Yusupovsky Palace in St. Petersburg

Yusupovsky Palace in St. Petersburg

Yusupovsky Palace in St. Petersburg

Yusupovsky Palace in St. Petersburg is a historical and cultural monument of federal significance. A unique architectural ensemble of the XVIII-XX centuries and the former residence of the Princes Yusupov, which went down in history as the place where Grigory Rasputin was killed. Nowadays it is a cultural center, where guided tours, exhibitions, concerts and other educational activities take place.

Yusupovsky Palace in St. Petersburg

History of the Yusupov Palace in St. Petersburg

Originally, the site of the residence was a small palace and a wooden manor of Princess Praskovia Ivanovna, niece of Peter I. Since 1726, the estate has had several owners, and in 1830 was purchased by Prince Boris Nikolayevich Yusupov.

The construction of the residence lasted for almost two centuries. Until 1916 several generations of the noble family Yusupov repeatedly rebuilt and reconstructed the palace. Several Russian and foreign architects worked on the interiors of the halls, including the famous Italian masters Antonio Vigi and Bernabo de Medici.

Yusupovsky Palace in St. Petersburg

On December 17th 1916, Grigory Rasputin, the spiritual adviser and friend of the family of Emperor Nicholas II, was murdered in the Yusupov Palace. Prince Felix Yusupov was exiled to the estate “Rakitnoye” for his participation in the conspiracy, and the palace was given to trustees and turned into a German consulate.

In 1925, after the building was given to the pedagogical intelligentsia of the city, the Palace of Culture of Education Workers was placed there, which later turned into a historical and cultural center, which still exists today.

During the Great Patriotic War in the halls of the Yusupov Palace in St. Petersburg was placed evacuation hospital. The foundations, walls and interiors of the building were badly damaged by bombing and shelling. Global reconstruction of the palace began in 1943, under the direction of Irina Benois.

Yusupov Palace on the Moika: Google panorama

Yusupovsky Palace opening hours

The palace is open to visitors every day from 10:00 to 19:30.

Cash desks are open from 09:30 to 18:00 during working days of the palace (private entrance for individual tourists is from Dekabristov street, 21).

Drottningholm in Stockholm, Sweden

If you are planning to go on a tour, you must come in advance, as the sale of tickets ends 10 minutes before the event.

Also pay attention to technical breaks in the work of the ticket office:

  • Box Office from 94 Moika River Embankment, 94: from 1:00 pm to 1:20 pm and from 3:00 pm to 3:20 pm.
  • Cash desk at 21 Dekabristov St.: from 13:30 to 14:00 and from 15:30 to 16:00.

For individual visitors and small groups the entrance to Yusupovsky Palace is from Dekabristov Street, 21. For visitors of organized groups and guests of the House Theatre the entrance is from the Moika River Embankment, 94 .

When visiting the palace you can visit the Yusupovsky Park (entrance from 21 Dekabristov St.) free of charge. Opening hours from 9.00 to 21.00 daily.

The Stable Wing is open during exhibitions, except Thursdays, from 11:00 to 19:00. Divine services in the Church of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary are currently not held.

Interior of the Yusupov Palace in St. Petersburg: Google panorama

Ticket prices for Yusupov Palace in St. Petersburg in 2022

The Yusupov dynasty had an excellent gallery of paintings, some of which can be seen in the expositions of the palace. Also of interest are the preserved luxurious interiors of the halls and the House Theatre.

You can buy a ticket to the palace on the day of the visit or on the official website of the Yusupov Palace.

During your visit you can order a tour or use the audioguide, which is available in 8 languages. For the audio guide is necessary to pay a deposit of 1000 rubles for one device. The tour lasts for 1 hour and 15 minutes.

You can also use a mobile app “Yusupov Palace” (iOS, Android) and after buying a ticket download the tour to your smartphone.

Individual viewing

  • The palace’s state rooms and the Prince’s living quarters (with audio guide or mobile app) – 750 rubles.
  • “The Murder of Grigory Rasputin” and “Half of the Young Princes” – 500 rubles.
Vorontsov Palace in Alupka, photo and description

Yusupovsky Palace in St. Petersburg


  • Private excursion The Parade halls and exposition “Grigory Rasputin’s Assassination” for groups of up to 5 people – from 5,300 rubles per group.

Yusupovsky Palace in St. Petersburg

Privileged visit

Yusupovsky Palace daily free excursion “Parade Yusupovsky” for:

  • veterans;
  • participants and invalids of the Great Patriotic War;
  • residents of the besieged Leningrad;
  • veterans of labor;
  • prisoners of concentration camps;
  • soldiers-internationalists;
  • Heroes of the USSR and Russia;
  • persons with disabilities of the 1st and 2nd groups;
  • families with many children.

Please note that visitors in wheelchairs or with baby carriages cannot attend the “Rasputin’s Assassination” tour due to the narrow corridor. For the same reason, access to the parterre of the Yusupovsky Palace’s Home Theater is restricted; events are only available for viewing from the tier.

Pre-school children (under 7 years) are admitted free of charge to the guided tours (thematic/reviewing/audio guide), and must be accompanied by an adult.

Preferential tickets may be purchased only at the ticket office of the palace, upon presentation of documents confirming the right to a privilege.

Yusupovsky Palace (Russia, St. Petersburg) – reviews

Your feedback about Yusupovsky Palace (Russia, Saint Petersburg)

We spent the last 4 days of August 2020 in St Petersburg. Initial plans to fly to this city for May, were changed due to self-isolation and restrictions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. My wife had wanted to visit Yusupov Palace for a long time.

The most beautiful noble mansion and former family residence of the princes

On this trip a great deal of time was allocated to the palaces and mansions of St. Petersburg. Visits to some of them were spontaneous, but most were planned. One of these places, where we went purposefully was Yusupov Palace, o.

The most vivid impression of a trip to St. Petersburg!

Greetings to all readers and authors of the helpful service Otzovik! Finally I got my hands, coincided with the mood and feeling to write a review of the beautiful palace of the noble Yusupovs in St. Petersburg. Since we went in winter, and a certain melancholy.

Unexpectedly beautiful interior palace

In St. Petersburg, quite a lot of all sorts of palaces left from past times, the tsars and their courtiers did not deny themselves much. And one such palace that is undeservedly overlooked is the Yusupov Palace, after all.

Pena Palace in Portugal, photo and description

A beautiful palace in St. Petersburg, which is worth seeing.

Luxurious palace, perfectly preserved and restored interiors, many tours, experienced guides

I am continuing my series of reviews of St. Petersburg. I am madly in love with this beautiful city, to which every time you come, as if you are visiting anew. There are so many unexplored and undiscovered things there. For example, a chic and unique Museum of Faberge (Russia, St. Petersburg). Hostess.

Do you want a little mysticism? You are here!

My greetings to everybody! Today we are going on a tour of the Yusupov Palace on the Moika in the glorious city of St. Petersburg. We got there by foot, from St. Isaac’s Cathedral. A bit far, I must say. If you get there by subway, you’ll probably end up at Admiralteyskaya.

(It’s expensive, it’s boHat, you can’t help but visit.)

Good day, the site Otzovik and its readers! Just yesterday was in the Yusupov Palace in St. Petersburg on the Moika. For a long time dreamed to visit it, and now finally my dream has come true. About the history of the palace and the Yusupov Princes not to tell.

Unique historical place.

On the last day of my stay in St. Petersburg was scheduled to visit another interesting historical and cultural monument of federal importance. This is the Yusupov Palace, which is located near the Moika River. I walked from Vasilevsky Island after.

Modest on the outside, but beautiful inside the palace.

Chic, beautifully restored interiors. Excellent guide. Ability to buy tickets for tours of interest online.

Hello! Today I would like to share my impressions from my recent visit to the luxurious Yusupovsky Palace, which is situated here in St. Petersburg on the embankment of the Moika river, almost in the center of the city. It is probably best known, and rather infamously, as a place.

Jacques Coeur's Mansion in Bourges, France

The perfection itself!

Hello! I want to share my impressions of my visit to Yusupov Palace. When my daughter and I are in St. Petersburg for the second time, we decided to go to the Yusupov Palace (I saw the photos, read reviews, read about the murder of Rasputin). After breakfast, we went to the palace.

Certainly such palaces should be a public domain!

For May of this year I have a trip to St. Petersburg. Another one, the 5th in a row. And certainly not the last. But for all known reasons the trip had to be moved to September. And the program, which I had planned.


We saw this sign when we left the palace, but I wanted to put it at the beginning of the story. Spring 2019, we very rarely take the subway around St. Petersburg, so now, we got ready and took our time to go to the Yusupovsky.

A wonderful historical place that is definitely worth a visit!

St. Petersburg is so beautiful and multifaceted! Going to visit this wonderful city, I chose for myself the must-see places, such as “Peterhof”, “Catherine Palace. The Hermitage… cathedrals, churches, the fortress. In a conversation with an acquaintance I accidentally heard about.

The most beautiful palace! How wonderful that it was restored!

To thee, fair descendant of Aristippus, I’ll come to see thy palace, Where the architect’s axe, palette, and chisel Thy whim hath enjoined, And inspired thee in magic.

Hello readers and writers of Otzovik! Going to St. Petersburg for four days, we planned 100500 places to visit – and the subway museum, and the museum of spices, and the Hermitage, and a walk around the city, and friends, and relatives, and I.

Yusupov Palace ! One of the most beautiful museums in St. Petersburg !

We went to the White Nights in St. Petersburg in June. Two days bus tour. Our first stop was at Yusupovsky Palace. Our guide arranged and we were escorted to an early 9:00. The Yusupovs had 57 Palaces.

Elagin Island Palace in St. Petersburg


Any museum is an opportunity to broaden your horizons. The variety of museums allows you to expand the area of knowledge that causes the greatest interest. For those who want to get closer to the life and environment of the past will be interesting to visit the Yusupov Palace. When.

The place where you are nostalgic for the time when you were not yet born

Accidentally found this place in 2guise, pass by – you will not notice. To get there, you have to walk down the alley, turn into the yard, walk a few dozen meters more on the gravel path and get into a spacious courtyard.

plunge into the luxury of everyday life of the noble Yusupov family!

Hello all. There are so many cultural and tourist sites in St. Petersburg that you don’t know where to go and what place to visit first. The Yusupov Palace was a priority, as the only palace that has unchanged the original decoration and.

A palace with an imperial sweep of luxury

As you know there are many palaces in St. Petersburg, but today I want to tell you about one of the palaces of the Yusupov family. The Yusupovs played a big role in the Russian Empire, their family was close to the emperors of Russia. But let’s start a little bit with.

The palace is beautiful! The staff is very rude.

Interesting collection, better to take a tour, so you can learn more about the Yusupov family and how they lived.

Very rude staff at the main entrance. Demanded a ticket from the baby (1 year 5 months old), did not allow them to take a bottle of baby water, and condemned us for coming with a child. This is on Thursday morning.

Good evening, I would like to write a review about my visit to Yusupovskiy Palace with my child (07.04.2022, 12.00 with excursion). You can come with children, there are no restrictions, but it would seem, how can you argue with that. However, the female employees who work near the main.

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