if a tourist wants to visit Lebanon or Israel while vacationing in Cyprus and returning to the island.
  • Multiple entry visa is a visa that allows multiple entries into the territory of the Republic of Cyprus. May be issued for up to 5 years, but do not forget that the stay on it can not exceed 90 days in a 180-day period.
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National Visa to Cyprus: All types of visas to Cyprus are free for Russians.

The processing time is within a few working days.

Where else you can get a national visa for Cyprus: Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania.

List of documents for applying for visa to Cyprus (type C):

  • Foreign passport.
  • Application form filled in English, personally signed by applicant.
  • Photograph 3 x 4 cm – 1 pc (recent, on light background).
  • Copy of the main page of your passport (page with data and photo).
  • Confirmation of hotel reservations (on the letterhead of the hotel, stamped and signed by the manager of the hotel, where all tourists are listed by name). If the confirmation is written for several people, a copy of this confirmation should be attached to each application.
  • For double/multiple visa application, documents and explanation of need to enter Cyprus several times.

For non-Russian citizens, applying for visa in Russia, the list is a bit more extensive: additionally, a work permit, certificate from work with the position and salary, bank account statement, registration / residency permit are required.

⚠ The consular office may at its discretion request additional documents or invite the person requesting the visa.

Who may apply for a visa:

  • The applicant in person.
  • Relative (by documents proving kinship).
  • One of the applicants, if documents from more than one person are submitted in one package.
  • Representative of the company, for which the applicant works (by power of attorney on company letterhead + certificate of employment from both).
  • Accredited travel agents.

Official site of the Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in Russia: link to the site.

Addresses of the Embassy and Consulates of the Republic of Cyprus in the Russian Federation:

  • Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in Moscow: 9 Povarskaya Street, Moscow. Tel. + 7 499 575-03-00 (Consular Department).
  • Consulate of the Republic of Cyprus in St.Petersburg: 27, Furshtatskaya ul. 191123. Tel. +7 812 456-22-55.
  • Consulate of the Republic of Cyprus in Krasnodar: Krasnodar, 521 Krasnykh Partizan St., 3rd Floor, 350000. Tel. + 7 861 221-43-13.
  • Consulate of the Republic of Cyprus in Yekaterinburg: 15 Gogolya St., office. 601 (6th floor), 620075. Tel. + 7 343 282-92-15.
  • Consulate of the Republic of Cyprus in Samara: 189 Chapayevskaya St., 443010, Samara. Tel. + 7 896 207-33-51/52/53.

Entry to Cyprus for children from Russia

When traveling to Cyprus, Russian children are subject to the same visa conditions as adults.

For a Pro-Visa: if you travel with a child who is registered in your passport, a separate application form is also required for the child, stating the passport number of the parent.

For a national visa, a copy of the birth certificate + copies of the parents’ visas (if not submitted together) must be added to the basic list of documents.

If a minor child is accompanied by only one parent to Cyprus, a notarized permission from the other parent to take the child and the child’s birth certificate (original or notarized copy) must be presented at the embassy/consulate and at the passport control during the trip.

In this article we have analyzed if the Russians need a visa to Cyprus in 2022, how to get a pro visa and a national visa of Cyprus for Russian citizens, costs, list of documents, entry and visa to Cyprus for Russian children. If you still have questions, ask them in the comments.

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