Wynperl Park in Nha Trang, How to get there and prices for tickets

Vinperl Amusement Island in Nha Trang

In this article I will tell you about Winperl Island in Nha Trang , how much is the entrance to Winperl amusement park, where is Winperl park Vietnam, how to get to Vietnam Winperl amusement park in 2019.

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Wynperl in Nha Trang: Location

Located on the island of Hon Tre (called “Hon Che”), 3.5 km from the beach in the south of Nha Trang. But with the light hand of the creators of the entertainment industry it began to be called the island Winperl . Even put a sign on the mountain (as in Hollywood). Now at Wynperl they are expanding the territory, poured even more space and build new entertainment. So the island is a little closer to the shore.


The island of Vinperl can be seen from anywhere in Nha Trang, especially the huge Ferris wheel, which is beautifully lit in the evening. For tourists it is one of the must-visit places, but by the way, the most expensive in price of the nearest to Nha Trang.

Wynperl Park Vietnam: prices

How much is a ticket to Wineperl Nha Trang Amusement Island and what are the tickets? A regular ticket costs VND880,000 (round trip with cable car), for children VND700,000 (from 1 to 1.4 meters), for senior citizens VND700,000, children up to 1 meter tall have free entrance. There is a ticket with the rope one-way – 800.000 VND, as well as a ticket after 4 pm for 450.000 VND, children 350.000 VND. Prices are constantly rising, before the regular ticket to the Wineperl costs 600.000 VND, and the evening ticket is even cheaper.

The park closes at 9 pm, but after 7 pm there is not much to do. Attractions after 6:30 pm run only when there are a certain number of interested parties.

Wynperl Park Vietnam

Tickets for Winepearl Vietnam

Discount tickets are sold at travel agencies around town. Get a plastic card, it is valid for 2 weeks. At the Winperl box office there are not long lines, because everyone buys tickets in advance. At the entrance, you have to put the card into the turnstile and pass. You don’t need a card anymore, all the entertainment on Wynperl Island is included (you only need to stand in line), except for water sports, zip line.

Wynperl Park Vietnam

Cableway to the park Winperl Vietnam

Winepearl Park Vietnam: How to get there

The cableway over the sea leads to the Winperl amusement park in Nha Trang (it used to be considered the longest, but now they built a bigger one). Its length is more than 3000 meters. This is a kind of entertainment. It is possible to get to the bottom station of the cable car to the entertainment island of Wynperl on your own:

  • By our favorite bus number 4 in Nha Trang, which goes to all the attractions of the city. The fare is 8,000 VND, the final stop is Winperl . Buses run until 6 pm.
  • Or take a cab from the center to the park – about 100.000 VND.
  • By bike – go south past South Port, and turn left under the sign to Winperl. There are several parking lots nearby, cost for a bike is VND 5,000.
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Wynperl Park Vietnam

Wynperl Park Vietnam

Wynperl Island Nha Trang

What is waiting for you on the Wynperl Island in Nha Trang? There are several themed areas: rides, water park, beach, zoo (giraffes, rhinos, monkeys, etc.), greenhouses with flowers and parks . Inside there is also:

  • Dolphinarium, you can also watch a mermaid show, fish feeding;
  • 4D movie theater, arcade with slot machines;
  • fountain show (at 19.00 and 20.00);
  • stores;
  • alpine slide (electric sled);
  • of course, the cable car itself;
  • Ferris wheel;
  • the beach and the inflatable towns that make up the VINPEARL inscription.

Greenhouses at Winkler Park Nha Trang

Greenhouses in the park Wineperl Nha Trang

The island turned out to be a chic oceanarium. There are even small sharks and rays swimming above you, as well as a sculpture of a mermaid. There is a huge musical fountain and a 4D movie theater. The effect of the quality of the picture volume is incredible. But they show children’s cartoons in English with Vietnamese subtitles.

The most popular attraction is the electric sled. You have to go all the time downhill, and you regulate the speed yourself with the handbrake. Again, the main thing is that there are no Chinese people in front, who are always braking. Workers attraction, as they see the Russians, wait 3 times more time before starting on the track. But this does not help either, meet someone in the middle of the track, you have to slow down.

The main contingent of holidaymakers in Wynperle – the Chinese . The ratio with the Russians is about 90% to 10%. In general, the Chinese are the main stream of tourists in Nha Trang. They go in droves to this resort for 3-4 days, they have established communication (about as we have in Turkey). And for example on Fukuoka or Dalat, there are no Chinese.

All the entertainment adapted for the Chinese. That is, all water slides are such that you can get your feet in the pool (most Chinese can not swim). Amusement rides are also not scary (more designed for children).

Winkler Park Nha Trang

Wineperl amusement park: 10 secrets to visit

If you are going to visit Wynperl amusement park in Nha Trang, here are some tips.

  • There is no better time to visit Wynperl in terms of the number of tourists. There are a lot of foreigners on weekdays, and Vietnamese also come on weekends. And there are a lot of Chinese people every day. Sometimes there are less people on weekends because everyone thinks there will be less on weekdays and they come on weekdays.
  • There are a lot of Chinese people. It’s a real “China town.” There’s giant lines to all the rides. The thing about the Chinese is that they walk in huge groups and if they go somewhere, it’s easier not to even take a turn there. More of their company will come up and go ahead of them. And at all risky moments will do everything slowly and carefully (especially the electric sled). Surprisingly, the four of them are not afraid to ride the bike, but they are afraid to go down the hill.
Vinperl amusement park in Vietnam, prices

Electric toboggans at Winkler Park in Nha Trang

Electric toboggans at the Wynperle in Nha Trang

  • Arrive at the ticket office better at 08.00 am (at 08.30 there are already a kilometer line of Chinese, and every 5 minutes they bring more and more), or then after 10.30. There will be no queues at the ticket office, as well as at the booths. The biggest lines are from 08.00-09.00.
  • If you come to the Winperl and there are long lines at the cable car, go to the ferry (to the right of the ticket booths). Admission to the ferry is by Winperl ticket.
  • From 10.30 till 13.00 it is best to go on water slides, and after 14.00 to go on amusement rides and slot machines. The Vietnamese and Chinese do the opposite.
  • Lunch costs from $ 5 to $ 10. The cheapest bottle of water 15.000 VND. Bringing your own food and drinks can not, but if you hide it in the bottom of the backpack, you can sneak. At the entrance to the cable car asking to open bags, backpacks, but look only above, inside things do not get.
  • The luggage room costs VND 10.000 for valuables, VND 20.000 for clothes (if you want to leave things in front of the water park), plus a deposit of VND 100.000.
  • I don’t recommend the slides a la kamikaze for those who have a lot of body mass, since they are designed for small Asians, you can easily get knocked out and hit.
  • The most popular attraction is the electric toboggan . Lines here can take up to several hours. Priority pass costs 150.000 dong). In the evening, there are fewer queues than in the morning. Plus, there is always someone who slows down hard and does not let you accelerate. You have to keep a distance of 25 meters between sleds. We were never able to get down quickly. It’s cool to go down around 5:15-17:30 pm, when the sun goes down and you can capture the sunset.
  • In the zoo is better to go after 16.00, because during the day in the heat the animals hide and sleep, and in the evening they are more active.
  • At 19:00 starts the show of singing fountains, but you do not have to wait for the end, as the mass will rush to the cable car and form a queue. At 19:10 you can move to the cabins.
  • A map with the scheme of the entertainment complex you can get at the ticket office. Or you can get it at the travel agencies in town when buying a ticket.

Wynperl Nha Trang: Reviews

I liked the Wynperl, the territory is huge, and for the whole day you can not go around everything. Cool safari area with animals, exotic plants from different parts of the world – orchids, baborabs, cacti. Aquarium, dolphinarium. Lots of activities for children.

The coolest island. We also went to Orchid Island and Monkey Island. There are more orchids in Winperl than on the whole Orchid Island, there are monkeys too. Better than going to other islands, only difference in price, Winperl costs 4 times more.

The park is more for kids and Chinese. The rides are boring, all sorts of assholes are always slowing down on the sled, free fall is not scary. At the same time, the Chinese yell like they are breathtaking. Queues are kilometers long, it takes two hours to get on the sled. There are not even drinking fountains, and this in the 30-degree heat. Water is the cheapest 15.000 VND, at the entrance shmanayut bags, nothing to bring their own. The food is expensive and tasteless. The park at one time. No desire to go more. And for such money.

Were in PortAventura, came to Nha Trang – well, such. In Spain, even though it is more expensive, but there we went out of the attraction and our knees are trembling, and here we are in some kind of kindergarten.

Winkler Island Nha Trang

Wynperl Island Nha Trang

Aquafan Waterpark Italy, Riccione.

Now you know about the island Winperl in Nha Trang, prices, reviews, photos and description. It is definitely worth a trip, especially if you have not been to other places of entertainment in Asia (Sentosa Island, for example). We went to Wynperl in Nha Trang after Wynperl on Phu Quoc. There is a difference, on Fukuoka a gorgeous huge safari, lots of wild animals in the natural environment, here the small pens for animals and all. Very pitiful screaming from someone in the enclosure, the animals panicked. The entertainment part on Fukuoka is separate, and here everything is together. In our fastidious opinion rating Vinperlu in Nha Trang – 6 out of 10. Its worth its money only for children. Adults might be boring. If you have nothing to compare it with, of course you will like it.

Wynperl amusement park in Nha Trang, Vietnam – photos, reviews, map

To the island where the amusement park is located, right above the sea stretches a cable car with a length of 3320 meters – the world’s longest cable car over the sea . Even the ride to the island itself is mesmerizing with stunning views of Nha Trang Bay – don’t forget to take photos!

Cableway from Nha Trang to Winkler Park, Vietnam.

Photo: aerial tramway over Whirlpool Island

Tips for visiting the park

  • The Wynperl amusement park is very large. If possible, allow two days for entertainment: one for the water park and the other for the amusement park and arcade. If you’re going only for one day – arrive first thing in the morning.
  • Do not bring your own food and drinks on the island, so do not bring your own food. The park has inexpensive cafes and restaurants where you can eat.
  • The ropeway ride to the island takes 10-12 minutes. Cabins are designed for eight people, but often ride half empty.
  • On weekends there are always long lines at the rides – better to arrive on weekdays just before the park opens (08:30).
  • Bring your swimsuit, sunscreen, towel and money for food. You don’t need anything else.

Park rides and activities

Listed below are the main rides and activities you can visit at Wynperl Park in Vietnam in 2018.

1. Amusement Park.

In addition to water slides, pools and an aquarium, the standard set of attractions inherent in an amusement park is also presented here, from roller coasters to merry-go-rounds and a Ferris wheel. Part of the entertainment is concentrated in the artificial mountain range.

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As in the case of the water park, you can ride the rides relentlessly for hours or even all day. Be sure to take an electric sled ride – all tourists who have been to Wynperl leave rave reviews about the trip.

Great video about the entertainment at the Wynperl Park in 2018:

2. water park.

The attractions of the water park Winepearl include many water slides with different names: “Black Hole,” “Tsunami,” “Kamikaze” and others. There is a 500-meter “lazy river”, on which you can leisurely ride on a tubing. Another interesting amusement is the tank, where you can simulate the sea weather, from a slight quicksand to a violent storm.

Rides and slides in the water park is divided into three zones: children’s, family and extreme-zone. For children there is a special shallow pool, and next to it there are sun loungers and umbrellas, where parents can watch their kids.

Slides and pools work to a certain schedule – the schedule can be found at the entrance to the water park. The water park itself is open from 09:00 to 18:00.

Vinpearl Land Nha Trang Waterpark video:

3. slot machines and 4D movie theater

The interior of Vinpearl Park in Nha Trang has a karaoke room and halls with all sorts of arcade machines – it will be interesting for both adults and children.

Nearby is a 4D movie theater, which simulates rain, wind, smoke, snow, earthquake, heat and other weather effects. From visiting the cinema tourists leave different reviews – some are not impressed, and some really like it.

In the same building there is a children’s room, where you can leave your child under the supervision of the park’s Winperl staff or even put him to sleep.

4. Aquarium

There is a huge aquarium “Underwater world” in the territory of the park Winperl, at the bottom of which there is a glass tunnel with a moving track. In this aquarium visitors can see no less than 300 different species of colorful fish and other sea creatures.

The aquarium area is divided into sections based on the climatic conditions in which the fish live. The Underwater World Aquarium in Wineperl is the most modern and beautiful aquarium of its kind in all of Vietnam.

  • Winepearl Aquarium opening hours: 09:00 – 21:00
  • fish feeding: 10:00 – 10:15 and 17:00 – 17:15
  • Mermaid show: 11:00-11:10 and 15:00-15:10

Video of visiting Vinpearl amusement park with kids (2016):

5. Shows and performances

At certain times in the park are organized colorful performances and performances.

Dolphin Show

Dolphin and Navy Seals show is enjoyed by adults and does not leave children indifferent. The animals perform tricks, dance, and greet the audience. The show takes place at a place called Dolphin Lagoon, to the left of the entrance to the water park (#42 on the map of Wynperl).

The dolphin show schedule at Wynperl Park:

  • Monday: 11:30-12:00 a.m.
  • Tuesday-Sunday: 11:30-12:00, 15:30-16:00

Dolphin show at Winkler Park Nha Trang


Twice a day there is a fish show feeding at the aquarium: at 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. And at 11:00 and 15:00 there is also a mermaid show.

Vinperl amusement park in Vietnam, prices
Fountain show

In the evenings there is a fountain show. Especially for this in the park built amphitheater for 5000 seats. The show is very colorful and bright, with great music – we recommend a visit!

Schedule for the show of fountains at the Whirlpool:

  • Daily: 7:00 p.m. – 7:25 p.m.

Winkler Park Amusement Fountain Show

6. Wynperl Beach.

There is a 400-meter long white sandy beach in the park where you can relax and watch the sunset. There are practically no waves in the sea on this side of the island, so Vinperl beach is great for holidays with children.

The beach has active entertainment – jet skis, catamaran rentals, parasailing, kayak rentals, banana boats and water skis.

7. Restaurants and Cafes

Not far from Wynperl Beach is the Food Village, where you can eat on a terrace overlooking Nha Trang Bay. Food prices here are very low, like everywhere else in Vietnam – from 100,000 to 250,000 VND ($4.4-11).

There are also several restaurants belonging to the Vinpearl Luxury Hotel where you can enjoy Vietnamese cuisine.

Winkler Park Restaurants and Cafes

8. Shopping Street.

There is an entire street on Vinpearl Island with many stores and boutiques where you can buy everything from brand name clothing to jewelry and souvenirs. The whole area with stores is called Vinpearl Land Shopping Mall and is to the left of the cable car if you look from the Nha Trang side.

  • Shopping hours: 09:00 – 21:00

Stores in Winkler Park Nha Trang Vietnam

Vinpearl Ticket Price – 2018

The cost of Wynperl Park in 2018 (prices from the official website):

Ticket prices in Russian are also listed on the booth next to the park ticket office . With a “all-day” ticket, you can go to any slides, rides and attractions an unlimited number of times.

Map of the Wynperl

At the ticket office you will also get a free map of Winkler in English. All the rides and attractions are marked on the map to help you get your bearings.

Large map of Wynperl from the official website , 2018:

Detailed map of Wynperl Park in Nha Trang, Vietnam

Click on map to enlarge

Hotel Wynperl in Nha Trang

There are several good hotels (most are 5-star) on the amusement park island for the convenience of visitors. One of the main advantages of staying at them is unlimited free admission to the park. These hotels are:

    (from $248) (from $129) (from $175)

Winkler Hotel Nha Trang

How to get to the Wynperl Park in Nha Trang

Wynperl Park is located on a separate island in the southern part of Nha Trang.

There are two ways to get to the cable car that leads to the island on your own:

  • Take a cab
  • Take bus #4.

A cab from the center of Nha Trang will cost about VND100,000 (300 rubles), but drivers can bend a higher price. It’s convenient to get by bus #4 – the cable car to Winperl is its terminus, and the ticket costs only VND7,000 (21 rubles).

Use our bus route map to see where to take the bus to Winperl Park:

Vinperl Park on a map of Nha Trang and Vietnam

Click the menu button in the top left corner and select the Attractions category.

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