Why go to Woodbridge Township, New Jersey?

None yet of my dreams to go and visit New Jersey specifically in Woodbridge. However, if given a chance, probably an all-expense-paid travel and tours, definitely a free travels and tours, why would I decline such opportunity then? Anyway, the closest airport to Woodbridge is Newark Liberty International Airport wherein I can get relatively cheap airfare through WestJet.

Woodbridge Township, New JerseyWoodbridge Township, New Jersey

That was just one of our silly chats with my friend, Ann. We’ve been good friends since college and just on the Christmas vacation of 2012 we seen each other again after more than seven (7) months though we constantly talked via mobile phones and on Facebook chat. No wonder, for friends like us, it is impossible not to dream-talk.

Moreover, I can’t truly recall why we have discussed about Woodbridge Township, New Jersey. Was it because of the pathmark job application of her friend which she found really a great opportunity to try? Or was it just a random overseas travels and tours which we usually dreamed to realize? Pardon me, but I totally forgot.

Well, for you, if you are given a chance to go to Woodbridge Township, New Jersey, why should you accept such opportunity?

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