Yelanda, Altai Krai: Recreation centers, when to go, important information

What to see in the village of Elanda in the Altai Mountains

Elanda is a mountain village on the bank of the Katun River in the Chemalsky district of the Altai Republic, there is an abundance of attractions and opportunities for outdoor activities.

Yelanda is a small mountain village on the right bank of the Katun River in Chemal District of the Republic of Altai. It is part of the Chemalskoye rural settlement consisting of four villages.

How to get to the village

The road to the Chemal village of Elanda runs through Novosibirsk, Barnaul, Biysk and Maima to the south-east along the R-256 “Chuysky Trakt” highway. In Ust-Sema township they turn to Chemalsky tract and follow it along the Katun river for about 60 km.

Interesting fact: There are two villages with the name Elanda in Eastern Siberia. One village is located on a plain in the Tselinny district of Altai Krai, the second is in the mountains of the Chemal district of the Republic of Altai.

The optimal route of public transport to Yelanda village looks like this, although the transfer points may differ:

  • Arrival in Barnaul by any convenient ground or air transport;
  • Change to a bus to Chemal from Barnaul bus station. The approximate distance is 350km, the price of the ticket is from 800 RUR to 1000 RUR, travel time 6 hours;
  • In Chemal guests will be met by a transfer from the base, chosen in advance.

If you want to get to Chemal by public transport, take into account that buses don’t go to the settlement. The nearest stopping point is the village of Chemal, which is 30 km away from Yelanda.

Tourist organizations offer various group tours to Chemal with a visit to Yelanda. If you start from Novosibirsk, the price for a 4-day program starts at 6500 RUR. The price includes: car travel, accommodation at the recreation center and sightseeing tours.

Weather and Climate

The village of Elanda is located 420 m above sea level among the spurs of the Iolgo and Kuma ridge. The mountain ring is a natural barrier to the rapid movement of air masses. Abrupt changes in weather and heavy precipitation are rare.

In summer, the air is heated to +25-30 degrees, while winter temperatures rarely fall to -25-30 degrees. The climate of Jelanda is moderately continental, mild, relatively dry and sunny. Fogs are possible in the morning hours.

Infrastructure and history of Jelanda

According to statistics, the village of Elanda has existed since the mid XIX century. The number of inhabitants, mostly indigenous Altai people, is 150 people. Along the three streets of the village are wooden, old houses. Some farmsteads are abandoned and decaying.

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The local population lives from cattle breeding, agriculture, and beekeeping. As well as the income from renting houses, organizing excursions for tourists, selling handmade souvenirs.

Infrastructure of Jelanda is underdeveloped, there are:

  • Power lines and water supply from artesian wells;
  • Grocery store;
  • Elementary school;
  • Village club.

In the village and the surrounding area there is no Internet, a mobile network. To make a phone call – you need to climb the mountain, go to Chemal or Kuyus. The nearest gas stations, cafes, post office, bank, market and convenience stores are in Chemal.

In the 1980s, construction of the Katun hydroelectric power plant was started above Yelanda. A bridge on concrete piers was built across the Katun river, which was destroyed by the river in the flood. The object was left unfinished and is now the ruins of industrial facilities.

Interesting fact: In 2011, a feature film “While the Fern Blossoms” was filmed in Elanda. The pavilions and scenery, unfortunately, could not save – the locals dismantled them for firewood.

Where to stay and rest bases

There are several camping sites in Jelanda itself:

“Elanda” – designed for a simultaneous stay of 100 people. Guests are accommodated in 2-4 bed houses at a cost of 700-800 RUR per day. There are also superior apartments in the main building – 6000 RUR per day for a room for 8 people. On the territory of the camp there are recreation areas with arbors and fixed grills, showers, a sports field, two bathhouses. Bicycle rent services, arrangement of rafting on Katun river, horse walks are paid additionally;

“Yelanda Zaimka is a small family farm for up to 14 people. It consists of three lodges, shower rooms, bathhouse and rest area. Price of accommodation is from 650 RUR, order of three meals a day from 850 RUR. Firewood for the campfire and the brazier is paid – 15 RUR per log;

The homestead “Altyn-Tuu” – in summer season accommodates up to 20 tourists. There are two 4-bed houses with a veranda and five 2-bed houses, the price ranges from 500 RUR per person. On the territory there is a summer kitchen, a gazebo, places for barbecue and a fire, a bathhouse, a store of drinks on tap, guarded parking, a sandy beach on the shore of the Katun river 500 meters away. The homestead offers automobile and horse trips to local places of interest, organization of fishing and hunting by prior request.

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The camping site, called “Habitat”, is located at the 59th km of Chemalsky Tract, 3 km before you reach Yelanda. You can bring your own tent or rent one on the spot with all the necessary accessories. For vacationers are provided:

  • Tent camp – the cost of one place from 400 RUR per day, issued sleeping bags and pillows;
  • Organization of three meals a day, issuing dry rations (700 RUR – 1000 RUR for one person);
  • Rest area with campfire and benches;
  • Bath (500 RUR per hour);
  • Toilets and showers;
  • Medical help;
  • Organization of walking, horseback riding, car, water excursions under the guidance of guides and instructors;
  • A sandy beach closed by rocks from three sides;
  • Transfer from Novosibirsk (2500 RUR both ways), Barnaul, Chemal, free parking.

There is no electricity in the camping. At night, the area is illuminated with kerosene lamps and LED lanterns. A mini-generator is used to charge mobile devices. Drinking water is brought from an artesian well. Home-made dairy products, eggs, and vegetables are delivered from Jelanda on guests’ orders.

There’s a tourist site next to the camping site, Suu Odyn-Tash, with space for 45 tents, parking lots, fireplaces under tents for cooking lunches, and horse rentals. Those who want to fish are given fishing tackles for free. Prices for accommodations at the camping site range from 150 RUR for one tent per day.

When the tourist season

Journey to Yelanda Village in the Altai Mountains is limited by the seasonality of the local recreation centers and is available from May to October. The closest tourist bases and sightseeing offers working in winter are located in Chemal.

Summer months are favorable for beach recreation on the shores of the Katun, rafting, and bicycle tours. In spring and autumn, you will enjoy the beautiful scenery of blooming maral blossoms in May and fading mountain taiga in September.

Interesting fact: there are no mosquitoes in Yelanda due to its mountainous location and lack of bogs. But in May and June there are plenty of ticks.

Sights of Jelanda

The vicinity of the village of Jelanda is rich in interesting places, natural and archaeological monuments. Some of them are:

  • The tract Chechkysh. It is located in front of the village 500 meters from the Chemalsky tract. There is a footpath to the gorge, the passage through which costs from 50 RUR. From a mountain spring there is an artificial waterfall of the same name, 4 m high, and there is an observation platform with a view of the Katun and steep cliffs;
  • Elanda rapids. They are formed by a tectonic fissure through which the Katun riverbed runs. These are two rock troughs 20-60 m high, separated from each other by rock. They belong to one of the most difficult places for river rafting. Located 1 km above the village of Elanda, at the junction of the Katun and its left tributary, the river Tytkesken;
  • Petroglyphs. Drawings of ancient people are on the steep cliffs along the Chemalsky route in the direction of Kuyus village, 11 km away from Elanda. The petroglyphs depict deer, elk and human figures;
  • Oroktoy bridge. A structure on reinforced concrete piers that connects the banks of the Katun river in a narrow place of the river. Water depth under it is 70 m, from the bridge there is a panorama of the rapids of Teldykpen.
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Besides, behind Yelanda there are tunnels, cut through the rocks during the construction of Katun hydroelectric power station, a pedestrian suspension bridge across the Katun river, on the left bank – mountain Kys-Tash, 1200 m above sea level and many other things.

If you decide to go to Yelanda

When planning an independent trip to the village of Yelanda Chemalsky district take into account such moments:

  • To put a tent in the coastal zone of the Katun river for free will not work. The lands are leased or privately owned;
  • Despite the remoteness of the village, it is necessary to book places at the tourist hostels and tent sites in advance, since the flow of tourists is quite large;
  • On vacation you will need sports clothes and shoes suitable for hiking in the mountains, a flashlight, first aid kit, a tick repellent;
  • Civilization remains in Chemal 30 km from Yelanda. Products, household sundries, a supply of gasoline and even wood for the fire are brought with you.

Your rest in the village of Elanda, among the spurs of the Altai Mountains will allow you to be alone with the pristine nature, far away from the noise of city life. Warm climate, turquoise waves of the Katun River, visiting unique natural monuments will leave unforgettable impressions for a long time.

Yelanda, Altai Krai: Recreation centers, when to go, important information

A large four-bed house number 1 to 5.

Two rooms and a kitchen area, an open veranda. The large room has a double bed, the small room has two single beds. It is possible to add one extra bed.

The house is equipped with a fridge, bedding (pillows, blankets, bed linen), towels, kettle, heater, set of dishes.

The cost of living: 4000 rubles per day per house. 01.07.2022-31.07.2022 / 4500 rubles. Additional place: 600 rubles.

House #6 and izba

Cost of accommodation: 4500 rubles per day for a house. 01.07.2022-31.07.2022 / 5000 rubles.

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Double house

The house has one room, porch-veranda with benches. The room is two single beds.

The capacity of 2 seats. The room is equipped with: bedding (pillows, blanket, bed linen), towels, kettle, heater, set of dishes.

The cost of living: 2000 rubles per day per house. 01.07.2022-31.07.2022 / 2200 rubles.

Four-bed house

A big house, two rooms. Capacity 4 places. In the first room, kitchen area, plumbing, table, chairs, sofa. The second room has a double bed, single bed. one additional bed possible. The room is equipped with: bedding (pillow, blanket, bed linen), towels, kettle, heater, set of dishes.

The cost of living:

4500 rubles per day per room.

01.07.2022-31.07.2022 / 5000 rubles. The cost of an extra bed: 600 rubles.

In the house one room, porch – veranda with benches. The room has two single beds. The capacity of 2 places. Room equipped with: bedding (pillows, blanket, bed linen), towels, kettle, heater, set of dishes.

The cost of living:

2000 rubles per day per house.

01.07.2022-31.07.2022 / 2200 rubles.

Double house

The house has one room, porch-veranda with benches. In the room, two single beds. Capacity of 2 places. Room equipped with: bedding (pillows, blanket, bed linen), towels, kettle, heater, set of dishes.

The cost of living: 2000 rubles per day per house. 01.07.2022-31.07.2022 / 2200 rubles.


Double room


3800 rubles per room, per day

01.07.2022-31.07.2022 /4000 rubles

Upper area

Korpus hotel-cafe 2 floor:

1 room (shower, WC)

Four-bed room

Suite #2 (overlooking the Katun)


6500 rubles per room, per day

01.07.2022-31.07.2022 / 7000 rub.

6000 rubles per room, per day

01.07.2022-31.07.2022 / 6500 rub.

Upper area

Hotel-cafe 2-3 floor

2 rooms (shower, WC)

Mangal zones, arbors, summer kitchens

On the upper site are two covered barbecue areas with stationary grills, cutting tables and a place under the cauldron. Five pavilions of different sizes in a large gazebo is a summer kitchen with two electric stoves and running water.

At the end of the street Molodezhnaya on the river bank is a large gazebo with an attached summer kitchen, with el. stove and plumbing. One covered barbecue area.

On the lower site are three gazebo and summer kitchen with electric stove and plumbing. One covered barbecue area.

All infrastructure: gazebo, barbecue area, summer kitchen, playground, volleyball court, showers for the guests of the tourist base “Elanda” for free.

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Hut. Large four-bed house.

Two rooms, open veranda. The big room has a wood stove, kitchen area, table, double sofa. The second room has a double sofa bed. The installation of one additional bed is possible.

The house is equipped with plumbing, refrigerator, kettle, heater, set of dishes, TV, bedding (pillows, blankets, bed linen), towels

The cost of living: 4500 rubles per day per house. 01.07.2022-31.07.2022 / 5000 rubles. Additional place: 600 rubles.

Administrative building

The second floor of the building, a separate entrance with stairs. Three rooms with double beds and two seats in the hall on the sofa. Two additional seats, single bed, folding chair. Shower, toilet, hot water, kitchen-dining room (stove, microwave, refrigerator, kettle), bedroom accessories, towels. In the living room TV. Capacity: 6 – 8 beds, two extra beds. The house heating, surrenders all year round.

The cost of living: 8000 rubles. 01.07.2022-31.07.2022 / 9000 rubles. Additional place: 600 rubles.

Season 2022

will open on May 1

Jelanda recreation base is situated in a picturesque place on the shore of Katun river, with mountainous natural landscape, 2 hectares territory. Year of foundation – 2010. It is located 22 km up the Katun river from Chemal in the village Elanda. Convenient location of recreation center is convenient for fans of excursions, active corporate leisure, and for those who prefer a quiet family vacation. Houses are made of logs of Siberian cedar.

The base takes guests from May to October. There are rooms with year-round accommodation. The capacity is 100 people. The area has a complex landscape and is divided into three zones:

Upper area, Molodezhnaya street, Lower area. – Each area has a gazebo, equipped with summer kitchens, stationary braziers, a place for kazan, tables are installed in the barbecue areas. – All houses and rooms have heaters, kettle, dishes, bedding. – There are two saunas on the territory of the camping site from the logs. – Volleyball court, playground, tennis tables, bicycles and other rental services. – On the river bank you can have a rest with benches and campfire place. – There’s a cafe on the territory of the camping site.

You’ll live on the shore of one of the most beautiful Altai rivers – Katun, breathe the healthy mountain air, drink the purest water, there are two wells with the unique composition of artesian water on the territory of the base. To make your vacation interesting, we offer a sightseeing program, rafting on the river, we can make an individual program of rest, taking into account your wishes.

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