Žižkov TV Tower in Prague, photo and description

Žižkov TV Tower

The Žižkov TV tower is the tallest building in the Czech Republic, the ugliest structure in the world, a television and radio broadcasting tower in Prague.

On the territory of Prague there are many architectural monuments. Each of them bears the historical significance of one of the ancient cities of Europe. But Žižkov Tower despite its “young” age attracts attention of many tourists, and is a decoration of one of the oldest cities in Europe.

The Tower – Offices – Museum – Restaurant – Observation deck – Hotel

The tower was built in 1992 designed by architect Václavo Aulický. It was made of concrete, glass and metal, the shape of the structure of the three pillars and three observation decks reminded of a huge spaceship.

Upon completion, the tower has divided local residents into categories of pros and cons. Some people did not like the new architecture, and the fact that it was located on the site of an old Jewish cemetery reinforced this decision. But there were those who were pleased with the new construction, because the tower not only brought some novelty, but also provided an opportunity to admire the city from the bird’s eye view, as it is the highest building in the Czech Republic.

The Žižkov Tower is a part of the Tower Park Praha complex and also serves as the city’s television center. During the day, it beckons visitors and residents inquisitive tourists to its “embrace” like an anchor. At dusk, the tower is lit up in the colors of the Czech flag and takes on a futuristic appearance.

The huge construction had one disadvantage – for all its height, it was unattractive in appearance. Sculptor David Black was entrusted with the task of correcting this defect. So in 2000, sculptures of 10 black babies appeared on the outer perimeter of the structure.

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If you look up from below you get the impression that the babies are crawling at the very edge of the whole structure. This strange arrangement of the sculptures is not accidental, because they serve not only as a decoration, but also balance the entire structure. The sculptor himself calculated their location, thereby not only reinforcing the entire structure, but also adding a decorative element to it.

One of the main places on the territory of the tower is the observation deck. It is located at a height of 93 meters. The best way to get there is to take the high-speed elevator. In about 20 seconds you reach the platform and enjoy stunning views of the surrounding area.

There are cozy chairs for the convenience of visitors. The interior is furnished in the style of scenery for a sci-fi movie. Guests can enjoy a view of the city through a large telescope, or examine in detail a model of the tower, located in the center of the site.

For art lovers, there is a gallery on the 4th floor of the tower. It is not permanent, so before visiting it is advisable to find out what exhibition is on at any given time.

On the territory of the tower is a luxurious restaurant “Clouds”. It is furnished in high-tech style, so the interior decoration resembles a spaceship. Everyone can enjoy European cuisine, listen to nice music or admire Prague at night.

In Prague, the Žižkov TV Tower is famous, among other things, for its luxurious six-star hotel. The peculiarity of this complex is that there is only one room. Cozy apartments are very popular among honeymooners. The highlight of the entire room is the ability to admire the ancient city from any place. Even in the bathroom you can view the scenery of Prague.

Žižkov TV Tower

Žižkov TV Tower

“The tallest and ugliest building in Prague” – 216 meters of glass, metal and concrete towering over the city. It is both disliked and admired, and it is quite a trendy place among Prague’s youth. She is the Žižkovský vysílač (Žižkovský TV Tower), a symbol inherited by the Czech Republic from the socialist realist era.

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It was built in 1992 by architect Václav Aulický and reminds of a spaceship and a Kalashnikov assault rifle at the same time. The three-pillar structure with three observation decks has been the subject of controversy for two decades: does Prague need it or not?

It is not loved because an old Jewish cemetery was destroyed during its construction. For the fact that it allegedly spreads harmful radiation. For the fact that it does not fit in the general appearance of the old Prague and disturbs its harmony. But the tower has become a symbol of the city, and many people strive to get to its platforms for a bird’s eye view of Prague.

Žižkov TV Tower 14

The building is part of the Tower Park Prague complex and at the same time it is the city’s active TV center. It is visible from any part of the city – there are no taller buildings or industrial buildings in Czech Republic. At night it is lit up with the colors of the Czech flag and acquires quite a futuristic look.

The panoramic views are fascinating, in my opinion it is a direct competitor to the Petrin and Old Town towers.

Žižkov TV Tower

Babies on the walls

In 2000 ten sculptures of two-meter high black babies in different positions by the sculptor David Cerny were added to the tower legs in order to embellish it somehow. From below you get the impression that the bronze babies, each weighing 700 kilograms, are crawling along the supports.

Žižkov TV Tower 2

The babies don’t just have a decorative function, they balance the structure itself. The sculptor personally chose the place for each one, and they look quite impressive, I must admit. Townspeople love their giant babies and are proud to show them off to visitors.

Observation deck: the whole of Prague at your feet

To get to the observation deck you need to climb to a height of 93 meters, it takes only 20 seconds in a high-speed elevator, but if you want to test your strength, you can also go on foot.

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At the top you will be rewarded with cozy hanging chairs reminiscent of sci-fi movie sets, a telescope through which you can view the city in great detail and a relatively small number of visitors. You can relax in an armchair, look at Prague below and listen to the sound of its bells. Or you can carefully study the model of the tower, standing in the center of the site next to a comfortable sofa.

The Žižkov TV Tower 3

Exhibition of paintings

On the fourth floor there are paintings on display, they change regularly, but at the time of our last visit, spacey, mesmerizing works were hanging.

We offer you a short video from the fourth floor.

The restaurant and the hotel – relaxation at the highest level

The restaurant and bar “Oblaka” on the tower are the most fashionable in Prague and the prices here are correspondingly exorbitant. Nevertheless, there are always plenty of visitors, especially in the evening when the city begins to shine with billions of lights, and from the height of 66 meters the sight is simply fascinating. The interiors of the restaurant are made in high-tech style and slightly reminiscent of the interior of a spaceship. From the restaurant you can use the spiral staircase to go even higher. On each step of this staircase are images of the towers of all countries of the world – description, location and height. However, for some reason, the Ostankino TV tower is not here…

Above the restaurant there is a six-star hotel with only one room. The cost of accommodation in it is 18000 CZK per day (about 650 Euros), but in spite of this fact the room is very popular among honeymooners. Its peculiarity is that you can see Prague from everywhere – even in the bathroom you can admire the scenery of the old city.

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Žižkov TV Tower 7

Usually there are no queues at the ticket office and the viewpoints are not crowded, but that is sure to change in the near future – the Žižkov Tower is rapidly gaining in popularity.

Address Mahlerovy sady 1, Prague 3 | GPS: 50.08104700, 14.45114210 METRO Jiřího z Poděbrad. Tramway during the day: 11, 13. Stop Jiřího z Poděbrad.

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